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  1. Of course no one deserves to be off the hook.
  2. What are you smoking ? While I applaud your bashing the low hanging rotten fruit like a pinata ,you say Hahn is pretty blameless because they , meaning who exactly, overspent on the bullpen ? Plus the world knew from last year they couldn't hit RHP and they still can't. They (Hahn) could've addressed that situation 3 times since the middle of 2021 and did nothing. While at some point they maxed out payroll the priorities were way out of wack. Let's let Rodon walk without a QO, Let's pick up Kimbrel's option and trade him and SURPRISE he was pretty untradeable but hey we got a 34yr old RIGHT HANDED HITTER! You're just as delusional about the cast of position players as Hahn is.
  3. Fuck off ump same damn high strike you called on ABreu. As if Clase needs any help .
  4. Hey Hahn please tell all of us stupid fans how unfair it is to call Eloy injury prone.
  5. Yep how many in this thread didn't want them to do anything and then show up here and complain about the hitting.
  6. Like I said Guardians just laying in the weeds.
  7. If he had compiled the same WAR with the Sox this year he'd be 4th on the team. That of course speaks more about the collection of misfit toys that the Sox currently play.
  8. He was still a positive defensive and slightly positive offensive WAR player this year. How many of those guys do the Sox currently have ?
  9. Vaughn is now actually one of our best hitters against RHP so I don't mind him batting 2nd. More AB's for him.McKenzie won't pitch a complete game. Maybe get to another reliever if Clase isn't going to pitch if the Sox can hold onto the lead.
  10. Only that last FB was a strike to Vaughn. Pollock swung at 3 balls and K'd. Zavala swung at the final pitch to him that was a ball 1st 2 high fastballs to Vaughn were out of the zone that he couldn't hit either.
  11. McKenzie has thrown 6 straight balls and all of them were swung at.
  12. Guardians just laying back in the weeds waiting for the right moment to strike.
  13. I know but it's throwing off his timing . You can't just rock indiscriminately . The weight transfer from back to front foot is a precise thing. Watch his feet if you can his next AB it's very subtle. That rocking has to stop when the pitcher goes into the windup and then weight transferred at the right moment.
  14. I just noticed Yoan rocks ,shifting his weight from back to front foot. He need to keep his weight on the back foot. He's rocking up there It looks like sometimes when he's rocking he gets caught with his weight already on his front foot and swings all arms and often late.
  15. I hate that chest high catch Eloy does. Why have your glove vertical on a high fly when you can have it higher up and tilted back and catch it head high ? If he ever drops one catching it at his chest I'll be screaming at my TV lol.
  16. Josh was in the shift way back on the grass. This isn't rocket science. Lynn is supposed to cover 1st every ball hit to the right side and especially when the 2nd baseman is playing on the OF grass in a shift. On the replay you can see Lynn hesitated on covering. Things are different in that kind of shift.
  17. LOL ok if you say so. If he didn't hesitate he beats him. Lynn hesitated because he was thinking instead of just going. If you are playing 1st it was an easy play . Josh was way back probably on the OF grass.
  18. at least Lynn didn't intentionally drop the ball !
  19. Of course it's on Lynn GB to the right side you go . You don't think oh the 2nd baseman is going to field that, you just go.
  20. Umm so know what will happen if Sheets starts over Grandal and if Grandal starts over Sheet tonight ? Please tell me the final score in each game . 1 hit , 1 error can always make the difference in games especially when the Sox play so many low scoring games. Little things add up to victories. You analogy is weird.