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  1. MckayChristensenFan

    Minor League Catch-All thread 2009 edition

    Dash stadium update: I talked with a superintendent with Samet, the general contractor that's building the stadium. He said work still hasn't resumed (they still haven't been paid from months ago), and there's no way it will be ready to start next season. He said if nothing is resolved by the 26th of September, the city will have to determine what to do with the project (the city has invested a lot of money in the project, so they'll have to decide what their options are). Samet was asked if they'd buy the stadium, and they said no. He told me the whole project has become a mess.
  2. MckayChristensenFan

    Minor League Catch-All thread 2009 edition

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Aug 21, 2009 -> 02:58 PM) Anyone ever hear why Lucy went to the DL? I was at the game against the Mudcats when he got hurt. He hit a grounder, was safe, and nothing looked abnormal, but the trainer came out and Donny had to come out. He was walking gingerly. He had to walk back to the clubhouse.
  3. MckayChristensenFan

    6/16 Games

    I was at the Braves/Knights game last night and saw Josh walking with a (slight) limp, but didn't think much of it. I didn't go to tonight's game because of the rain, but I'm going to tomorrow's doubleheader, and I'll see if I can find anything out.
  4. According to Knights' reliever Jason Childers, Loaiza is starting for Charlotte tomorrow (Monday) against Richmond.