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    White Sox Free Agents Game

    Roberto Alomar: Yankees Sandy Alomar Jr: Retire Carl Everett: White Sox Magglio OrdoƱez: Mets Cliff Politte: White Sox Jose Valentin: Cardinals
  2. farmteam


    "Yep, Garland has got a perfect game going into the 9th on 85 pitches and Lackey has only given up a solo home run to Willie Harris." I feel so lost. Whatever. Gload is in tonight.
  3. farmteam

    3rd catcher for 2005

    Hmm. What about a guy like Matheny, if the Cards don't re-sign him? Not that great offensively, but a Gold Glover on defense.
  4. farmteam

    Gammons 2k5 free agent outlook

    Thanks. Yeah, if Lowe is too much, stay away. But I wouldn't mind seeing him here. Or Perez, I would like him too...I feel like a kid in a candy store!
  5. farmteam

    Gammons 2k5 free agent outlook

    I would like Lowe as a 4. But I don't think he'll sign with us.
  6. farmteam


    Does he profile more as a Center Fielder or a Left Fielder? He played Center mainly before Anderson came up, didn't he?