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  1. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Dec 7, 2016 -> 11:52 AM)
    There have been some great features on both history and PBS in the last month on Pearl Harbor. Tons of great info and factoids I never knew.


    For example, the first version of the speech goes "... a day that will live in world history."

    Saw that one. Also that FDR wrote the speech himself because his speechwriters weren't around that day.

  2. QUOTE (iamshack @ Nov 30, 2016 -> 11:45 AM)
    I'm typically looking at costs on an incremental energy basis, and perhaps not an "all-in" cost which includes things like long-term maintenance, and perhaps other chemical costs, but those numbers for coal and gas both look very high to me.


    Generally, at the moment in the west, reasonably modern gas resources are running around $13-20/mw and coal around $12-30, depending on where the coal is sourced, etc.


    From my understanding, most western utilities are still looking at retiring coal units much earlier than the end of their anticipated lifespans, simply because it does not make financial sense to keep operating them.


    Damn those are low prices. Though I'm looking at longer term stuff than spot market, and honestly not sure how WECC or CAISO compare to MISO.

  3. QUOTE (Brian @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 07:51 PM)
    For anyone to say he doesn't at least deserve to be nominated shows how unaware you are.


    Were there or deserving guys? Of course. But he's still one of the best athletes in college football and deserves to at least make the trip to NY for,the recognition, as you said.

    Why does being the best athlete make him deserving?


    There are 5-10 guys in the Big Ten with better resumes.

  4. QUOTE (JenksIsMyHero @ Oct 11, 2016 -> 09:40 AM)
    My interview sort of turned into a joke. Working for that firm would be pretty awful for the work/life balance. 8.5 billable hours a day requirement, plus team meetings, team lead meetings and corporate meetings weekly (not billable). They asked me what kind of hours I work in my current job and I told them 8:45-9 to 5-5:15 with a handful of saturdays a year. They all basically laughed.


    Seems to be a 60-65 hour work week there. It's not even a pay raise, it's just basically getting a second, part-time job at the same salary. Big pass. I played it up like I was interested. If anything I'll try to turn the offer into a raise at my current place. But good Lord did it make me appreciate my work/life balance at my job, even if I am underpaid a little.

    8.5 billable hours/day is absurd. Comes out to 2125/yr even assuming two weeks of vacation. As much as I didn't like litigating, at least we only had a an 1800 hour requirement.


    Man, do I not miss billable hours one bit.

  5. Yeah, I've been reading a lot of the theories and while the dual-timeline theory is enticing, there's too many holes to fully buy-in. The biggest one to me is that there's no discernible difference between the hosts in William's scenes vs. those in MIB's scenes. The ones in the present timeline should be way more advanced. Just look at how jank that old host Ford likes to chat with is.

  6. QUOTE (CrimsonWeltall @ Nov 1, 2016 -> 05:14 PM)
    They are banning speech. As a private university, they're free to do so. But "you can't co-opt a slogan because the originators think that downplays their message" is a really lame standard to implement.

    Yeah, just not a good precedent to have IMO.


    When it comes to speech, it has to be pretty dangerous for me to think it should be outlawed.

  7. Possibly my favorite episode of Westworld yet. Really want to know what Lawrence is up to.


    Also, does anyone else think it's weird that the park creator's name is Robert Ford? The writers/Crichton could have picked any name, and came up with the name of the guy who killed Jesse James?

  8. QUOTE (Ezio Auditore @ Oct 27, 2016 -> 08:44 PM)
    Being white has got to be awesome.

    What's that Louie CK bit? Something like "If you have a time traveling machine, and you're a white male, you can go anywhere. If you're not white, or not a guy, DO NOT GO BACK IN TIME. Only go forwards."


    Sadly not sure how forward it has to be, though.

  9. Rock, you think Ohio State covers the spread (-28)? We've played you well the past few years, but Gerry DiNardo (surprisingly!) made a good point last night: While this IU team is better overall than in the past, particularly on defense, our offense isn't quite as explosive. Those close games were the product of an explosive offense. So while we may be a better team, we're less likely to pull off the shocker against Ohio State.


    I think it will be right at the spread, wouldn't be surprised to see something like 52-24.