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  1. Well, the only thing is that if we traded Crede, we'd be pretty limited in our infield options. At least we have plenty of OF talent in the minors. I'm not saying Reed wasn't very good, he was. It's just we have more of it, so to speak. And, besides Fields, nothing at 3B.

  2. Well, assuming the payroll is the same, Maggs's contract doesn't do us much does it? That goes towards Garcia and Contreras. And Valentin's will go to whatever raises, be it through options or whatever, there are. So not as much to work with as you'd think. I don't think Loaiza made much, and the only big league salary we lost in the Garcia deal was Olivo's, which wasn't much either.


    I would love to get a pitcher along the lines of Pavano, Perez, Radke, or Lowe this offseason. While Hairston would be nice, I'm perfectly fine with Willie, and I think there are more pressing needs than 2B. The only way that would work is if you stuck Willie in Center, Rowand in Right, and kept Lee in left. That would take care of the outfield problem.


    Another bullpen arm should be necessary.


    The best shortstop in the draft will be Justin Upton, B.J. Upton's younger brother, but he should be long gone before we could take a crack at him.


    J.D. Drew's agent is Boras, so that's not gonna happen.


    The most pressing need, in my opinion, is another proven starter. A rotation like this would be pretty good:


    1. Garcia

    2. Buehrle

    3. FA

    4. Contreras

    5. Garland

  3. Yeah, I was reading over the transcript yesterday afternoon, I just figured it was here already, or else I would of posted it.


    Hmm, I would of ranked them in this order, personally.


    1. Anderson

    2. McCarthy

    3. Sweeney

    4. Fields

    5. Young


    Though, I could interchange Sweeney and Fields, and be perfectly fine. If Young could ever work his average to the .280-.290 range, he would be right around Anderson wouldn't he? Young has more power and speed, though Anderson plays superior defense. And Anderson has decent speed too, I think.

  4. Just a little game I made up...


    Guess where each of the white sox 2005 free agents will play next year or if they will retire, we can check at the begining of next year and see who got the most right. Some of it is random guessing but thats the fun part :D


    Players with an option are worth 1 pt and players without are worth 2 - worth total of 9 points.


    Here they are (If im missing someone tell me and ill add him):


    (2 pts)Roberto Alomar

    (1 pt)Sandy Alomar Jr

    (1 pt)Carl Everett

    (2 pt)Magglio Ordonez

    (1 pt)Cliff Politte

    (2 pts)Jose Valentin



    My Guesses


    Roberto Alomar - Yankees

    Sandy Alomar Jr - Retire :crying

    Carl Everett  - White Sox

    Magglio Ordonez - Mets

    Cliff Politte - White Sox

    Jose Valentin - Cubs  :o

    Roberto Alomar: Yankees

    Sandy Alomar Jr: Retire

    Carl Everett: White Sox

    Magglio Ordoñez: Mets

    Cliff Politte: White Sox

    Jose Valentin: Cardinals

  5. Yep, Garland has got a perfect game going into the 9th on 85 pitches and Lackey has only given up a solo home run to Willie Harris.


    You got a good point 2k4, start Gload over Lee then. :-p

    I'd like to see Gload started tonight in any case, somewhere. OH I GOT IT!


    Carl's injured to put PK at DH and Gload at first and rotate them until Carl is healthy, unless they shut him down.

    "Yep, Garland has got a perfect game going into the 9th on 85 pitches and Lackey has only given up a solo home run to Willie Harris."


    I feel so lost.


    Whatever. Gload is in tonight.