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  1. QUOTE (iamshack @ Oct 4, 2016 -> 01:45 PM)
    Well I assume if you applied for the job they most likely have your CV already? I doubt it is necessary to bring copies but it certainly would not be looked down upon to do so.


    I've been on both sides of this table recently and the best advice I can give you is honestly just be yourself. If you click, then you've got a good shot...if not, you don't want to be there anyways.


    Good luck!

    Yeah, the "be yourself" thing can sound trite but it's really true. Interviews are just conversations to see if you're the right fit, assuming there's been phone interviews and whatnot to gauge skill level/knowledge.


    As for resumes, I'd bring them just in case they ask. Sometimes the person forgot to print it out or whatever, so it's a good look if you're prepared with one.

  2. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Oct 3, 2016 -> 08:52 PM)
    Obama is non interventionist compared to bush, but he's had plenty of his own adventures.

    While it's be interventionist compared to Bush, "plenty of his own adventures" downplays rampant drone strikes too much I think. Could be reading too much into your words, though.

  3. QUOTE (raBBit @ Oct 3, 2016 -> 11:28 AM)
    The last line does not contain legitimate questions. China and Russia would be worse but that is straw man and no reason to excuse American hegemony. I don't believe there's another world power although China could certainly change that in time if they pushed to.

    How is that a straw man? You used the phrases "least regard" "fakest facade" and "most egregious." Soxbadger asked about the most obvious culprits to put those claims in doubt. I didn't read Soxbadger's post as excusing American hegemony.

  4. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 30, 2016 -> 02:04 PM)
    And I don't think there is any question that both parties have lurched to their wings.

    At first blush, that seems to be much more the case for the GOP than the dems, at least at a national level. Otherwise I'd think you'd see more far left candidates upsetting entrenched candidates in democratic primaries like you have on the right.

  5. QUOTE (Ezio Auditore @ Sep 6, 2016 -> 10:16 AM)
    Had a wedding I was in on Saturday, Baltimore Comic Con on Sunday, did chores on Monday - then I had someone call the cops on me for Gardening While Black (the cops asked me about a 5'10" black male wearing a blue shirt and blue shorts carrying a "butcher knife" (my gardening spade) walking around my neighborhood. So that was fun.

    God that's awful/dumb/stupid/terrible.

  6. QUOTE (knightni @ Aug 30, 2016 -> 06:54 AM)
    Oh for video. :P


    So were you on that midnight train going anywhere?


    I was on that 9am going home to pass out on the couch. That doesn't have quite the same ring to it though.


  7. I started belting out Don't Step Believin while knocked out when getting my wisdom teeth pulled. The doctor had to pull all the instruments out of my mouth and wait for me to finish.

  8. QUOTE (bmags @ Aug 18, 2016 -> 02:42 PM)
    In large part due to excellent reporting from Mother Jones, the federal government will no longer contract out prisons to private sector.

    I thought the memo said they would not renew their contracts or would "substantially reduce their scope of services."


    Regardless, the sooner we get rid of private prisons the better.

  9. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Aug 1, 2016 -> 10:15 AM)
    Honestly from someone who isn't vested in either candidate, the behavior is the same, even if the level of ridiculousness from the candidates isn't. Both sides justify their own candidate, and throw stones at the other. This entire election has become about how we can't let the other person get elected, and not about how they should elect their own candidate. That is more telling than everything. The entire other thread is one long running commentary about what Trump said and did. This thread is all about Hillary.

    But these two are correlated. How can you paint the dems with the same brush when Clinton hasn't done anything close to s***ting on a solider's family?



    Also, I assume "the behavior is the same" refers to the behavior of that candidate's party's voters.


  10. QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Jul 18, 2016 -> 12:56 PM)
    I think the show is more about the procedure. Very The Wire-esque. I think they want to show us the doldrums of the process, the complacency of the system, etc. I'm loving it.

    I liked the way it depicted the jail/prison sequences. Gritty.


    I wonder if they're going to entertain other specific suspects, or stick to the gray of generally wondering whether it was Nasir at all.

  11. QUOTE (Ezio Auditore @ Jul 14, 2016 -> 10:47 AM)
    One of my Facebook friends linked this executive order with a hysterical description of how the Obama administration has blanket authorized drone strikes on U.S. citizens.



    That's not what it says. An executive order almost never says what the person talking about it claims it says.


    I bet you I could choose a random XO in the 13xxx series (hell, it doesn't even have to be one of Obama's, it's not like people will even notice) and say "This is terrifying! The Obama administration has ordered everyone's children to be transgender by 2019!" and people will share it on Facebook without reading it like they do everything else.


    Marijuana contains "alien DNA" from outside our Solar System, NASA confirms

  12. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jul 13, 2016 -> 11:16 AM)
    This is exactly why I like Daniels. He put the state onto solid financial ground, and didn't get into the social BS that Pence seems to be obsessed about. The State of Indiana also didn't spend a ton of time trying to override local positions on issues when it didn't agree with what the state wanted.

    I thought I remember a lot of posts in the 2008 timeframe from you about how Daniels' education policy sucks? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else though (Balta? One of the native Indianans).


    I also remember complaints about Daniels being rather shifty with the books. All that sad, I agree he's not as bad as Brownback/Walker/Palin/etc.

  13. QUOTE (raBBit @ Jul 13, 2016 -> 08:55 AM)
    Yeah I thought The Night Of was very entertaining and it got my girl locked in to when she usually doesn't like shows like that. I wonder if they're going for the whole trial thing and that's going to be the basis for the show. That seems to be really popular right now with all the OJ stuff going on.

    The Night Of was a very solid premiere, will definitely continue to watch. Liked the pacing. I could see how the main character may start to get on my nerves, though. Hope that doesn't happen.


    Re: Vinyl. I liked it, but overall I was disappointed because it could have been so much better. Note for future HBO shows: You can demonstrate a pervasive drug culture without the main charcter snorting coke in literally every scene.


    Re: Silicon Valley. This season wasn't as good as the first two. The first season was good, but that season's finale was one of the funniest episodes of television I've seen. Season 2 was very good. This season was a bit flat.

  14. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Jul 7, 2016 -> 04:45 PM)
    Agreed. People in Minneapolis tend to be fairly progressive and I am not surprised they are appalled.

    And this is on the heels of there being no charges in the Jamar Clark shooting.


    Mike Freeman won't handle this one though, it's a county over.

  15. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Jul 5, 2016 -> 04:14 PM)
    Economist Brad DeLong with a collection of articles on the Kansas Economic Miracle Apocalypse unleashed when Gov. Brownback embarked on a campaign of massive tax cuts and gutting social services



    I wish this would actually cause people in legislatures (and the voters putting them in legislatures) to think about budget policy. I'll be holding my breath for a while on that one.