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  1. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Mar 15, 2016 -> 05:05 PM)
    Turns out he's now a local judge!

    Ugh. There was a part right when he was introduced in the documentary where it mentioned he'd just been running for office. He clearly took the Dassey case for political gain. I'd say it backfired on him, but maybe not, if he got what he wanted.

  2. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Mar 15, 2016 -> 10:13 PM)
    The truth comes out, that's why you support him so much!

    It all makes sense!


    Actually B>W, do you mind explaining your Trump support? I'm legitimately curious. You've said you're happy he's bringing down the GOP establishment. OK. But there's gotta be something else there, no? I've seen you posting here for over a decade, I know you're a smart guy. And I can understand why Jim Bob in backwater Florida is all over Trump. But it's his intelligent supporters, the ones who can actually think for themselves, that I just don't understand.

  3. QUOTE (bmags @ Mar 15, 2016 -> 08:14 PM)
    Feel comfortable saying Foxx wins. So happy. She's exactly what's needed.

    Winning easily. 58-29 with 82% reporting.


    I've heard a lot of good things about Foxx. Daniel Biss endorsed her. That goes a long way for me.

  4. Late to the party but just finished.


    My thoughts echo a lot of those in here. But specifically, Dassey's first lawyer got me the most. I can't imagine what part of the story would have been left off that would mitigate how terrible he was. Essentially working for the prosecution, and letting him be interviewed alone? Are kidding me? He's a piece of s*** that should be disbarred.

  5. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Mar 11, 2016 -> 03:17 PM)
    I guess I never realized that Crean hadnt ever made it to sunday in the Big Ten tourney. Why is he so bad at tournament play?

    It predates Crean. We've only even made the tournament final once, in 2002. For some reason we just suck at it. Which is especially odd given that Indianapolis and Chicago have big Hoosier fanbases.

  6. QUOTE (Brian @ Mar 11, 2016 -> 02:50 PM)
    Sorry, farmteam. Reverse psychology worked for once


    Donnal tried giving Indiana the game.

    Just saw this. Was a fun game to watch, even though we sucked. Both teams were awful from 3. Might have gotten you into the tournament though, so hooray for more Big Ten teams. Only thing that really bummed me out was I think that game sealed our fate as a 4 seed. If we had won I think we're a 3, even if we lost to Purdue in the semis.

  7. QUOTE (Alpha Dog @ Mar 8, 2016 -> 12:42 PM)
    The establishment fails to realize that THEY 'created' Trump. Put forth a candidate that at least SAYS he wants some sort of border security and you might have a chance against him. They wouldn't have to go all 'deport them all and build walls, moats and sharks with lasers', but Rubio? WTF man, you might as well be an open borders advocate. Then they constantly piss on the tea party people, demanding that they back establishment candidates when they win primaries, but acting like spoiled children when one of them beats an establishment guy. Gotta play nice if you want reciprocation. Then you have a sizable crossover of Dems voting for trump, some because they think it is funny, some because they are convinced he would get schlonged vs Hillary.


  8. QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Mar 3, 2016 -> 11:25 PM)
    Not going down gregs path here but I imagined that was public info for due to similar reasons on why the first part of the sixth ammendment exists. I guess once you're actually convicted you lose rights, but still.

    The first part of the 6th amendment (I assume you're referring to "the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial") is meant to protect the defendant, though. In this situation, the argument is that it actually harms the defendant to have the prison location made public.


    Granted, that could be a slippery slope to where the government could "hide" a prisoner by claiming its in the prisoner's best interests.

  9. QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Mar 3, 2016 -> 10:40 PM)
    Oh wow I couldn't be more wrong. Fox went all in with the campaign assasination attempt. Prepared slides, carefully clipped videos and all only for Trump. Pretty shameless. Trump handled it though and the establishment continues to embarrass itself.

    Taking down the GOP establishment sounds great to me. I'm just not willing to vote for a bigot advocating war crimes in order to do it.

  10. QUOTE (raBBit @ Mar 3, 2016 -> 06:56 PM)
    I have completely soured on rap. I can't even get myself to listen to Kendrick's or Kanye's new albums now and I just don't like Drake despite his skills. Just grew out of it unfortunately.


    Mostly listen to rock/alternative or singer/songwriter type stuff but everything I listen to is old. Whether it's five years old or forty years old, it's old. I can't get myself into any new music. I feel like this genre is dying. All the kids like country, EDM and like 16 year old rappers who do weird drugs or Gang bang or have one eye. Long story short, I need help being directed towards up and coming alternative or singer/songwriter type music. I hate country, I hate EDM and can't get into new rap.


    I like Counting Crows, Modest Mouse, Nirvana, REM, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Arcade Fire, Elliott Smth, Avett Brothers, Wilco, Silversun Pickups, Band of Horses, Bon Iver, Paul Simon, Pixies, etc. What is something newish and still active that I would like? Please and thank you.


    Hippo Campus is fantastic.


    Other ones off the top of my head...


    J Roddy Walston and the Business

    Rural Alberta Advantage

    The Gaslight Anthem (just went on hiatus but lead singer Brian Fallon is putting out a solo album this month) is pretty great


    If you're into rootsy/americana/country (actual country, not pop) stuff, check out Logan Brill.

  11. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Mar 3, 2016 -> 12:29 PM)
    The great thing for Trump followers is you can literally find any position you want in his speeches. You can hear anything you want in his speeches. If you only listen to his words, and not compare it to his life and record, you can even believe his lines.


    I will say this with 100% confidence. The one thing I know about Donald Trump is that he does not give a s*** about anyone other than Donald Trump. If someone is expecting him to even do a fraction of what he is saying, they might as well kick themselves in the nuts right now, and get it over with.

    Exactly this. Anyone can find what they want to find in Trump. The question is whether they want to look behind the curtain.

  12. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Mar 2, 2016 -> 07:30 PM)
    So that's good news for the rest of the Big Ten, right? Crean can't get fired for a few years now.

    I was generally non-plussed by Crean the past few years. Lived up to his "great recruiter, poor coach" stereotype.


    But this year, he's really coached. Definitely the best coaching job he's done at IU, possibly of his career.