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  1. Wanne

    Sox vs Twins. 9/15 - 7:10

    need the "go the other way" mindset tonight
  2. Wanne

    Sox vs Twins. 9/15 - 7:10

    weird set up by the Twins catcher...if I was throwing to him...not a fan. friggin weird.
  3. Wanne

    Madrigal to the IL/Delmonico Optioned

    hahaaa...God that was awesome! Was that off Crochet?
  4. Wanne

    8/4 Sox vs Brewers GT

  5. Wanne

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

  6. Wanne

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    lol...even anal warts are considered Covid these days. Puhlease.
  7. Wanne

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    some sliders/breaking pitches would be nice...
  8. Wanne

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    that's what he's taken on...been doing it since he came back.
  9. Wanne

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    yeah...I don't get. He's tossing 95 one week...now 88?
  10. Wanne

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    crap pitch selection then...just bad.
  11. Wanne

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    Either that gun is way off...or something is waaay off. Regardless...why he wasn't throwing slider down and away to Yelich and down and in to Garcia was criminal. Not a fan of the pitch selection.
  12. yeah...they'd have to be night games but it's still 100ยบ+ at 7pm out here a lot of times. Hell...I played in Peoria Summer League for a dozen years or so in June and July...double headers every Sunday at 8am...and it was still brutal. They may have to consider morning games if that's their plan.
  13. Wanne

    Is EE toast?

    It still amazes my just how polished Vaughn looks already just one year out of college. Dude will be a mainstay for years to come...
  14. Wanne

    MLB considering no crowds allowed on Opening Day?

    Or FFS...it's the goddamn flu. This shit was going around out here in PHX well before Christmas and around Thanksgiving. It was a nasty lung bug...like viral pneumonia. Tons of people had it out here. I got it. My gal got it. Same symptoms as they're maniacally describing. Just out of control bullshit. Get a fuckin grip people. A little perspective: https://weather.com/health/cold-flu/news/2020-01-28-flu-more-deadly-than-coronavirus Hell...back on 2017 or so 80K in the US alone died of flu per the CDC. How many have died from this mania so far? 14? 22?