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  1. Wanne

    2019 MLB draft thread

    that's what's impressive tho...his 9-14 numbers...zero dingers. He was spraying the field with ropes. His first dinger was last night...and it was A BOMB! Would have left Rosenblatt and then some.
  2. Wanne

    2019 MLB draft thread

    He might not even be the best hitter in the PAC12 this year. ASU's Spencer Torkelson starts the season on a tear. 9-14...6-6 with runners in scoring position. 9 RBIs. If Torkelson wasn't a sophomore...he'd be in this conversation right now as a top 5 pick IMO.
  3. Wanne

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    The fact that the two biggest clown shows in Chicago are the Bulls and White Sox...not hard to see what the problem is here. I will say tho...I do have a little bit of faith that the Sox will turn the corner in the next few years given the amount of young talent they have.
  4. Wanne

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    Geezus...this board has a bunch of Bi-polar Drama Queens on here.
  5. Wanne

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Such a winnable game tonight for the Illini which was frustrating. That sequence towards the end of the 1st half was a kick in the nut sac and such a huge pt swing. Wisky gets a bailout phantom call as shot clock expired. Dude makes two FTs. Frazier misses as easy a bunny as you'll ever see. Wisky hits a 3 after Frazier's miss. Not sure why they didn't take the ball to the basket more in the first half when they went stone cold. Can't wait til the big boys get here next year.
  6. Never understood that. The Sox drafted him #8 overall because of his success and felt the need to change him? Like the point with Sale...if it ain't broke don't fix it. Hope he flourishes in the bullpen.
  7. Wanne

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Yeah...I don't see how he falls unless like was stated previously an arm or two shoots up the draft board. Also...I'm not discounting Langeliers either. My order of preference is: 1a: Adley Rutschman 1b: Andrew Vaughn 1c: Shea Langeliers
  8. Wanne

    2019 MLB draft thread

    A sleeper name nobody really has heard of...ASU’s Carter Aldrete is going to have a monster year. He’s a Jr this year. Torkleson gets all the pub for ASU...but Aldrete is really going to be a name people will know come June.
  9. geez...he does look huge. He was a thick boy anyway. Any idea (percentage wise) where he's at with his achilles?
  10. Wanne

    Speed pitch challenge at Grate Field

    $1K?...dayam! Did that over 10 years out here in Phx...usually had a sponsor or two. We played in the Peoria men's league (at the Peoria Sports Complex). Some pretty good teams when I first started and it eventually started to go downhill. We were the Angels...and the Rangers were always the team to beat. Mike Cosgrove (former Astro LHP) played on the Rangers and that dude could still bring heat in his 40s. Guy on our team from was from back there Ron Daugherty...was a WR and one of the last cuts on the Bears in 84 I believe. RD was a football coach out at Mesa CC too...great dude! We had a really fun group of guys that pretty much stuck together over the years. I played til my shoulder said no more...and my eyes couldn't pick up a ball off the bat worth a shit. Sucks getting old! Hope you can find someplace to latch on with. I thought about doing MSBL (senior over 40)...but they play too damn far away during the middle of the week. Hear ya about the slowpitch...meh.
  11. Wanne

    Bob Nightengale Once Again Nails It

    Not even in the same area code. What does Madrigal have to do with being an NFL QB?
  12. Wanne

    Bob Nightengale Once Again Nails It

    I'm more of the thinking "when"...
  13. Wanne

    Frank Robinson RIP

    People forget...or really aren't old enough to know how great those Oriole teams were back then. Good lord. The Robinsons...Boog Powell...Belanger...Davey Johnson...Blair...Buford...and haven't even mentioned that ridiculous pitching staff they had. That's the first I've heard of the Sox trying to get Robinson.
  14. Wanne

    Ricketts racist emails

    don't put fuckin words in my mouth. I'm thinking some old man (regardless who he is) forwards some goofy ass chain emails I should be offended? I'm thinking meh is what I'm thinking.
  15. Wanne

    Ricketts racist emails

    Pretty much where I'm at. The "what can I be offended by today" crowd in full force. lol...agree with your last line. Hey...maybe the Cardinals...or White Sox are colluding with the Russians.