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  1. Wanne

    Sox sign OF Jacob Scavuzzo

    that's Hector Santiago's porn name....
  2. Wanne

    6/18 Games

    Robert with All-Star Game MVP honor....
  3. Wanne

    Postgame: Eloy Reigns! (White Sox winner)

    I can't wipe this shit eating grin off my face...probably for the next 24 hours.
  4. Leury's ball....be the QB out there goddammit!
  5. yeah...I've seen enough of him. I'd rather see what Escobar can do at this point.
  6. Wanne

    FS: White Sox Prospect Hot List - 6/12

    good stuff...thanks. After reading this and looking thru some of the rosters...it's painfully obvious the complete lack of quality pitching is in this system as well. Be nice to get everyone healthy too.
  7. I want to say yes he's merely a placeholder....but you all know as well as I do they'll hang on to him until that rudder is going down into the water.
  8. Wanne

    FS Podcast: Keith Law

    this was some really great stuff! Great job!
  9. Wanne

    Sox vs Nats - 6/11/19 7:10pm

    YES!!!...TRADE VALUE! I keed....kinda sorta. Nice to see 'em bounce back...
  10. Wanne

    6/7 White Sox @ Royals (7:15 PM)

    can we just dfa him already....geezus.
  11. pretty much. HORRIBLE AB for Anderson...
  12. Wanne

    Sox & Nats, 6/4/19, Rey & Strasburg

    Maybe Lopez is just a mental midget...
  13. Wanne

    Sox & Nats, 6/4/19, Rey & Strasburg

    yeah...he brings absolutely nothing to the table. Get Mendick up here.
  14. Wanne

    Sox & Nats, 6/4/19, Rey & Strasburg

    not sure if scared is the right word....but yeah. I don't think he's the sharpest tool in the shed either. I have absolutely zero faith in he's going to be anything other than this.
  15. Wanne

    Sox & Nats, 6/4/19, Rey & Strasburg

    hahaaa...geezus. that was absolutely crushed.