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  1. Wanne

    A Realistic Offseason

    I don't think Leury is going anywhere...leaves Yolmer and Engel on the outside looking in IMO. As much as I love Yolmer...Mendick deserves his shot and saves money too. As for signing Wheeler (based on other posts)...I'm not against it...but not thrilled if it would cost a high pick. Cole and Bumgarner are pipe dreams IMO. I just read a article about the Rockies owner whining about his payroll and money. Reach out and see what it'd take to pry Jon Gray away from them. He has to pay Trevor Story, David Dahl, Oberg and Gray arbitration this year. See what'd take...
  2. Wanne

    Cooper discouraged by social media negativity

    I'm not defending his comments...I merely agreed with his comment that twitter and social media has fucked up our society. You guys want to get your boxers in a wad over Cooper's comments and take it personal....knock yourself out. No skin off my nuts...
  3. Wanne

    Cooper discouraged by social media negativity

    So you're in tune with all the other MLB franchises...and their press and what's said. mkay....
  4. Wanne

    Who would still want Maddon?

    I don't care. No. Not taking Cubs sloppy seconds again. No fucking way! Let him go out to San Diego so he can wear surfer shorts be a rad dude.
  5. Wanne

    Cooper discouraged by social media negativity

    Wah...they're not blaming the fans for their failures. Cooper is merely pointing out fans being asshats on social media (shocker I know).
  6. Wanne

    Who would still want Maddon?

    I don't want him for the sake of it would seem like the Sox always taking the Cubs sloppy seconds. Fuck that... Have some dignity for crap sakes....
  7. Wanne

    James McCann - catcher of the future ?

    THIS! Extend him and let's move on. Grandal...ain't happening.
  8. Wanne

    Cooper discouraged by social media negativity

    I have a hard time arguing with this. It's caused so much divisiveness in all aspects of life. But Donnie...not much you can do about it...so deal with it and do your job.
  9. Wanne

    Nick Castellanos

    I'd be more than fine with this!
  10. He really does. And we need him to have a change of scenery.
  11. Wanne

    Nick Castellanos

    They not trading Vaughn...they just aren't. I have a feeling Castellanos is riding a wave right now. The Cubs will get a big chubby over his last month and give him a nice fat 3-4 year contract and regret it by June (which will be more icing on the cake for those choads).
  12. Wanne

    Machado do-over

    what part of "staying healthy" didn't you understand? Did I say "get healthier"?
  13. Wanne

    Machado do-over

    Everybody thought the Bears were really far away last year too. Talent wise I don't think this team is all that far away. Need a nice rotation guy, RF and a few successful call ups (Robert/Madrigal). Sometimes you need a different voice at the top to get it going the right direction too. *edit: and staying healthy.
  14. pfffttt...shocker with Burton. He's turned into a limp wash rag... Full Bears inactives: Kevin Toliver Kerrith Whyte Jr. Josh Woods Abdullah Anderson Rashaad Coward Riley Ridley Trey Burton Interesting that Shelley is active over Toliver.