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  1. Cordell is really paying dividends already....
  2. Oh I have zero doubt. Also they said "after talking to members of the Royals and White Sox"...just who in the hell on the Sox was going to rat Tim out or say this? This is fabricated crap to cover West's fat ass.
  3. hahaa...isn't that funny how that works?
  4. they should just take Carlin's list...
  5. They really have grown on me...a lot! Benetti really is talented. Does great basketball work as well. His pairing with Bill Walton during the Maui Classic last year was phenomenal viewing. I will say tho...while Benetti and Stone are a very good combo...I really love when Whimpy gets paired up with Benetti a few series during the year.
  6. glad the ump called ball 4 a strike lol.
  7. Wanne

    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    exactly. trying to turn this game into golf...shhhhhhhhhh...he's shooting! This entire thing is idiotic....and Jabba the West shows once again what a redass he is. Keep celebrating Tim! The entire "not celebrating for doing you job..." weak take. That said...I've grown to despise that entire organization in KC. Fuck every single one of them right up to that cheese Hudler in the booth. Grichuk getting roasted now is gravy. I was wondering yesterday who...I think my exact words were "who's the effin' wussbag poppin' off from behind everybody...."
  8. yeah...he did a great job. I'm softening up on him...but i just wish the continual "comedy banter" with Stone would ease up a bit. I will say this...had a been forced to listen to that soppy-ass Hudler yesterday I would have thrown my remote thru the tv. GOD I hate listening to that putz.
  9. effing Abreu pissed that entire inning away.
  10. I was pretty disappointed Palka wasn't in the middle of that instead of pleasantly lingering in the background.
  11. geezus...some of these guys act like the've never seen a fucking breaking pitch before.
  12. yeah...have a feeling Maldanado didn't like that. That said...fuck him.