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  1. Wanne


    Worst nightmare...the White Sox miss the playoffs by 1 game after getting shut down by Nova and Covey the last two games of the year lol...this place would go nuclear.
  2. Wanne

    Ozuna signs w/ Atlanta

    lol...this would make me VERY happy.
  3. Wanne

    Non-Roster Invitees

    Curious to see how Burr rebounds. Had pretty high hopes for him.... (of course that's the ASU homer in me).
  4. Wanne

    MLB cheating scandal

    This is weak as hell if there's no post season ban.
  5. Wanne

    I don't see how pitch framing works?

    This is a fantastic post IMO. Also...like you mentioned...it's easy for somebody to "watch on tv"...but unless you've actually stood at the plate/caught/or umped and have seen what a 95mph baseball looks/sounds like it's hard to imagine. Framing is such an extremely talented skill...almost second nature for the great ones.
  6. Wanne

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    BOOOOOOM!!!!!!! What an offseason.
  7. Yes and no. There will be a nice selection of arms at 11...but as usual it all depends who falls...who develops...etc. I mean if a bunch of pitchers have greats springs and there's a run on them and guys like Patrick Baily or Blaze Jordan are sitting there it's not a given an arm will be taken. I agree with taking arms and all...but there's a lot variables.
  8. Wanne

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    I don't hate this move at all. Low risk/high reward. I think Mazara might benefit from a change of scenery...and working with Menechino. What does concern me from what I read in comment sections from Ranger fans is his tendency to be lazy (going after balls in the gap or not running out grounders)...that shit won't fly with Ricky (or his teammates I think). I don't know much about his D out in RF...but it sounds like he's just meh with the glove. Can somebody correct me if I'm wrong please. As for Steele Walker...I'm not sure he'd ever amount to more than a Yolmer-type player. Good man to have on your bench. Time will tell. Hopefully this will light a fire under Mazara's ass and give him a new lease on his career.
  9. Wanne

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Yeah...I have zero idea wtf the Padres are doing these days? Have a feeling they're gonna really piss away a great window they have with poor decisions.
  10. Wanne

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    or get on the phone with Julio Teheran
  11. Wanne

    Sox in on MadBum

    I'm assuming an NL team is Bumgarner's first choice since the dude loves to hit. Really have a hard time believing if it was close in offers he'd choose an AL team over an NL team. That said...I'm pretty meh on him anyway.
  12. Wanne

    Joc Pederson - Is it goin down?

    ahhh...I was scanning these too quick and not reading what was replied to.