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  1. Wanne

    Rodon threw 3 IP today

    hell...Dunning may step up and be better than any of them. Really excited to watch his continued development. Hansen too. I'm not concerned at this point what Rodon does. Would it be nice to have him back healthy...absolutely. Is it the end of the world if he doesn't come back to form?...no.
  2. Wanne

    Trust the process

    Does it really make any difference? Honestly...come next June I think most people will be more thankful for the top 2-3-4 pick again if not the #1 than suffering thru watching an abysmal season like this.
  3. I'm almost of the opinion that Ricky is "too nice". This has nothing to do with his baseball mind or ability to manage...but it makes me wonder if he's the guy that will get this team over the hump when they develop. I think there's a reason Sox brought Vizquel on board. Also...who's the Wonder Boy manager down there at Kannapolis? Justin J? Nothing against Ricky...but I don't think he's here in 2020.
  4. Wanne

    Trust the process

    Not to mention having some bullpen arms down there like Ian Hamilton, Burr...and Burdi coming back. The Burger injury was a huge setback for the position IMO...but I'm not really going to sweat the the rebuild until I see what the OF of Jimenez, Robert, Adolfo (or Rutherford) looks like...along with the starting staff of Lopez, Kopech, Dunning, Cease and Gio. We knew it would be a few years. I think most people that are pissed right now are mad that Hahn didn't find better replacements to fill the time slot until these guys are ready. Easier said than done given the money/length of contract these FAs want. But again....what's the point. The only person out
  5. Wanne

    What Can Be Done to Fix this Mess?

    I think that's the best thing you've said in this entire thread. Seriously. Anderson is better this year...still makes boneheaded mistakes but better. However...he's still very young. Let's drop the "how people should react to loss" and move on. Unless you're in their shoes...you don't have a clue.
  6. BFD...they've won 4 games. It'd take a perfect throw....I still think he was safe just because the catcher stumbled around. Not going to b**** about sending him....in the grand scheme...does it really friggin matter?
  7. exactly. And it worries me that they'll be to "stuck at the hip" with Renteria when the talent finally does develop. Hopefully he'll develop with them and not just be the "caretaker". I'll give Theo credit...he saw somebody better to lead his team and jumped on it.
  8. both teams unis are outstanding tonight....love the sleeveless.
  9. Benetti just got busted. Drives me nuts with his "Ho-Say" when he says Abreu's name...but he just said it normally "Ho-ZAY". wtf dude....is it his "shtick" or something and he relapsed? yes..nitpicking am I.
  10. Wanne

    White Sox narrowing draft targets

    I think the Sox go the SS route...either de Sedas or Madrigal. I know Madrigal won't project as a SS...but really hard to pass on his bat. He's good.
  11. Wanne

    4/16 Sox at A’s

    Anderson needs to pull his head outta his ass sometime this spring. too many lazy ass miscues...
  12. Wanne

    MLB's Biggest Problem...

    To me it somewhat speaks to the inconsistent strike zone from one umpire to the next too...and even one game or inning to the next. One inning the zone is all over the map...next inning he's squeezing every effing pitch. I always like those umps that "if it's close you better be hacking". Guys won't swing at the close pitches because the inning before it was called a ball. I rather have the huge zones than squeezing every pitch...that's what drags the game down IMO.
  13. And then you have for the 2nd week in a row all the warm weather teams playing each other...AGAIN. I get it's not easy to make these schedules...but for the love of cripes...it can't be rocket science to figure out how to mix it up so teams are playing in warmer weather climates at the beginning of April. There's enough teams.
  14. QUOTE (soxfan49 @ Apr 12, 2018 -> 06:07 PM) For the record, I’d have Arenado higher on my wish list than Machado I agree...