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  1. I completely agree. I think a lot would have to go right on top of adding several very good pieces to this team to make a serious playoff run, but there are enough holes to fill on the team that some of it has to be done now, because there may be even more to fill in a year or two if some guys regress or do not pan out.
  2. joemg311

    Angels sign Rendon - 7yrs 245

    So lets say Rendon is cheaper than Cole or Strasburg... Would it be crazy to sign him, and then use Moncada as the centerpiece to acquire either a great young RF, or Starting pitcher?
  3. Long time reader and lurker here. There is so much doom and gloom lately with the prospect aspect of the rebuild. I'm still optimistic about the teams future though. We have lots of money to spend to help this team compete in the near future. Was it ever really realistic to expect the entire starting rotation to be all studs on rookie contracts? I feel like the only way the rebuild is actually an epic fail is if this team doesn't go out and spend as promised. I know the ultimate goal is to win a world series, but this team can still at least be competitive in our garbage division by adding a few guys and then have a shot at a world series if some of the prospects turn out to be very good major leaguers. Why not compete next year? You don't even need to spend and get Harper or Machado, sign Donaldson+Brantley+a legit bullpen arm instead. Lets get back to being an ok team through free agency and then see if the farm system can turn us into a very good team the next few years.
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    Credit Scores

    QUOTE (pettie4sox @ May 31, 2016 -> 01:58 PM) You could break up with gf the next day though. My brother asked me to cosign on a small loan and they said no because they want him to use a spouse or significant other. I'm his f***ing older brother FFS. It doesn't get any closer relative wise than that. I have never hear of that before. I don't think a lender can tell you whom you can use for a cosigner, they can just tell you if you are approved or not. On demanding a spouse as a cosigner, the only situation I could see that happening is if you are married and your spouse has good credit and or a nice granishable long term employement, and you just flat out refuse to give them your wifes information or say she won't cosign. A lender might get scared off that your wife will not be part of a loan, but If you do not have a spouse, or they have bad credit, a sibling or parent is the best possible cosigner.
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    Credit Scores

    QUOTE (pettie4sox @ May 31, 2016 -> 10:15 AM) Not sure if this would be the appropriate thread but since when do you need to be a spouse or a significant other to cosign on a loan for a relative? I work with automotive financing, and it is not required, but most lenders prefer or take into account the closeness of a cosigner to the buyer. They usually want it to be a parent/close family member. They figure even with ok credit, your short term girl friend, or your coworkers cousin are a lot less likely to make good on the loan themselves should you not be able to pay.
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    Automobile Thread

    QUOTE (Iwritecode @ Mar 23, 2015 -> 03:08 PM) Researching the burning oil problem and it looks like it's mostly the 2.4L engine that's affected? This one is a 3.0L V6. Yup, it seems like mostly the 4 cylinder you hear about. Not sure if it is because there are way more 3.4L out there or if the 6 has less problems. Either way, 4 vs 6 cylinder on an accord is only a 2mpg difference. Nice to have the extra power.
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    Automobile Thread

    QUOTE (Iwritecode @ Mar 23, 2015 -> 12:43 PM) Debating between a 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5s with 71,000 miles and a 2005 Honda Accord EX-L with 138,000 miles. Both are the same price. I'm not real familiar with Nissan in general but I've read a lot of positive reviews. Although everyone I've ever talked to said that a Honda will last for a long, long time. We are looking for reliability over anything. Haven't seen the Nissan in person yet but the Honda was obviously well cared for. It's very clean inside and out. I own/operate a used car lot. Honda has a great reputation for their vehicles lasting and therefor holding their value well, but in my opinion you pay a premium for that and it all evens out. This is why you can get a newer Nissan with way less miles for the same price making it an draw deal wise. Be aware that both those vehicles have somewhat common known issues that are usually hard to check for. Both have been known to excessively burn oil, especially the accord. It just google it. It is common enough that many wonder how it was never recalled. I have had a 2004 Accord that would need about 2 quarts added between oil changes, and most Honda dealers will claim this is normal. It is a piston ring design issue. As for the 4 cylinder Altimas, The catalytic converters tend to break apart and somehow send debris back into the engine causing lots of engine failures. Every car has its common issues, but these I see a bit more often then things on other cars, and both are around the mileage were said issues are most common. I would go for the Honda, but try and get a super long test drive somehow and check the oil level.
  8. joemg311

    Wedding Bands

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/106009868/mete...nosaur-bone-and What could possibly be more awesome then being able to tell people your wedding band is made of dinosaur bone and meteorite?
  9. joemg311

    Rosenthal: Tanaka to Yankees

    Does anyone else feel like a signing of Suk-Min Yoon would help fill the void that missing out on Tanaka has created in our souls? He is Asian and right handed. Also his name is better. Time to start the swoon yoon thread...
  10. joemg311

    Your final meal

    A trough full of bacon (crispy) and a case of beer.
  11. http://www.sportspickle.com/article:1146/t...nts-of-all-time Pretty amusing, just thought I would share.
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    The sleeper thread

    QUOTE (Kalapse @ Jul 27, 2010 -> 03:34 PM) Jason Giambi! I had no idea he was still playing baseball
  13. joemg311

    The sleeper thread

    Brad Hawpe
  14. joemg311

    I need help with my Carmax situation.

    If the fan was bad and this caused your car to overheat and you drove it around a bit, it is quite possible that the tempature could have weakened or damaged your radiator causing this newest problem. Its a pain, but you have a warranty incase problems like this come up. You never know, even if you did someone get into a different car you could have even worse luck.
  15. joemg311

    Who lives near New York state?

    You can buy them on amazon.com
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    Blockbuster FAIL

    I still go to blockbuster once in a while when I have no idea what I want to see just so I can browse. If I know what I'm looking for there is no reason to leave the house to get it. I just picked up a box on ebay for $30 that hooks up to the tv and has a sd memory card slot and usb port. I will soon be able to plug in a flash drive or external hard drive to my tv and watch all the stuff I download on the tv instead of the computer without dealing with buying/burning dvds.
  17. http://listverse.com/humor/15-funny-sports-quotes/ Great list. Any you would add?
  18. joemg311

    Value Menu Items

    I was a big fan of dnL "turn your taste upside" was their catch phrase and the logo was the 7up logo upside down. Great green soda.
  19. joemg311

    For those wihout tv for todays game.

    Oh my god thank you very much, I'm stuck at work till 7 and can now watch the game because of you! Already skipped out of work to many times this past week for sox games.
  20. joemg311

    Vote or DYE Trying

    With the text message method of setting the number as every recipient I have been able to send quite the number of votes. I can set 10 recipients at onces, so I can send 10 votes at a time, and just keep resending it. I can do about 100 votes per minute until the barrage of confirmation responses come rolling on in. Some times it takes a bit for the confirmations so I can get 500-1000 votes before my phone is a slave to the 500-1000 texts back from MLB saying I have voted for DYE. At that point I just have to let my phone sit for 15 minutes but its a nice break. Make sure you have unlimited texting like I do before you go this route unless you want the largest phone bill of all time.
  21. joemg311

    Toby Hall

    I just realized I havn't seen or heard about Toby Hall Playing all spring. Is he Hurt or something? If so who whos going to be the back up cetcher. I though I did a pretty good job keeping up with the sox news... whats going on?
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    Toby Hall

    QUOTE(The Beast @ Mar 16, 2008 -> 11:25 AM) I would hope that the Sox don't break camp with Hall, send him on a rehab assignment to Charlotte and then call him up when he's ready. It just doesn't make sense to play someone who still isn't that healthy. Yeah I hope thats what they do too. They really should have shut him down last year, he needs to be 100% to be on this team. I'm sure they can find someone that can at least throw a runner or two out while not hitting.
  23. joemg311

    Need some weight loss tips.

    Also, if you think you would be into it, work out videos that require no equipment like Tae Bo, can usually be rented at your local library free. A lot of people seem to have a better or at least less boring workout if you have the structure of a video, and Billy Blanks yelling at you to keep going doesn't hurt either. If your Library has a decent selection you can try something new often to stay motivated and interested.
  24. joemg311

    Need some weight loss tips.

    Get yourself a jump rope if you have the room indoors to use one. They are inexpensive and give you quite the workout. You can also mix up your jumps and try to learn tricks, there are really many different ways you can exercise with one so you don't get too bored with it.
  25. joemg311

    Can anyone explain this?

    What ever it is, it would make a great commercial for athelete's foot powder.