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  1. Jake

    Baseball in Trouble per USA Today

    I think it is baseless speculation to assume the strikeouts have some major negative effect. At any rate, there's growing evidence that the growth in Ks league-wide has much more to do with the strike zone expanding (because it is now being called by the rulebook) and pitchers getting really, really good. I do think the tanking issue is much more likely the explanation for the attendance drop. It's a tricky issue, but I suspect the best way to deter tanking is to reduce the value of young talent by doing something like reducing the service time required to reach free agency.
  2. Jake

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    One risk of the revised system is that it may ultimately offer some perverse incentive to have more teams tank since it moves the threshold for decent odds further away from worst record. Either way, it probably helps the Bulls who are likely to be a little too good to have the league's worst record.
  3. Jake

    6/21 Games

    Don't love those solo shots but 11 K and 1 BB is really, really encouraging.
  4. Jake

    Injury updates

    TBH I'd send Tilson down before Engel. Engel is the better defender, has more upside with the bat, and Tilson might actually benefit from a demotion at this point considering his time away from baseball
  5. Jake

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    I'm all for patience but I haven't seen a ton of flashes from Giolito beyond flashes of competence, which isn't a high bar. I think it's pretty reasonable to be down on Giolito.
  6. Jake

    Kopech "getting closer"

    I'll just reiterate that the choice is really simple: Unless he has a run of major, major duds like his last outing, you call him up as soon as he strings together 2 or 3 decent outings.
  7. Jake

    Ed Farmer and Darrin Jackson

    I used to find Farmer and DJ to be kind of funny/charming, but listening to them this year has been a slog. I haven't been getting that same funniness from them. There's a bug with the MLB.TV app on some Rokus where the stream is smoother if you use the radio audio feed instead of the NBCSN one so I've been getting them along with the video. They're terrible at describing what's happening in the game, but I almost forgive them since I usually have video. What kills me is how often they are wrong about what's going on. You wouldn't know if you're listening to the radio, of course. The clearest example is that if they complain about a ball/strike call, I'd give at elast 3:1 odds on the umpire being right per Statcast, etc. It's like they judge it with the naked eye instead of using the monitor in front of them.
  8. Jake


    FWIW, Moncada has the second most called third strikes on pitches that were outside the zone in MLB with 9 such blown calls. Matt Davidson is first with 11. For the sake of context, he's also struck out looking 22 times on pitches *inside* the zone, which ranks highly. Still, you're looking at nearly a third of his strikeouts looking ending on a blown call by the umpire. For more context, he's had 5 pitches in the zone called balls with 2 strikes (56th highest in MLB), so this isn't merely an artifact of him taking a lot of pitches. League-wide players on average get many more 2-strike pitches in the zone called balls than the opposite kind of mistake because the strike zone as it is typically called by umpires is smaller than the rulebook strike zone. And as one last fun fact about Moncada's struggles with the umpires, he's had 5 occasions in which a 3-ball pitch outside the zone was called a strike, 3rd highest number in the league. He's only had the inverse happen 2 times, making him one of the unluckiest full time players by that measure as well. Side note: Davidson has only struck out 14 times looking on pitches inside the zone, meaning it's about a coin flip when he's called out looking whether strike 3 was in the zone or not.
  9. Jake

    Promotions/Releases/Demotions of Sox System

    It's not monumental, but obviously the promotion of Zavala over Collins isn't based on play but some other consideration. That is unless there is some large, unreported disparity in their defensive development
  10. Jake

    6/14 Games

    I would also say that since his velocity had an upward trajectory as the game went on, I can only assume that he's trying to tone things down. The Clippers that day basically never got a good swing on his fastball and seemed almost fooled by it half the time. They also looked terrible against his offspeed once he started using it, but of course he was putting guys on so much it didn't really matter — they only needed a single well-timed hit to score runs against him. I suspect his issues are more mental than mechanical, which I do suppose is an argument for getting Coop's hands on him. Kopech has a pretty simple motion and in person it didn't seem very high effort. I'm guessing whatever problems he has with repeating his motion are probably fixable moreso by getting his mind right than having him try to do something different physically.
  11. Jake


    Have you ever looked at the talent disparity between these two players? Albies is a nice player, there's a chance he's better in the long run, but there are very good reasons to prefer Moncada.
  12. Jake

    Kopech "getting closer"

    He's in a funk right now but we've already seen him pitch really well for a pretty long stretch in AAA, so there's no doubt he can do it. There's no doubt he can win in MLB. Once he works through this, call him up. If he continues walking a lot of people, don't call him up.
  13. Jake

    6/14 Games

    I was present for Kopech's dud in Columbus a few weeks ago. He didn't look like he was struggling because he was trying to overthrow. He was 94-95 in his first inning, where he had walks/HBP/WP, 95-96 in the rest of the game where the command problems continued. Touched 98 a few times. Threw at least 25 fastballs before his first offspeed pitch. He did get knocked out of the game by a changeup that Adam Rosales roped into left for a single, though.
  14. Jake

    Dylan Covey

    There are two kinds of pitchers who put up a great ERA for a while: 1. Guys who are totally lucky. Some combination of too few K/too many BB/too much hard contact to sustain their numbers for very long. Mat Latos is a recent example of this phenomenon. 2. Guys who pitch really, really well for a while and don't have good numbers because of luck. Luckily, Covey is of type 2. He's not lucky. That doesn't mean he'll always be good, but it's nice when a guy has good numbers because he's been good and not because of random variation.