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  1. Wild in the zone better than wild out of the zone
  2. Maybe I'm forgetting but I just don't think Reynaldo has gotten much use out of his changeup at all this year
  3. The Eloy – Carlos Lee comparison seems to still hold pretty well
  4. I think the best evidence against Eloy is that he got fairly close to it and people are assuming other guys would have been there a few steps sooner. Of course that requires us to be correct that he had a bad route and/or slow speed getting there which is hard to know from watching it on TV
  5. I wish they gave catch probability because the expected BA doesn't actually compute to 1 minus catch probability. The actual catch probability could be more or less than what is implied by .230 expected BA. The expected BA doesn't factor in where fielders are positioned or the left/right direction of the batted ball
  6. I'm not saying that I can just see how his brain may be telling him to start hitting the brakes early so he doesn't go down like a ton of bricks like he's probably done so many times before
  7. Doesn't seem to use his body well at all when throwing
  8. After you see how he nearly died on the ground rule double in the corner you can kind of see why it seems like Eloy isn't comfortable going all out for fly balls
  9. Seems like Yoan isn't seeing Norris's fastball very well
  10. I think Eloy's defense has more potential than what we've gotten from him so far. The Statcast data suggests his speed isn't (yet) a major limiting factor and he looks fairly comfortable tracking the ball much of the time. I think he needs some more motor and some more experience around the wall, playing the ricochet, things like that.
  11. Yolmer with a much better relay than last time around
  12. 49mph exit velocity on that RBI single
  13. Reynaldo may want to not throw his offspeed down the middle though