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  1. Jake

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    I never saw much substantiation to the allegation that Giolito had better velocity in the spring. I think he *felt* good and perhaps hit 94-95 sometimes and the "Giolito has his fastball back" story spun out of control from there.
  2. Jake

    Zack Collins Criticism

    I wonder if the time-sharing situation with Zavala has gotten into his head at all. He did have to manage it last year for a while, but this year moreso than last they are something close to equals in terms of priority for getting reps at C.
  3. Jake

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    The velocity drop has been part of a multi-year pattern which is what makes it most concerning. In Spring Training this year, Lucas was saying that last year part of his problem was trying to throw as hard as he could to regain lost velocity. At some point we might want to ask where it went.
  4. Gotta love this start for Carson. If you check the box score it won't jump out at you but he really didn't have any issue with his command all night. He needs to work on his offspeed mix but this was a big step forward.
  5. Jake

    Fulmer starting tonight

    Have to be pretty close to that magic date for Kopech. Kris Bryant was called up on April 17 to get the extra year of control in his debut season.
  6. Jake

    FS: Dylan Cease focus feature w/ video, quotes

    Man I read that as Covey and I was just thinking that this had to be some kind of joke. Makes much more sense now.
  7. Jake

    4/22 Games (Covey, Adams, Flores, Henzman)

    I wonder how long we have Zavala tear it up in Birmingham before we push him to AAA.
  8. What's being expressed with the chart is that the typical strike zone (as it is called by the umpires) for left-handed batters does not typically include that pitch.
  9. Pitch locations from Moncada's AB. Pretty well-pitched.
  10. Lopez has been fortunate to pitch around as many walks as he has, but as of today he's clearly our best major league starter. He's going to take some lumps soon if he doesn't stop the walks, but I really like the kid.
  11. Jake

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    I'll also add that since Cooper took over the Sox had the 3rd best combined pitching WAR and 6th best RA9-WAR over that span of time.
  12. Jake

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    Sox pitching staff MLB rank by WAR and RA9-WAR: 2002: 16 / 15 2003: 5 / 5 2004: 18 / 15 2005: 1 / 1 2006: 4 / 8 2007: 9 / 18 2008: 1 / 6 2009: 4 / 7 2010: 1 / 10 2011: 2 / 8 2012: 12 / 6 2013: 16 / 18 2014: 25 / 25 2015: 9 / 16 2016: 13 / 11 2017: 29 / 23 Had to take the time to call out this lunacy that Don Cooper has never presided over a top staff and this is without addressing the questionable assertion that he's been constantly handed some amazingly talented crew to work with.
  13. Jake

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    Listen, the bar here is not very high at this point and quite a few people in the industry thought it was questionable — if not for the service time issue — that we didn't have him up here to start the year. Unlike Giolito, we'll know that Kopech has stuff that can play.
  14. Jake

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    Is the magic date for Kopech known?