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  1. Punch and Judy Garland

    Peavy Rejects Sox Offer; Deal Now Dead

    I agree that Garcia was not on that level, but our team was more dangerous then that it is at this point. Plus, you have to consider what Garcia did once he was here. Is Peavy a top 5 pitcher in the big boy league and going from the best pitchers park to the top 2-3 hitters park? He might still be, but that is a legitimate question
  2. Punch and Judy Garland

    Peavy Rejects Sox Offer; Deal Now Dead

    I'd say the Freddy Garcia deal was slightly bigger. Peavy has had a better career than Garcia at the points of the deals, but our team was in better shape when we got Garcia. Both though were the crown jewels of the market when dealt (should it happen) and both were actually traded far in advance of the July deadline. I'm in favor of the deal provided we don't trade Flowers or Beckham. I want Flowers to be our catcher (or 1b-DH) in 2010. I just hope this deal isn't an indication that Kenny is changing strategies, rather that this is a part of our current youth movement.
  3. Hello, I am in a yahoo public league and we still need 4 more guys (or gals) for a 12 team AL only Roto league. Draft is 8:30 central time live on yahoo. I know 6 of the 8 currently in and this will be a competitive league where you don't have to worry about people losing interest. I just ask the same out of you if you sign up. I am not the commish so I can't make any rule changes or anything on requests but I am out recruiting for those last few spots. Should be lots of fun. Here are the categories and positions: Roster Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, IF, LF, CF, RF, Util, SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, RP, P, P, P, BN, BN, BN, DL, DL Stat Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, TB, AVG, OPS, W, L, SV, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP League ID#: 17622 League Name: Junior Circuit Password: fun Thanks for signing up, I look forward to competing with you all season!
  4. Punch and Judy Garland

    Dayn Perry hates the White Sox!

    Detroits old players were better than our old players last year. I do agree with you that there is a chance that Detroit is overrated if Sheffield continues his decline and Renteria stumbles back in the AL. That said, they have the best young hitter in the game now so I think the offense will be fine. I think that many in this thread would feel the the same way I do: we are philosophically opposed to how the WHite Sox construct a team. They do it on the corners and not up the middle. They do it with a win now mentality with a budget that does not match. The drafts have been conservative because JR got burned by Joe Borchard and won't go above slot to piss off his pal Bud again.
  5. Punch and Judy Garland

    Brian Anderson to NL?

    I think Anderson is an outstanding center fielder so I think he certainly has appeal to some. Clearly he'll never be anythign special with the bat but I'd have to think he could at least be close to average at some point. I think a team with a huge outfield (Colorado,San Fran) would do well to have a guy who can cover ground like Brian. I think he;'d be a perfect Giant. I just can't imagine getting back Cain for Crede and Anderson. Hell I don't think you'd get Cain for Fields and Anderson. The Giants are dumb but not THAT dumb. I think they'd deal Lowry but I think we all realize his tightrope act wouldn't play in the AL
  6. Punch and Judy Garland

    Santana Traded to the Mets

    The Twins needed a bat in a Santana deal, they just need to hope they picked the right one. I still like their staff a lot this year because Bonser and Baker are both above average to me and I think Liriano, well, who knows? As far as Nathan goes I bet they keep him. They just signed Morneau and Cuddyer and probably don't want to wave any white flags beyond the Johan deal. I think they move Nathan in July when there is more of a market for closers. Decent deal for the Twins, excellent move by Omar Minaya for swinging the balance in the NL. Plus in WS play this is huge. THe Rockies ran out a bunch of 4th starters against the Sawx. The Mets can have big confidence sending a Johan/Pedro punch against the big boys in the AL
  7. Punch and Judy Garland

    Scott Kazmir

    I trust a guy like Peavy more than Joba because they've shown they can handle the 180 innings ML starters load. Peavy has some people skittish because he throws across his body a bit but he's been very healthy in his career. Oswalt makes some nervous due to his size. Johan has had the bone chips. You could go on and on but in general health is a shown skill and if they haven't gotten hurt in 3-5 years of starters loads at the big league level then I think you start to get past the poitn of worrying as long as they aren't used up too early like Steve Avery
  8. Punch and Judy Garland

    Good for KC on Olivo

    I liked Miguel but catching prospects are about as reliable as pitching prospects which is to say they are not. I.E. Jeff Mathis. If you hit it with a Russ Martin or a Joe Mauer then count your stars
  9. Punch and Judy Garland

    Scott Kazmir

    Yeah he is very good despite the WHIP and Rick Peterson has been wrong about him to this point. That said, I wouldn't want to be the team investing 5 years 90 million in him. I don't believe his health will hold up. Generally I wouldn't make the bet about a lot of pitchers except for the Jake Peavy's of the world.
  10. Punch and Judy Garland

    White Sox 2008 ZiPS Projections

    30 hr is hard. I'd be surprised if Fields hit that many. Second go around the league......
  11. Punch and Judy Garland

    White Sox Acquire Nick Swisher from Athletics

    I think this furthers the need to re-sign Freddy Garcia on a rehab deal. We need that insurance given our lack of depth now.
  12. Punch and Judy Garland

    White Sox Acquire Nick Swisher from Athletics

    Can we cool it with the Grinder talk? It has nothing to do with winning baseball games
  13. Punch and Judy Garland

    White Sox Acquire Nick Swisher from Athletics

    Well I think there is a Death valley between Swisher and Miggy Cabrera in terms of who they are. Cabrera is 3 years younger and is a far better hitter. That said, most people shouldn't hammer Kenny for not getting Cabrera because he couldn't get cabrera. They didn't want the White Sox Pu Pu platter.
  14. Punch and Judy Garland

    White Sox Acquire Nick Swisher from Athletics

    I;m not saying that this has anything to do with steroids but it was disappointing that Swisher's HR's turned to doubles last year. He has 13 fewer bombs and 12 more doubles than 06
  15. Punch and Judy Garland

    White Sox Acquire Nick Swisher from Athletics

    I don;t know about Ocab leading off. 2 years ago he had a 309 obp which even Juan Pierre would be ashamed of. If 345 is the obp ceiling then I think you don't want him that high