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    Royals @ Sox

    what happened
  2. shagar69

    White Sox v. Mariners

    QUOTE(IlliniKrush @ Apr 24, 2006 -> 09:30 PM) It's on in Champaign...eat it Addy what channel?
  3. shagar69

    Sox vs Royals 4/17

    guess its not on in champaign
  4. shagar69


    u f***in n*****@!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. shagar69

    Which Pitcher would you trade MB for

    Willis, Santana, thats about it.
  6. shagar69

    Big Hurt Love

    QUOTE(sox-r-us @ Jun 15, 2005 -> 10:38 PM) FRANK FOCKING THOMAS BABY 21 AT BATS 0.333 AVERAGE 4 HR 5 RBI 1.321 OPS ARE YOU FOCKING KIDDING ME????? Oh wait, the "Big Skirt" should be traded. He is useless.....right aboz????? :finger :rolly y u always say "focking"? are you 9 years old and your mom doesnt let you swear or what?
  7. shagar69

    Crazy Carl

    why is Jurassic in Maxim
  8. shagar69

    Bill Mueller could be traded to the White Sox

    so is this an actual rumor or some WSI bulls***
  9. shagar69

    Do we need another starting pitcher?

    QUOTE(nitetrain8601 @ Jun 14, 2005 -> 10:05 PM) Duque is still better than any of our 5 pitchers. I\
  10. shagar69

    Bad loss

    dont sugarcoat this loss and blame it on ozzie or the ump, our offense still f***in blows. we got shut down AGAIN by some douche who had a 5 + ERA. Sure hes got pretty good stuff, but if you wanna make the playoffs and make some noise you gotta do better than tonight
  11. god damnit, buehrle doesnt deserve this. f***in c***bag hermanson
  12. shagar69

    Sox @ Rockies 6/8/05 Game Thread

    wtf was that ozuna
  13. shagar69

    Lance Broadway

    i have never seen him play and i dont konw what to make of those stats, so the best way i can judge him is if i know what current major league pitcher his style is similar to. any thoughts draft experts?
  14. shagar69

    What would you rather have?

    QUOTE(danman31 @ Jun 4, 2005 -> 01:00 PM) It's sick to think you people would rather have $100,000 than a White Sox World Series. That is really disgusting. cmon, lol, u serious man. i love the sox and am a hardcore fan, but please, money=essential part of life, whether you like it or not, sox=entertainment. money by far, how can anybody disagree?
  15. shagar69

    Who should be demoted

    QUOTE(Reddy @ Jun 2, 2005 -> 10:52 AM) ok i like baj and all but you guys seriously are acting like hes the second coming! though i do agree that frank should go down to triple A for the next couple weeks, at least until interleague is over, he'll do better getting at bats than sitting on a bench. o i dont think hes that great or anything at all, i just beleive that he would be a nice fit in our bullpen. i think that he can be a pretty decent major league pitcher, but def. nothin too special
  16. shagar69

    Who should be demoted

    QUOTE(kyyle23 @ Jun 2, 2005 -> 10:49 AM) Per the Tribune, Frank changed his mind about going on the DL. I guess it would be ok now that Hot Carl seems to be snapping out of his funk. Its amazing to me how Frank changes my perspective on the lineup. id rather have frank go on the DL. the next couple of weeks after the Tribe series we play in national league parks so frank is hardly gonna play any ways. so why just not let him rest and heal up completely and give a guy like Bajeneru a chance?
  17. shagar69


    I cannot f***in believe i just saw this s***. what the f*** kinda manager brings in his 2 s***tiest pitchers in a one run game. f*** this s***, Silence of the Lambs is on USA. I highly reccomend it to all of you
  18. shagar69


    WHY THE f*** IS THIS f***IN BUM PITCHING IN A 1 RUN GAME??????????????/
  19. shagar69

    *Official* Eric Chavez Speculation/Dream Thread

    QUOTE(Soxbadger @ Jun 1, 2005 -> 01:45 PM) If the A's dont eat any of Chavez's salary, than I think at this point you do not trade for him. I think the White Sox could shop a very similar offer around and get a much cheaper player who is doing better this year (Blalock, Hillenbrand, etc). I am a huge Chavez fan, but $10mil a year is just to much for the Sox to invest unless they are going to raise the payroll next year considerably. SB no way in hell rangers trade blalock, IIRC hes signed for a few years at a very cheap price. that being said, if they for some reason do decide to shop him, i would in a second give up Bmac, Anderson, Crede and pretty much whomever else they wanted, lol. Blalock is just an awesome player and young as hell, less than 25 i think.
  20. shagar69

    *Official* Eric Chavez Speculation/Dream Thread

    i would love to have chavez but it def. depends on who beane wants. if he wants Bmac, and 2 decent prospects plus Crede, ill take it. But it he start askin for Anderson, Sweeney, Gio, or Young in addition to Bmac, i would rather just get a decent stopgap 3b like polanco, randa, castilla, whomever
  21. shagar69

    Would you trade BMac

    what the f*** kinda question is this, of course you would. f*** Bmac, lol. Id trade anybody for a f***in WS, who the hell wouldnt. i dont give a f*** if we were last in the central the next 10 years if we won a WS this year
  22. i needed rbis and hrs badly so i traded clemens and lo duca for sheff and inge, my other pitchers are pretty solid.
  23. shagar69

    5/24/05 Game Thread Sox@ L.A. Angels of Anaheim

    SOX WIN, too bad MB didnt get it
  24. shagar69

    5/24/05 Game Thread Sox@ L.A. Angels of Anaheim

    now lets get hermy in and lets finish this b**** up so i can sleep
  25. shagar69

    5/24/05 Game Thread Sox@ L.A. Angels of Anaheim

    OMFG, that was close, nice play by PK!