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  1. Leonard Zelig

    Garrett Crochet Called Up

    How do you say this name? Is it like Cratchit or croquet?
  2. Leonard Zelig

    Sox vs Twins 9/17 1:10

    Sox trading for Buxton this off season?
  3. Leonard Zelig

    Sox vs Twins 9/17 1:10

    12 HRs, 4 this series. ☹️
  4. Leonard Zelig

    Dallas Keuchel leaves game with back injury

    I can’t stand TLAs.
  5. Leonard Zelig

    Sox vs Twins. 9/15 - 7:10

    Is that good?
  6. Leonard Zelig

    Sox playoff chances sit at 100%, 3rd in AL for WS odds

    How can the playoff odds be 100% when they haven’t clinched yet?
  7. Leonard Zelig

    Sox vs Twins. 9/14 - 7:10

    Have the Sox pitchers really walked their 9th batter 3 times?
  8. Leonard Zelig

    Sox vs Twins. 9/14 - 7:10

    Mazara is due for a dong, just saying....
  9. Leonard Zelig

    White Sox Nickname Thread

    Nicknames should be organic and not forced. Everybody does not need to have one.
  10. Leonard Zelig

    Tom Seaver died

    The first game was the suspended 25 inning game that Baines won with a walkoff HR.
  11. Leonard Zelig

    Tom Seaver died

    I remember watching him win his 300th game with a rookie named Ozzie Guillen playing shortstop. That team also included Harold Baines, Daryl Boston, Greg Walker, Ron Kittle, and Tom Paciorek. All those guys worked for the White Sox in some capacity through the years and there may have been others too. I also remember when Seaver earned a win in 2 games on the same day for the Sox. Finishing one game in relief before starting and throwing 8.1 innings in another game. All that was in the twilight of his career. I don’t know if it makes any sense to say a Hall of Fame pitcher is underrated, but I feel like his name doesn’t come up with some of the great pitchers of all time, but it definitely deserves to. RIP Tom Terrific.
  12. Leonard Zelig

    Clevinger wanted to be White Sox

  13. Leonard Zelig


    I just watched the replay his RBI single sounded good off the bat. Hope it’s no fluke and he gets it going.
  14. Leonard Zelig


    Great win for so many reasons!