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  1. Leonard Zelig

    5-13 GT - Sox @ Cubs - 1:20pm CST

  2. Leonard Zelig

    Sox vs Cubs 1:20 NBCSN

    Was that ever verified?
  3. Leonard Zelig

    Eloy Jimenez

    Maybe because it WAS said in the very first post in this thread?
  4. Leonard Zelig

    Could Palka be the White Sox Schwarber?

    If we could get the rosters expanded to 27, a Davidson/Palka DH platoon might be really nice.
  5. Leonard Zelig

    Why not hire Ozzie? Make things interesting.

    Ha ha. Anyone who voted "No" doesn't like interesting things.
  6. Leonard Zelig

    Sox vs Cards @ Busch, 7:15pm

    Attending my first White Sox game of this season. Hopefully my next post is in the winner thread.
  7. Leonard Zelig

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I got tickets for both games.
  8. Leonard Zelig

    4/29 Game Thread - White Sox @ Royals

    Did something happen yesterday other than the Anderson/Perez incident?
  9. Leonard Zelig

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Anybody know if Stubhub prices go down as the date of the game gets closer?
  10. Leonard Zelig


    He was diagnosed with a right hamstring strain, and will be re-evaluated Tuesday. https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/news/avisail-garcia-suffers-right-leg-injury/c-273549228
  11. Leonard Zelig


    QUOTE (Greg Hibbard @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 10:17 AM) 25 pages of debate about a sample size of 7% of a single season we must really be bored this year You've been on this board for 13 years and you still have it set at 15 posts per page?
  12. Leonard Zelig

    MLB's Biggest Problem...

    QUOTE (SonofaRoache @ Apr 16, 2018 -> 01:23 PM) Because of the holy tradition and myth of ultimate strategy. How many of them really want to see the pitcher strike out? Or how about letting a team off the hook becausevtwo are on with two out and they walk the 8 hitter to see the pitcher in the 4th inning? Until pitchers start taking batting more seriously they shouldn't be allowed to hit. You said nobody wants to see the pitcher bat and I just don't think that's true. I think fans of NL teams like their rules. I think they like that there is a differences between the leagues. I'm not saying that they are right or wrong, but just because you don't want something doesn't mean nobody wants it.
  13. Leonard Zelig

    MLB's Biggest Problem...

    QUOTE (SonofaRoache @ Apr 16, 2018 -> 11:23 AM) A rational person would consider this but not baseball. They will want to keep rivalries and traditions strong with smaller divisions. It's also the reason they wont add the DH to the NL as strategy is important to them, even though no one cares about that or wants to see the pitcher bat. I live in St. Louis and every Cardinal fan I have ever heard talk about it, wants nothing to do with a DH in the NL.
  14. Leonard Zelig

    MLB's Biggest Problem...

    They could do it like my softball league, batters start with a 1-1 count. That should speed things up.
  15. Leonard Zelig

    2018 Travel Thread

    QUOTE (joejoedairy @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 04:17 PM) I just got back from a trip where we hit Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, Petrified Forest, Flagstaff and then finished it off with a weekend in New Orleans for Wrestlemania. It was a great trip and awesome to see so much of what this country has to offer. Zion National Park was definitely the highlight. Hiking the narrows is unlike anything else you'll see, and Angel's Landing is quite a thrill as well. Bryce Canyon probably had the most stunning views. Its only about 80 miles away from Zion. If you have a chance to do a Zion trip with a day in Bryce, it would definitely be worth it. The narrows look pretty scary to me. Nowhere to go in a flash flood.