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  1. Ok man, but if you’re going to suggest somebody get used to something, then maybe you should take your own advice. You know this isn’t the first time you’ve been called out on that.
  2. Except your post didn’t mention anything you just claimed that you suggested.
  3. This has to be the most ironic/hypocritical post I've seen in a while on here. The poster who has been making daily complaints for years about ownership tells someone to "get used to it".
  4. Leonard Zelig

    JDM staying in Boston

    I think he is referring to TA.
  5. Leonard Zelig

    Ivan Nova open to re-signing with the Sox

    Yeah, I would guess Nova is open to signing with about 30 teams for next season.
  6. It's pretty clear that Walton is far from an idiot or moron. You may not like his point of view, but he is intelligent and informed.
  7. If Paul Konerko can do it, than pretty much anyone could.
  8. Leonard Zelig

    Don Cooper’s Eventual Replacement

    I think there's a good chance Phil Humber will get that position.
  9. My friend says thanks to both of you.
  10. A friend of mine who lives outside of the US was wanting to watch this game. Does anybody know any site where this person might be able to do this? PM me, please.
  11. Leonard Zelig

    2018 Travel Thread

    I will second this. Very cool place. I've been to the Asheville area a couple of times and at the time they had the most breweries per capita of any US city. Lots of good beer around. I don't remember having any issues with parking while we were there.
  12. Don't listen. Problem solved.
  13. Leonard Zelig

    David Crosby Documentary

    I don't know about this, but Rolling Thunder Revue on Netflix has some really cool footage that I had never seen.
  14. Leonard Zelig

    SoxTalk fan pulse: How far away are the Sox from competing?

    How soon is now?
  15. Leonard Zelig

    Jeffrey Epstein

    What the hell does nearly semi-unconscious mean?
  16. Leonard Zelig

    What would it take to get Mike Trout?

    NO to Sox getting Mike Trout. The end goal is to win postseason games and his lifetime average in the playoffs is .083.
  17. Leonard Zelig

    Board Rules - A refresher

    They get moved here if you want to read them: http://www.soxtalk.com/forums/index.php?/forum/86-2019-season-in-review/
  18. Leonard Zelig

    Shake-up Needed in Coaching Staff, ASAP

    I think it's safe to assume that a MLB player has been playing baseball for 10+ years at the minimum. If they don't know that they need to call fly balls by the time they reach this level, I don't know that there is anything any manager or coach can do to get through to them on that. This is not a defense of RR or any other Sox coaches, but this is on the player IMO.
  19. Leonard Zelig

    Andrew Vaughn debuts as #9 mlb prospect (prospectslive)

    "If you skipped the headline for some weird reason, these are fantasy rankings. As such, we value batters over pitchers and don’t give much weight to elite defenders just because their glove is good"
  20. Leonard Zelig

    Two Sides to the Trade & Free Agent Coin

    2.82 ERA in 249.1 innings in the AL with 11 complete games, 4 shutouts, 225 Ks, and a WHIP of 1.043 isn't good enough to be considered and "Ace"?
  21. Leonard Zelig

    All Star Jose Abreu

    “If I’m playing first base or DH, or he’s playing first base or DH, it doesn’t matter,’’ Abreu said through a translator at SoxFest. “What matters is how we can make the team better.’’
  22. Leonard Zelig

    RF options are bleak...any other ideas?

    That Mazara guy would look good in a Sox uniform in RF.
  23. Leonard Zelig


    LOL, where did you get this info?
  24. Leonard Zelig

    Is Ricky the worst manager in White Sox history?

    One thing you gotta give to Ricky, his boys don't quit!
  25. Leonard Zelig

    I really miss this.

    I assume none of the above posters were among the group calling to DFA Avi for the past 4 seasons?