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  1. 10 minutes ago, ChiSox59 said:


    Yeah, but they just signed a guy to a guaranteed MLB deal who has only played 3 positions and the team doesn't really have a need at any of them, so seems like something is up.  

  2. 5 hours ago, caulfield12 said:

    Well, we certainly excel at position changes.

    Let's see, there's Josh Fields, Dayan Viciedo, Gordon Beckham, Marcus Semien, Mark Teahen, etc.


    And he had those two plays last year where he jumped or fell into the netting in a pretty short time span.   He clearly didn't learn much from the first experience.

    Then you have the running joke of Robert taking every ball but to the extreme LH 15% of left-field.  Thankfully, those two franchise players together at their size running together hasn't happened YET, but the results of a full-speed collision wouldn't be pretty.

    Disappointed you totally missed the chance to name drop Toby Hall.  

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  3. 2 hours ago, Vulture said:

    Because you want your best hitters to get the most base runners on base from their appearances, not the most appearances. 3-6 hitters hit with 20-25% more base runners over course of a season. Sacrificing that for fifteen extra at bats isn’t worth it

    Do you think Eaton is the best choice for the 2nd spot in the lineup?

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  4. 52 minutes ago, michelangelosmonkey said:

    Well yes...Sale would have to be on board.  But why wouldn't he be?  Seems like the Red Sox are in rebuilding mode.   Sale got his WS ring and his payday from the Red Sox...but he had 7 years with the White Sox...he must have some good memories.  And if he sees that he could come here and get two more rings???  Seems to make sense for Red Sox, White Sox and Sale...get it done.    

    He doesn’t like the uniforms. 

  5. 3 hours ago, YourWhatHurts said:

    Leury should play in more than 100 games if he is being used properly.  Aside from his starts, he should be getting some burn as a pinch runner, and he should come into LF for Eloy every single game the Sox play where they are ahead late.

    Wouldn’t Engel be a better late inning OF sub?

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