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  1. shakes

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    How similar was this to Peavy's lat issues, and does this tend to have a cascading effect? Could it limit his innings, outings? Thanks in advance, your replies on these types of questions are some of the best content on this site.
  2. Agree, going to a series there for a weekend is quite an enjoyable experience and the people there were super friendly. Not just at the park, but hotels and restaurants. They are very excited to have your tourism dollars. I made it to the Twins park in 2019 and really enjoyed it, and love Minneapolis - well worth a trip for anyone once it's a thing we can all do again.
  3. shakes

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    I don't mind it. Teams are going to need innings from everyone this year. It's going to be a really weird year and there is no roadmap to how to handle this. Ramp him up slowly, same with Kopech, and leave some gas in the tank for the second half. I honestly think teams are going to need like 7 starters this year, bullpen days, and piggy backing just to get through the season - assuming it's a full schedule. I'm just happy to hear they are still going to work him up to being a starter.
  4. shakes

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    Isn't Heyman being a dick here too? Heyman doesn't know what all 30 teams are doing, either. He's salty because a player finally is speaking up on their own behalf. These media guys are pushing a narrative from one particular source/side to keep their contacts. It's not genuine, it just gets them air time and allows them to push false narratives to eventually get a scoop. I get it's BAU for these insiders, but the players have a voice now and should feel free to use it. Not everyone is going to like Bauer or TA types who speak their mind and it goes against 'traditional' baseball ways, but I'm happy to see him calling out BS. I hope other players start doing it too.
  5. shakes

    Blake Snell and Yu Darvish traded to San Diego

    Right, wasn't Freddy a close drinking buddy with Ozzie and it was a given he was staying here? I hope Lynn gets extended, but I think the one example the Sox have of it happening is an outlier.
  6. shakes

    Blake Snell and Yu Darvish traded to San Diego

    @bmags - this is so well put. This is where I think the Reinsdorf cheap/stubborn reputation is really warranted. People are saying SD can do this because they are in the position to give up depth and lottery tickets. The Sox aren't there because they have chosen not to be, and they've shown some aptitude to identify this type of talent, they just don't do it in the volume that is needed. I've always thought the Sox would be great candidates to benefit from the Darvish type salary dumps at lower prospect cost, like the Astros did so well. It's just disappointing they don't seem willing to go there, particularly if they are never going to go after top free agent pitching.
  7. shakes

    Blake Snell and Yu Darvish traded to San Diego

    The difference is the Padres have a combined 6 seasons of control with the two new additions, 3 overlapping, and Clevinger coming back for one of them. This buys them time to keep developing their younger additions to the staff and increases their chances for the next three years at a reasonable financial commitment. The issue some had with Dunning for Lynn is it is a one year band-aid for a pitcher some think could've been a long term contributor to the rotation. I don't think the Sox should've been in on Snell, but I would've liked them to be in on Darvish. The game is also changing and many front offices don't value 200 innings the way many of us are used to, and teams are having a lot of pitching success without the workhorse mentality. The Sox already have Giolito, Kuechel, and Lynn to eat innings. You don't need 4 or 5 200+ innings guys.
  8. shakes

    Oscar Colas declared free agent

    If this came from Luis Robert's Medianoche account it would hold more credibility.
  9. shakes

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    Yes, I know. Did you not catch the hyperbole in my joke? That was the point.
  10. shakes

    Joe Musgrove Thread

  11. shakes

    Oscar Colas declared free agent

    This is wild. Impressive the Sox are able to restock the system the way they are, while graduating the type of talent they have. They are definitely going to need trade chips the next few years at the deadline and may even have some depth for once when injuries hit.
  12. shakes

    Joe Musgrove Thread

    If you don't know what hyperbole means than you are the dumbest human being that ever lived, or this is the worst joke in the history of mankind.
  13. shakes

    Owners would like to delay season until vaccine

    I know Ticketmaster started working towards this idea for concerts - a while back. I know someone on that side of the business, and many venues and bands have no income streams and just aren't going to make it if they can't get open, the major sports will make it. It is definitely an incentive to get people vaccinated. When people see an opportunity to start doing things they want, it will outweigh some of the crazy conspiracy theories. I do agree overall that the season should wait until the players get vaccinated and start the season later if necessary. It's going to take longer to work out how and when to get fans back, but if everyone puts their shit aside there are reasonable ways to safely play a slightly shorter season, and eventually get fans back. Not all of those things have to happen at the same time.
  14. shakes

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    True to a point, but the differentiator in CF is the ability to come in or go back, That's where KW, a former outfielder himself, carried that philosophy and thought a 57 year old Griffey and Rob Machowiak could be regular CF's.
  15. shakes

    Official: McCann is a Met, $40/4 years

    Anything I can do to add to your riveting posts and prose.