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  1. shakes


    Yeah, with hindsight to boot. And Madrigal went 4 with some wondering if he'd get there. You pick him at 4 or you don't get him. That's the reality. Altuve scratched and clawed to get a FA tryout, if anyone thought Merrifield would be what he is today, he's a top ten pick, Pedroia made it to #65 because people thought his performance outpaced his tools. Madrigal was drafted higher than all these guys because his only tool to develop is power. I hope he's in range as any of these players careers, if he is it is a great pick. There will likely be players picked after him with good or even better careers, but you only get a shot at one of them in the first.
  2. shakes


    Point is, it's easy to draft all-star players in later rounds- teams just haven't thought of doing it.
  3. shakes


    He has 83 at bats in low A- with 2hr's, and is likely a 3b. I get for some people upside is based around power, but statements like this are exactly what I was referencing - laugh in our faces? Prospect hyperbole is my favorite.
  4. shakes


    Thanks for posting this. This is the hardest part I'm having with people complaining about Madrigal. Some seem to think the #4 pick is a slam dunk superstar, and that is just not the case. He's a unique hitter, but I also don't get why elite defense and baserrunning don't get valued. And there is a long way to go here before we know what he is. Reminds me a bit of some of the early discussions about limited upside on TA, as a hitter - some thought he couldn't hit for any power, and nobody thought he would be a batting champ.
  5. People want Ozzie back in today's climate? I've read it all now. Ozzie will always hold a place in Sox history for 2005, but wow have people forgot about his flaws quickly. He's not managing anymore for MANY reasons.
  6. shakes

    T-Mobile Free MLB.TV

    Thanks for the update. Assumed it would be delayed, but wanted to make sure I didn't miss it
  7. shakes

    So What Happens to Zack Collins?

    We have a bingo. Keep them all. Sign FA relievers. McCann and EE could be gone next year or this team could be in it and need to add at the deadline. I like the depth and I think McCann is a great backup who has proven can handle being a starting catcher if needed.
  8. shakes

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    👏 I have been as critical of this FO as anyone, but this new complaint about blocking future prospects by spending money on good players is baffling. Building up your assets by spending money you have, and have been hoarding, is exactly what they should be doing. They are building a team with depth for the first time I can remember. They are preserving their core, while allowing more time for development, and even making players earn it through competition. They are using veteran's to safeguard against the best case scenario. Just because these are foreign concepts to Sox fans doesn't make them wrong. Having too many options and potentially too many good players will always work itself out.
  9. shakes

    Edwin Encarnacion

    I'm not sure any have to go. This builds depth and options for once. If things go the Sox way a lot of teams will be looking for catching and you can maybe move Collins or McCann. If the Sox are falling short, EE and McCann can be dealt. If Collins is on the roster he is learning from some good vets. They can show patience and find at bats even if it's in AAA for Collins. Too many options is good, even if rare for the Sox.
  10. That will require heavy changes through the org. It's needed, but a different topic. Just like FA is needed, trades will be required too. So not giving up any more worthwhile assets this year to keep a 4-5 year window open is a win for now. I like how they are positioned to compete now and in the near future. You just never know when the next Verlander type will come available through trade, so keep positioned to be involved when it does.
  11. And if there is any sustained success, at some point one of the big name young players/prospects will be dealt to fill a need. Vaughn may be that guy. I agree just keep getting good players. That's why I'm excited by the DK signing. Spend money and don't give up assets now. For anyone who thinks this was an overpay, it's not. This is what paying market value looks like. If this contract hurts future success a lot of other things went wrong.
  12. shakes

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Remove Robert, and they sent what some think is the likeliest prospect to replace him to the Rangers. Doesn't help their odds. None of the OF prospects should be penciled into RF in two years. That's a bad plan.
  13. shakes

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    That may be, but I think he has the type of profile you can wait out a bit. And I'm not big on any of our OF prospects after Robert, but I just don't like giving up an asset when there were easier ways to fill RF. If it was for a pitcher with upside, great.
  14. shakes

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    I do think he has some upside. The problem is he's here for two years- good or bad- and they traded one of his potential replacements for him. An asset they can no longer use in the future to aquire pitching, when there are a number of options that could've given you Mazara's production that only cost money. And money is the one thing they have going for them, they haven't stopped telling us about it. For all the hand wringing about how we couldn't sign players with a second round draft pick attached to the them....well, we just traded a second round pick. The approach of the acquisition is more disappointing than the player