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  1. shakes

    Only JR knew of new TLR DUI upon interview and hire

    The gift that keeps on giving. What a shit show.
  2. shakes

    Cease could be the best P on Sox, per Lucas Giolito

    I haven't been as convinced of a Cease turnaround, but I am hopeful Katz can certainly help. And he doesn't need to be an ace, but a plus back end starter would go a long way. I know it's not the same, but if there are any golfers here, you can truly relate to this. You can know exactly what you are doing wrong, but by yourself it is so hard to correct. Having drills, and someone watching to ensure you are doing those correctly and translating it to a swing - is a true game changer. Just going by 'feel' can often lead to bad corrections and overcorrections, sometimes making things worse. You have to get to a place to stop thinking. That's hard.
  3. I'm really surprised how many people just accept that Cease is fixed by Katz. That should be the hope with him as the 5th starter, with other in house backup plans, but they absolutely need to sign another starter or the rotation depth tells me they aren't serious about a world series run. There's was till time and options but it's thinking out.
  4. shakes

    Garrett Richards to Boston, 1 year $10 million.

    Then I will simply apologize for my clear stupidity and allow you to carry on without me. If I ever get to the point of understanding the smokescreens and red herrings, I'll jump back in.
  5. shakes

    Garrett Richards to Boston, 1 year $10 million.

    I'm not dancing around anything. I just don't agree with you. You are saying weird abstract things that don't really make sense and presenting them as factual statements.
  6. shakes

    Garrett Richards to Boston, 1 year $10 million.

    They have improved in other areas and young players get better. I don't expect Keuchel to be as good as last year, but there is no reason think Lynn can't and Gio isn't still ascending. I am correct and that is true, likely, but not guaranteed.
  7. shakes

    Garrett Richards to Boston, 1 year $10 million.

    Sorry, still makes no sense. Regression isn't guaranteed with any of their pitchers. They are one pitcher better. I hope they get another, but as is they are still an AL contender, with multiple avenues to get better, and internal options - with a trade deadline to improve in season.
  8. shakes

    Garrett Richards to Boston, 1 year $10 million.

    That doesn't make any sense. The rotation is better with Lynn regardless of what else is done. How is adding a good pitcher a smokescreen?
  9. shakes

    Garrett Richards to Boston, 1 year $10 million.

    For over 10 million I'm taking to Odorizzi and Paxton. For less I'd trust Wainwright, and would've rather Q. Honestly, not a fan of either but better than Richards at that cost. I'd rather take a cheaper flier on Archer or Walker. I think there's a better chance Richards makes less than 10 starts, than there is he makes 20+.
  10. shakes

    Garrett Richards to Boston, 1 year $10 million.

    I'm not interested in being the team who risks a guys health being fixed based in a 60 game season. Not at 33, not for $10mm, particularly since he hasn't pitched a helpful amount of innings since 2015. There's better options out there.
  11. shakes

    Garrett Richards to Boston, 1 year $10 million.

    The last 5 seasons say there is a real good chance this signing is burning 10 million in a dumpster fire.
  12. shakes

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    If they sign him, I will assume this is his fall off year. The pattern is getting impressive.
  13. Would anyone be expecting him to produce down the stretch in September and beyond? If he can't handle it as a starter and none of the young guys step up, the Sox are stuck looking at acquiring a starter at the deadline. If you are willing to take on some risk, Paxton seems like such a better option.
  14. I'm just not sure it matters if he can't take the ball and produce. He hasn't shown he can do that for 6 seasons now. He's had two healthy and productive seasons in his career and they were 2014 & 2015. Seems like flushing money to me.