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  1. It's one thing that hasn't been talked about, but is fair. And it seems like the Sox built the team expecting no drop offs. Lynn, I expect to regress as well as Keuchel. I think TA outdoes his projection. Abreu is getting older, however.
  2. nitetrain8601

    MLB considering 154 game and delayed schedule

    Manfred and MLB are the worst. How much time did you have to prepare for this upcoming season, you're a week or two away from when pitchers and catchers are to report and you still have nothing solidified. Disgusting.
  3. nitetrain8601

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    What does that even mean? It would be a bad move though.
  4. nitetrain8601

    Cole Hamels Thread

    I would prefer Folty. I think he still has stuff left in the tank.
  5. nitetrain8601

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    I think he would be good for the Bears. They need someone who would attack defensively and has that attitude.
  6. nitetrain8601

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    Pagano didn't use the defense in general as he should have and in turn, tanked most of their value. I've said it so many countless times, he coached like he had no playmakers on defense when he certainly did. Mack is a huge reason why Hicks looks so damn dominant. You take him away, see how teams double down on Mack. The only player who legit looked bad out there (not due to scheme) was Eddie Jackson. The guy made a lot of boneheaded decisions on the field. Even then, some of that could be a result of coaching. If I'm selling on defense (unless you can do Mack and a pick for Watson), I'm selling Eddie Jackson, Hicks, Fuller in that order. Trevathan looks done, but that's more age and wear and tear. Mack's best value still comes from being on the Bears. Pace has to do better at asset management. Mack is an asset. Selling him and getting a lower ROI than you would get from keeping him is doing the same type of crap again.
  7. nitetrain8601

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    Teams were not going to sign Eaton before Schwarber, Pederson, Dahl, etc. Dahl at 8 million (double what he got) would've been a much better target. No one was going to sign Eaton first. 100% agreed. To me, if you could get away with giving up only one top prospect as opposed to multiple top prospects for starting pitching, you do it. Like you, I fear regression for our staff. Giolito was unable to throw to Grandal last year. Keuchel had a good year last year, but that doesn't quite erase the previous few years. Kopech, whom I have high hopes for, is still a prospect first, and coming back from injury. Crochet is two years away from being a SP IMO. Cease, I hope, can turn it around. But wasn't Cease Minor League Pitcher of the Year? We saw how he has struggled. Same can happen for Vaughn hitting.
  8. nitetrain8601

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    Just another reason why overpaying for Eaton, especially so early in FA was pure stupidity. You could've had that deal once spring training started, because no one was scrambling to go sign him. Hell at this rate, you probably could've had Joc Pederson at 6. On another note, the way you people talk here about Vaughn reminds me of how people talked about Joe Borchard, Brandon McCarthy, Ryan Sweeney, etc. Vaughn is just a prospect. The Sox have multiple prospects/young players left. If I could go Vaughn and a bunch of lower level prospects instead of getting rid of our projected starting 2B and potential ace starter, then you do it.
  9. nitetrain8601

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    I see a lot of Mack slander and it doesn't make sense. The guy consistently demands double teams and lets the line go to work. In a bad scheme at that. I think the Bears making the right decision at DC is almost as important as the QB situation. With that stated, only trade of Mack that makes sense is for Watson.
  10. nitetrain8601

    TA Switches Agents

    I would've stuck with Klutch, but TA maybe realized that the power they yield in basketball doesn't exist yet in baseball.
  11. nitetrain8601

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    Trubisky was 3 mistakes in one night. You didn't listen to your head coach or scouts You negotiated against yourself to move up one spot when the team ahead of you had no intention of taking a QB You drafted the wrong QB No one liked that move. No one at all. At best they could live with it. Pace has done a horrendous job in terms of asset management which is the number 1 task for any GM. Picks, Cap, Player, Coaching. The jury is still out on coaching. The Bears are going to lose Allen Robinson due to poor cap management. He signed Rob Quinn on that horrendous deal that no one else was going to give. He never built an OLine. He let the QB situation fester. He has a coach, at best, who the jury is still out on. And he let his defense lose value with Pagano as their DC.
  12. nitetrain8601

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    Pagano is letting them do that. Horrible playcaller.
  13. nitetrain8601

    Do the sox even have another need?

    Another OF, a backend bullpen guy, a backup C.
  14. nitetrain8601

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    I think this QB class is pretty overrated. I wouldn't go after Darnold either to be honest. I never liked him dating back to USC. I felt he was vastly overrated as he wouldn't light the world against good competition. He's sort of like Rosen. With that stated, I think you draft a QB and sign someone in the offseason for cheap like Winston. As far as Rick Smith - he's like the anti-Pace. He's great at top end draft picks, not so good in middle rounds. If you can combine him and Pace, you would have a great combo.
  15. nitetrain8601

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    I never thought I'd say that.