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  1. ShySox72

    Twins make fun out of the Sox

    QUOTE(Dick Allen @ Apr 6, 2005 -> 04:28 PM) They've earned the right to make fun of the Sox. I thought the Us vs. Them ad the Sox had last year, making fun of the Cubs was pretty funny. I also thought the AM 1000 ad on a building outside of Wrigley Field several years ago which stated major league baseball was played 8.1 miles south was hysterical. It probably did go a little too far, and the White Sox ask AM 1000 to change it. So if you are upset about it, remember our team has used the same kind of thing. Does anyone have a picture of this ad. Sounds pretty funny.
  2. ShySox72

    Twins make fun out of the Sox

    I just hope that this can be good locker room material. We need to play them like the Red Sox play the Yanks, with pure hatred.
  3. ShySox72

    Gameday!! Indians vs. White Sox 4-6-05

    Are you freakin' kidding me? 2-0 !!!
  4. ShySox72

    Carlton Fisk Interview

    -more about the Thurman Munsun / Fisk rivarly -Game 6 of the '75 series and his memories -The Deion Sanders incident (not running out the groundball). Not respecting the Yankee uniform, the game of baseball. Whoa, Fisk said Deion gave him a racial comment during his next AB. Fisk said to Sanders, "theirs a right way and a wrong way to play the game and I don't like how you're playin' it" Got in Sanders face. Fisk said that he finally got to Deion -Asked if Bonds & McGuire are HOFers. Fisk thinks they are. "They did enough for the game and brough alot to the field"
  5. ShySox72

    Carlton Fisk Interview

    He's pimping "Diamonds in the Rough" & the Red Sox/Yankee rivarly
  6. ShySox72

    Carlton Fisk Interview

    I know for those in Chicago they'll have to tune in around midnight, but Jim Rome is to interview Carlton Fisk this hour.
  7. ShySox72


    Is BMac going to Charlotte or Birmingham for the beginning of the season? What would be the advantage of putting him in AA vs. AAA? Just wondering and trying to plan on when the Knights will be in town to watch the young guns.
  8. ShySox72

    Excellent. Welcome Cub Fans

    Ha freakin' ha. This really ticked me off when I first saw it. Good prank.
  9. ShySox72

    Ready For The Season

    Does anyone know if Grandstand has a website? I need to gear up for the start of the season.
  10. ShySox72

    Ready For The Season

    QUOTE(DBAH0 @ Mar 29, 2005 -> 09:30 AM) Which team is the equivalent of this then? D-Rays
  11. ShySox72

    Another Off-Season Article

    Amen brother. I was first upset to see Carlos go, but the Sox made out better all around.
  12. ShySox72

    Where Will the Sox Go?

    Getting reception in Indianapolis is pretty poor, but WSCR is better then ESPN 1000. So I'm hoping that 670 will land the Sox.
  13. ShySox72

    White Sox vs. Rockies (3/2/2005)

    Nooooooo! What the f**k?!?! This is BS. Out of towners are screwed!!
  14. ShySox72

    Sox Honoring Fisk

    QUOTE(SoxFan562004 @ Mar 1, 2005 -> 12:33 PM) I think Fisk is one of the reasons that the HOF now selects which hat you wear into the hall. I know he was known for the '75 series, but a vast majority of his career was with the White Sox, but with the way he was released and no bridge mending by JR or Fisk at that point, there was zero chance of him picking the White Sox. FWIW, he works out at the Gym I go to every now and then, and during the world series he was wearing a Red Sox shirt (useless info, I know) I don't blame him for picking to wear the Red Sox hat, but it's just a hard pill to swallow as a Chi Sox fan.
  15. ShySox72

    Sox Honoring Fisk

    QUOTE(AnthraxFan93 @ Mar 1, 2005 -> 10:31 AM) As Much as I love Fisker.. The world see him as a REd Sox not a White Sox.. All because of that 75 series. That makes me sick. I was pissed when he went to the HOF with a Red Sox cap. My in-laws are bandwagon Red Sox fans. Man I f'in hate the Red Sox.