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  1. retro1983hat

    how would YOU fix the sox attendance woes?

    It has been mentioned elsewhere in this thread, but I think the Sox missed their opportunity when they had the chance to move to Addison. Yes, some of the old-time, die-hard Southsiders would be upset and may be lost as fans. However, the Cell is cut off from the more trendy parts of the city. Yes, the South Loop is improving, but that's several miles north. (Moving there would have been a great option) Anyways, a great majority of the old Southsiders moved their families out to the burbs. Studies have shown a vast majority of the Sox fans live outside the city limits. So by moving to Addison, where 290 and 355 meet, just north of I-88, just south of I-90, and just west of I-294, the Sox could basically own everything from the city limits out. Easy access in and out. Public transportation would have been an issue, though. The Angels embraced being in the OC and they let the Dodgers have LA. Now Anaheim is a major market team.
  2. retro1983hat

    Aaron Rowand Working Radio During Yanks Series

    The Fire and the Passion
  3. retro1983hat

    The Official Thread for Joe Cowley and his Agenda.

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 5, 2012 -> 05:19 AM) What's scary is Ozzie is programmed by his sons and they are some dumb motherf***ers. When KW mentioned that text story, and there is little doubt in my mind he mentioned it to try to make himself look good and to try to prove he and Ozzie had moved on, his sons went on twitter and said it was total BS, Ozzie never responded. When they found out Ozzie did respond like an adult, they both had a fit and actually Oney ripped Ozzie. What's new about this recycled story? Ozzie won't work for the Sox as long as KW is there? I'm pretty sure KW AND JR won't have Ozzie as long as KW is there. Nothing new, just Joe trying to start trouble watching his career melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. I try to be fair and not a meatball Sox fan, but Ozzie's kids are leaches on society, pure and simple. They are no more than the Kardashians.
  4. retro1983hat

    Aaron Rowand Signs With Marlins

    The pire and the fashion.
  5. retro1983hat

    April 11th Game Thread White Sox versus Athletics

    When we're 3 back with a week left in the season, these blown saves, will matter. Ask the Hawks how may points they left on the table earlier in the year. The problem is the confidence is not there. With every blow save, the questions become louder.
  6. retro1983hat

    April 11th Game Thread White Sox versus Athletics

    I don't want to hear it's early. A LOSS IN APRIL IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS A LOSS IN SEPTEMBER. REPEAT!!!!
  7. retro1983hat

    April 11th Game Thread White Sox versus Athletics

    Thornton nibbling
  8. retro1983hat

    4/5/11 GT: Sox @ KC - 7:10pm CDT - CSN+

    Every year when we suck in April except 2005, I complain that we give games away and every year everyone tells me it's early. Playing catch up all year is harder than being in the lead. Say this, repeat this. GAMES IN APRIL ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS GAMES IN SEPTEMBER
  9. retro1983hat

    Ozzie Roast

    I am so sick of this "stuff" with Ozzie's kids and I am sure Kenny and Jerry are as well. If my dad was a big exec with some large corp and I started blasting the corp in the media, making him look bad to the board of directors, etc. He would flat out, tell me to STFU. Period! There would be no "well he's an adult stuff." He would say grow a pair, go out and try and get a job on your own without my name and stop making me look bad you idiot.
  10. retro1983hat

    Bobby Jenks to the Red Sox

    I don't care about the fact they are all adults and the kids can say what they want and should have no bearing on what happens with Ozzie. If your dad worked for let's say Motorola and was one of the high ranking, high profile officers. And you decided to do nothing but publicly criticize Motorola. Including telling secrets that were only known to those in the board room. Don't you think at some point, the CEO or someone would tell you to tell your kid to lay off. Oh and I lost a lot of respect for Cowley. He is coddling his video game buddy Oney and also protecting perhaps one of his inside sources. I am starting to feel like the Guillen kids are the Kardashians. No real usefulness other than to be leeches ands live off their parents' fame.
  11. retro1983hat

    Bobby Jenks to the Red Sox

    I have really enjoyed reading about this debate. The one thing I don't think is debatable is that Oney seems like a pretty big douchebag. Your dad is in the spotlight, negatively sometimes because of his own actions. Criticism comes with the territory son. Keep the pacifer in your mouth and STFU!
  12. retro1983hat

    TV for the Sox Out-of-Towner Sunday

    First AB, standing O for both players. Those going to the game, please stand up, please stand up. Don't wait until their last AB as it's hard to predict that.
  13. retro1983hat

    National Anthem Singers

    Anthem singers begin and end with Wayne Messmer
  14. retro1983hat

    6/13 GT: White Sox @ Cubs - 7:00pm CDT ESPN

    Did anyone really think Alexi was going to make contact in the 9th? I told my wife, "3 pitches" and sure enough. Alexi, you don't have to swing as hard as you can every at bat. The game was given to us in the 9th and we FAILED to convert. We LOST the game when it was given to us after Lily left. A team gives you 2nd and 3rd with nobody out, you MUST make the other team pay. Anything short of at least one run is a COMPLETE, AND UTTER FAILURE ... NO QUESTION!!!
  15. retro1983hat

    Tom Paciorek is back...!

    "Our good friends in blue" "That's the line up and herrrrrrrrrre's the Hawkeroo"