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  1. sircaffey

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    QUOTE (iamshack @ Dec 7, 2016 -> 07:47 PM) And they now have seen two other teams pay a high price for Sale and Eaton. They will be asking themselves the question soon...who do we need more, Bregman or Quintana? I need something better than a package starting with Tucker. That's not what they would be asking themselves. They'd be asking themselves questions like, does it make more sense to keep Bregman and trade for a guy like Verlander (or other SP available). Sale is in another class. They're not going to give up Bregman to save the cash, which is a big part of why Quintana is so valuable.
  2. sircaffey

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Does he give a lifting routine in this book? I'd be curious to see how fast he thinks is reasonable to get through everything he recommends.
  3. sircaffey

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    QUOTE (Reddy @ Feb 21, 2014 -> 05:01 PM) why? What the gimmick is is 34 lbs of muscle in 28 days. Lean muscle doesn't grow that fast on anyone, even Ronnie Coleman. Genetic freaks would struggle to put on much more than 6-7 lbs of lean muscle in a month. Maybe a newbie could experience some weird newbie gains, but 34 lbs is outrageous. But I will say I don't think the 4 hours a month is really that much of a stretch. People "waste" so much time in the gym doing isolation exercises (not really waste, but if pure mass is your goal, then they aren't necessary). The most mass I have ever added when I was doing compound exercises exclusively 5x5, 3 times a week. I would be doing 3-4 exercises each workout, and I was out. If I didn't have to wait to use equipment, I would have been out under 30 minutes.
  4. sircaffey

    NBA Thread 2013-2014

    Personally, I would only use superstar for Lebron and Durant, but Melo is a star that would look a HELL of a lot better on the Bulls than the sorry Knicks. He's always been on horribly undisciplined teams.
  5. sircaffey

    Expectations: Jose Abreu

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Jan 13, 2014 -> 04:05 PM) I agree. There's going to be a transition initially, but he has insane bat speed and plate coverage and he his swing path is wonderful. I am thinking .850-.900 OPS, 140-150 wRC+. Who has him having insane bat speed? Everything I've read has concern over his "slider-speed" bat speed, and good fastballs eating him up. I'll say .270/.350/.490 25-85 would be my own realistic expectation.
  6. QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Dec 16, 2013 -> 08:08 PM) Who is saying to trade him for the sake of trading him? He should have legitimate value right now. There's just no demand right now for Alexei, especially with Drew still out there.
  7. QUOTE (TaylorStSox @ Dec 16, 2013 -> 08:02 PM) There's nothing to indicate that Hahn hasn't traded for need either. He may have been able to get more for Santiago, it seemed to be the consensus, but he wanted Eaton. Same with Peavy really. Only the Santiago fanboys will say that.
  8. sircaffey

    Who Closes?

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Dec 16, 2013 -> 06:34 PM) Hell if Jones has a solid year closing and piles up 40 saves we might be able to get a big return for him next year too. This. I'd do it every year, if it was possible.
  9. sircaffey

    Teen Kills 4 in DUI Crash...

    QUOTE (DukeNukeEm @ Dec 13, 2013 -> 10:42 PM) This kid should be executed. Killing 4 people? What the f***. At least lock hin up for life if you cant get him pricked by a death neeedle. Im philosophically against DUI laws. And practically too. Its not as dangerous as it sounds and all of you who've driven legally drunk before know that. Hasnt it essentially been proven that cell phone use is more dangerous? We all rationalize that one though. If you get pulled over drunk the worst you should get is the drunk tank. I personally dont drive drunk or text behind the wheel anymore because at 80,000 lbs of unwieldy machiney that at times requires perfect focus its ludicrously irresponsible. But cars are easy, you really just need to be paying attention and you'll be fine (provided the road is dry and you arent in a deathtrap). HOWEVER, if you kill someone with your negligent idiocy that should be the end of you. Now youve entered the world of creating victims. Joe Lunchpail who gets pulled over on the backroads with a .11 didnt hurt anyone, he shouldnt suffer. But if he did, his ass should be grass. This kid shouldnt be breathing after what he did. Drunk tank? No.
  10. sircaffey

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    QUOTE (scs787 @ Dec 5, 2013 -> 05:17 PM) I've got a perhaps really dumb question...let's face it, all my posts in this thread have been dumb....I've got some old school dumbbells where you load the weight yourself, can I put a 25 on one side and a 15 on the other? tried doing 25s on both and I can only do a few reps when trying the overhead press. I don't have 4 20s otherwise I'm sure I can rep those out. Kind of related, but if you can only do a few reps with 50 lbs, I would stick to the 30s anyways. I prefer to do higher rep sets (15-20) when working shoulders. It's very easy to lose good form when working shoulders, and consequently very easy to injure them. Of all the muscle groups, it's probably the one you want to push the least.
  11. QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Dec 10, 2013 -> 12:29 PM) I'm still trying to figure out why everybody is so anxious to get rid of a 26 year old starting pitcher who is 4 years away from free agency and has a 126 ERA+ in 224 innings. I'm trying to figure out why people think Hector is a SP.
  12. QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Dec 10, 2013 -> 12:14 PM) The only reason one might say he hasn't stuck yet is because our completely retarded organization decided Dylan Axelrod was a better option than him. That doesn't even really matter. Hector could have made 30 starts and you still wouldn't look at him and be able to say with a high degree of certainty that he is a 190+ IP starter.
  13. QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Dec 10, 2013 -> 12:07 PM) Saying Santiago "might stick" as a starter is laughable at this point. Using 3 lefties in our current rotation as a reason behind this trade even more so. It's not laughable. He hasn't stuck as SP yet, and he currently doesn't throw enough strikes to do so. He's a work in progress.
  14. I love the people judging Eaton off of last year's stats. So meaningless. The kid missed the end of spring training and the first 100 games of the season, and people expect a rookie to come out of that in full stride? Personally, I'm surprised he lasted up in the bigs and scratched out a .250 average. Santiago for Eaton would be a great trade.
  15. sircaffey

    Teams begging Sox for Chris Sale

    I'm curious as to when people actually see the White Sox as realistic playoff contenders? Personally, I think it's years away. At which point Sale has 2, maybe 3 years left on his current deal. Are the Sox really going to hand out a $200 million contract to him at the end of this one? Realistically, I think we're looking at 1 playoff appearance during Sale's current contract. And likely not keeping him after. I can understand the unrest at the idea of trading him, but I really don't think the organization is "risking" much by trading him. At least, in my opinion, the risk is far less than the potential upside impact on the organization. I will say, I think next year after seeing how Abreu and Garcia develop or don't develop, would be a better time to consider trading Sale. But I have no issue with it now.