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  1. Pods70Rowand33

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Apr 29, 2017 -> 08:40 PM) Did a bunch yesterday. My hamstrings are sore as hell. Have you used kettlebells anymore? I think they are great.
  2. Pods70Rowand33

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Apr 28, 2017 -> 03:48 PM) Anyone use kettle bells? Looking stuff up and going to try a bunch of exercises tonight to mix it up. You can do a ton with kettlebells. There are several variations of the kettlebell swing, deadlifts, shoulder press, goblet squat, turkish get-up, plus more.
  3. Pods70Rowand33

    Spring Training Planning and Meetup Thread

    I'll be heading there Feb 28th and leaving March 6th. I'll be heading to the Sox Angels game on the 4th and Dodgers Mariners game on the 5th. This is my first time going, so I'm really looking forward to it.
  4. Pods70Rowand33

    Eddy Alvarez Promoted to Charlotte

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Aug 22, 2016 -> 11:04 PM) When he started off in AA struggling with the bat, they had him shut down the steals so he could focus on the hitting. So I'm told anyway. Thanks for the response.
  5. Pods70Rowand33

    Eddy Alvarez Promoted to Charlotte

    Does anyone know why his SB's are down this season?
  6. Pods70Rowand33

    Soxtalk Book Club

    QUOTE (Y2JImmy0 @ May 22, 2016 -> 10:06 AM) This is a cool idea but it's a bit down my list. I'm reading Jeff Passan's The Arm currently and I'm reading Men Amongst Boys by Jonathan Abrams next. Then I'll get to it. Cool idea though. I am reading The Arm at the moment. I'm about 100 pages in, and I think it's quite good.
  7. Pods70Rowand33

    Vacation/Travel Thread

    Visiting home (Chicago) and going to San Francisco. Looking forward to both.
  8. QUOTE (greg775 @ Sep 3, 2015 -> 01:43 AM) I'm going braindead. What is MHR? I grew up on 103rd and Homan. I was doing a google earth type search and i followed Homan all the way down to 118th street and the Mt Greenwood Little League fields. However one video made it look like the fields were gone. Are u familiar with Mt Greenwood Little League? Are those old fields still up on about 118th and Homan? thx. Possibly Most Holy Redeemer? It's a school near that area.
  9. Pods70Rowand33

    2015 TV Thread

    QUOTE (The Gooch @ Aug 21, 2015 -> 11:14 AM) I'm sure this has been discussed already, but just watched Bloodline on Netflix. Phenomenal show I thought. I binge watched the last 4 episodes last night, couldn't stop watching... Agreed. I thought it started a bit slow but after a couple episodes it really picked up. I'm looking forward to season 2.
  10. Pods70Rowand33

    The Beer Thread

    I just had Old Chub by Oskar Blues Brewery and that was pretty good. It's a Scotch Ale.
  11. Pods70Rowand33

    AAP: Francellis Montas

    QUOTE (shipps @ Mar 9, 2015 -> 05:58 PM) Not sure if this was posted anywhere else. Throwing smoke out there. http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2015/03/09/lev...0-on-radar-gun/ That's great to hear. I, like many on here, am very excited to see what he will become.
  12. Pods70Rowand33

    Vacation/Travel Thread.

    QUOTE (DBAHO @ Mar 27, 2014 -> 08:00 AM) Yep that's where I'm based. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when it comes to Winter down here, average temp is usually around 15 degrees or so, which I think is in the 50's or 60's in Faronheit, so not too bad. Depends really what you want to do. Melbourne's a bit of a "sports town" so you'll definitely want to check out an Aussie Rules or even a Rugby Game. Otherwise we've got a pretty cool Pub / Bar Culture as well. Thanks, the weather sounds great. I'm looking forward to that. I'll definitely check out a couple games, and am up for trying out the pub/bar scene. Any recommendations are welcome, plus any restaurant recommendations are welcome. I was told surfing is big in Victoria, and that I need to check out Phillip island while I'm there.
  13. Pods70Rowand33

    Vacation/Travel Thread.

    QUOTE (DBAHO @ Mar 24, 2014 -> 03:54 AM) Yes indeedy. Happy to recommend a few places depending on where he's travelling. Hey. I'll be spending most of my time in Melbourne, not sure exactly when I'll be there but it will be during the winter months there. I'm hoping to go to an Australian rules football game, but not sure what else. Thanks!
  14. Pods70Rowand33

    Vacation/Travel Thread.

    Anyone been to Australia? I will be there during their winter months.
  15. Pods70Rowand33

    Frank Thomas Is a Hall of Famer

    So excited for Frank and the White Sox! I hope to go to the ceremony next summer.