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    To all our members: This is something that as an administrator and moderator group that we feel we need to address. We all understand you are frustrated with the team, we see the same things you do, etc. However, ST is not a place you can just come and dump on because you are angry. Most site readers are intelligent and articulate enough to discuss on this site without resorting to name calling or excessive negativity just because you can. The thing we all need to remember is that we are all White Sox fans (well, except a few accepted outliers). We do not want to ban people, we do not want to warn people, but this site needs to bring the level of quality posting up from this point forward. ST has always been a place that welcomes the free exchange of ideas from its members and we want to continue that tradition. However, XYZ player sucks! with no other discussion, ABC poster is an idiot simply because you disagree with that poster, etc. - these types of posts need to stop. The main thing that we have always asked of our posters is being respectful - even when being "negative". Please think about posting in respectful tones, even when there are disagreements, and it will help the level of discussion here. Disagreements while having discussions are even encouraged - let's just refrain from the "you suck, you're an idiot" types of posts without any other comments to say. Thanks for your understanding as we try to bring up the level of discussion on the boards. If you have questions or concerns, PM one of the admins or mods. -- Soxtalk Admins and Mods team
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    2005 Soxtalk Hall of Fame Balloting

    Remember only about two more days worth of balloting are left. It is all very close, so make your opinion known! PM this user name with your votes!!