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  1. bmags

    7/18 Games

    Wish gameday for AZL wasn’t so terrible.
  2. bmags

    7/18 Games

    Man Robert is incredible.
  3. Y2Jimmy let me turn this into a futuresox piece and dealt with my crappy table images. I’ve been on vacation but thought some may still enjoy a more updated list. Cheers http://www.chicagonow.com/future-sox/2019/07/desert-oasis-putting-the-young-performers-in-the-arizona-league-in-context/
  4. bmags

    Service Time

    Yes and we see players like mike trout not wanting to deal with that process despite being incredibly close to cashing in. Also I think Robert will be amicable seeing as how the Sox let him play in DSL year 1 to maximize his earnings. I know that may have been an incentive to sign, but still was something Sox did.
  5. bmags

    7/17 Games

    You are confused why a 17 year old in his first professional season gets off days?
  6. Actually it may be time we start talking about Jake Odorizzi.
  7. Unfortunately I don’t think Wacha is much of an upside play anymore. This upcoming FA class is so terrible. You are right they need to go after The top guys and it hurts there to date aren’t even many Corbin like upstarts.
  8. This absolutely sucks now but this team has unbelievably avoided a streak like this all year despite an incredibly weak pitching staff. I think the path to contention is a lot clearer now than March 1, but will need execution in the offseason. I do wonder if you scratch off a guy like wheeler and go for lower upside but more stability for next year while our arms hopefully develop
  9. bmags

    7/17 Games

    Well that is interesting
  10. Division is terrible but I am scared if they change it it will be market size based so I will take this instead.
  11. You are right, lol I think I was thinking the NBA timeline in my head of only a few months.
  12. bmags

    Eloy going on IL

    Going to bruise my funny bone just to be like Eloy
  13. I’m assuming the pushback there could truly be preparation from the scouting dept and being familiar on where they will be drafting for longer to reasonably deploy their resources.
  14. bmags

    7/15 Games

    Promoted today to Kanny. Nice to see!