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  1. Maybe it's me, but when I read stuff like the olney quote, it always reads like pulse from agents who are trying to frame their player as the next top guy on the list for teams that strike out on hauls. I'm all for sox trading away welington, another failed fa pickup, but the tea leaves for grandal seems murky. Worth just monitoring and waiting. Also, If i'm going to spend big money on a free agent player, i'm going to target the bat. How many people cared about Heyward's defensive ability when his bat disappeared? They already become "get me out" contracts. With Harper, there is at least a good amount of security in his OBP.
  2. I think cubs will spend a lot while contenders, but when even the yankees, dodgers and red sox have shown that this latest luxury tax is a meaningful deterrent, I tend to believe no team is immune.
  3. They certainly appear to have hardest financial road of the contenders that may buy. Their expected payroll is what, like 208 mill? This would likely push them to 240 ish range. Which, depending on the deal, could put them into huge taxes in years 2-3 of deal. So it will be hard.
  4. Cubs are going to be among the genre of teams offering a short term contract, which I think will be valuable only if harper does not see the high end long term money he is seeking. edit: this is pure speculation on my part, I am not able to listen to what bernstein is saying.
  5. This forum has often kept track of baseball writers moving into FO and vice-versa. I'm a bit shocked at this one, moreso than when people like cameron or mcdaniel went in and out. https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/an-unexpected-development/
  6. Do we think that the team that signs machado will actually let him play SS?
  7. bmags

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Yeah, feels like their best years were when they were left for dead and then ran the table exactly as they needed to. It actually seems like they are playing better but keep losing. Rodgers has seemed off all year, you have to wonder if the knee is actually affecting him.
  8. bmags

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Even in a blowout, this rockets/warriors game has been entertaining.
  9. bmags

    MLB extends deal with Fox

    I have never heard of DAZN before, have others used it?
  10. bmags

    Robert AFL POTW

    I mean scouts should be able to evaluate good players on a cold streak and bad players on a hot streak. Seems like a few outlets have reported he's very pull happy. . Considering jump in competition, I think it makes sense he may fall back on his go-to after rust. But he needs seasoning.
  11. bmags

    The Fighting Illini

    It really feels kinda impossible to build just a steady top 25 program nowadays. There's the blue bloods, and then everyone else just seems to rely on finding and holding onto extraordinary coaches, which then get stolen away. I'm sure if you break it down there will be exceptions. But it just feels like you shift around hoping to find your Mark Few or Jay Wright or Bo Ryan (actually wisconsin is probably a good example of just a good basketball program since they had bennett before ryan). But even michigan and ohio state and texas, all have had these huge ebbs in basketball in ways that seem less common in football (I know i'll get texas snorts). Like, yeah you need good facilities. And yeah you need boosters. But there always seems to be a richer school than you, with better recruiting base than you, that will poach whatever short term success you just enjoyed. And everyone just searching for someone that views that school as a dream job and is a good coach. It's like a lottery ticket. Like as a mizzou fan I don't even need to be kansas, I just wish we were purdue again.
  12. Still going to post news on the biggest offseason story ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Well it's also that nobody would bother reporting on it if it was in chicago or san fran or la either.
  14. Buster Olney just retweeted some baseball espn podcast saying they'd be stunned if Harper isn't a philly. East coast stars definitely aligning behind phillies and yankees being the winners (which is probably the correct odds).