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  1. bmags

    5/22 GT - Sox @ NYY (Double Header)

    I want Sox to win both but also want Donaldson to get continuously hit in the dick with different objects.
  2. bmags

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    If your inside joke makes everyone around who heard it think you are racist perhaps you need to re examine something. Also when the other person in your inside joke hates your guts and isn’t participating. IDK
  3. bmags

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    I’m a bit surprised how many white sox fans are taking Donaldson comments at face value. edit: comments meaning his explanation
  4. bmags

    5/21 Games

    That ended up being a darn good Simas start
  5. bmags

    5/21 Games

    Those Knoghts unis are very 90s old navy outfit but I kinda dig it
  6. bmags

    5/21 Games

    Nobody still hits Simas much but he has t had the gaudy Ks of his first few starts recently.
  7. Ok so this is a fun madden scenario. First, we treat Jason LaConfera as not wrong about everything and it gets worse. Bears trade Quin after 6/1 when his cap hit goes down to just $4 million to one of these teams clamoring for Quinn. They get the rumored con Miller deal of a 2nd and 3rd, but I’ll make it slightly more realistic and go 2023 2nd and a 2024 Third. Bears then trade their 2022 and 2023 second round picks for DK Metcalf and pay him. But obviously could be 2 2nd round picks in 2023 if necessary. Bears WR room with a bonafide #1 suddenly looks strong. Metcalf is the perfect Getsy offense #1. Big, strong and fast. Mooney moves to #2 and Pringle to the slot. St Brown and Jones the #4 and #5. Much better. The defense becomes much more compromised, but that’s ok this year. You have top draft capital hopefully and FA for the trenches next year.
  8. bmags

    5/20 Games

    The only person I’ve seen say he retired is still DIck Allen. Doesn’t mean he’s wrong, and he may have been right and a 22 year old changed his mind, but not much I do otherwise. But until Bush actually is in a lineup still hard to know.
  9. bmags

    2022 Catch All

    Realize my tastes have basically converged to be “Matt Damon dad” culture but I’m embracing it. Along those lines, just read “Project Hail Mary” and was one of the few fiction books I blew through in a few days. Author of “The Martian”.
  10. bmags

    5/20 Games

    If Sosa does make it up this year I wish there was a prop bet I could make that Benetti will pull a “Sousa Sosa” routine a la Letterman’s Uma Oprah.
  11. bmags

    Knights fire Wes Helms

    If this is it...can they also please move on from Daryl Boston
  12. bmags

    5/19 Games

    And Martin is a good reason to hang on with those young guys anyway. He was inconsistent but had stuff and showed occasional brilliance, then put it all together at age 25. A guy like Kyle Kubat wasn't going to do that unless he had a huge velo increase. So you are exactly right, get good arms, develop them, pray for health, the cream rises to the top.
  13. bmags

    5/19 Games

    This is great. Feels like if his command keeps improving his stuff plays.
  14. bmags

    5/19 Games

    Big fan, needs some animatronics though