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  1. bmags

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    In illinois and Indiana testing really will be easy. I recommend going to state-run facilities as I experienced and other anecdotal experience they seem to be consistently faster in turnaround than some private labs like the CVS drive thrus. In texas/florida right now, not so much.
  2. * external event leading to massive suppression of salaries * Reinsdorf: Rick I think this offseason let’s again try to find the exact equilibrium of supply and demand for some marquee free agents.
  3. bmags

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    I think they just wanted to hit their regional games contracts. I am not that into the development angle. They played almost 80% of their season, and the hardpart comes later. I think if they can get some organized scrimmages that makes sense, but to throw these zombie teams together, I don't know. Now if it was playing to be in the nba next year I'm in. Last two spots become Dleague.
  4. bmags

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    A surprisingly very good day for illinois. Yesterday had a 2.9% pos rate but was the first day to actually show the drop from idph being closed on 7/4, with only 18k tests and a 620 cases announced. Today then sees a lower 587 case count with 28k tests processed, a 2.1% rate. That actually lowers the 7 day to 2.5%. The state really needs to get through this month under 3 before its test and trace program is up and running. So every day is fingers crossed.
  5. bmags

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    They can do that without threatening to show me boylenball
  6. bmags

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    The second bubble is the absolute worst idea. Why even take away focus from the playoffs anyway?
  7. Right, and the takeaway from the seattle series was that the sox had really promising pitching that would continue to pair with the offense moving forward. Then the really rough growing pains/injuries of wells, garland, biddle, parque, barcelo, rauch, wright, etc ...
  8. bmags

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    I realize with DC you can kinda co-opt all of america since its the capital but kinda weird since geographically very little linkage. But then again there are no bears in chicago. Or wizards in dc...
  9. bmags

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    So desean jackson should be released. I'm not sure you could parody a more antisemitic thing than that, honestly.
  10. bmags

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    For me I'd have illinois in a modified phase 3 with much more leniency on outdoor activities but would not allow the indoor restaurants/bars that are allowed now.
  11. bmags

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    The difference is Illinois gets a lot more international traffic than indiana, wisconsin or any other neighboring state both due to its economy but also being a hub for several airlines. Being in that first group with a lot of cases was going to be more crippling than those that are seeing bad cases now. They were incapable of testing anyone but those already hospitalized, there was less PPE, there was less treatment knowledge, and less knowledge of spread. We are fortunate to even know there are this many cases in TX and FL among young population, that was not the case in March. So yeah, among those early hit states Illinois did very favorably when you compare it to DC and NYC metro that received a lot of the European traffic.
  12. bmags

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    I'd advise not running with rumors. Why would he even need to go to indiana? Bars are open in illinois.
  13. bmags

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    Yes this is one reason why mlb needs to get their stuff in order on this testing frequency. The good thing from his experience was getting tests each day. If it tested negative, the positive test may not have had results until day 6+
  14. bmags

    2 White Sox have Covid 19

    Unfortunately false negatives will happen, but was he brought in when he tested positive? If not, then what you described is going to kind of be the way things operate.