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  1. bmags

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    He was also having an incredible 2018 until Abreu hit a comebacker off his ankle and broke it.
  2. bmags

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    This is a white sox specific view. But his 2019 was still very productive, its a top 30 pitcher due to the innings he's provided. The benefit to the white sox is their salaries are going to grow with their young players, so a short term deal would take a lot of the % of our salaries, but then we aren't paying an underperforming guy in 4 years when we need to re-sign a tim anderson. If it's a short term deal, I don't think sox would even struggle to trade him at 2019 value if it isn't working out.
  3. bmags

    Sports Media discussion

    Sam Miller was let go too.
  4. bmags

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    The AAVs were proposed were what he may sign for a shorter year commitment. If Gerrit Cole was a free agent this year and said he'd only sign a 1 or 2 year deal, he'd make more than his 36 million. The point which everyone else followed was that he views himself as a top 5 pitcher, so you may be able to avoid a long-term commitment if you hit an AAV that puts him there. If you are going 6 years, nobody is saying he'd be getting a greinke deal.
  5. bmags

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    It seems you have just heard of trevor bauer this year and are trying to lecture other people about him.
  6. bmags

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    In 2018 he had a 2.21 ERA and has had over 200 strikeouts for 3 years straight.175 IP for 4 years straight. Also nobody said he'd make over 300 million or even 200 million.
  7. bmags

    Len Kasper is new White Sox radio play by play announcer

    what many posters here want is a company that can learn how to play their inner monologue over the white sox broadcast.
  8. bmags

    Weird Trade Ideas

    You'd lose bogaerts next year and be paying him a lot this year. I don't mind Eovaldi flyer, say we don't give up that much pitching. We'd get to use Eovaldi as he was when he was his most vlauable to the red sox.
  9. bmags

    Weird Trade Ideas

    I'm with you. From 2019 to 2020, Kikuchi's: K% went from 16% to 25% FB Velocity went from 92.5 to 95 mph doubled the whiff % on his fastball cut his barrel % in half, increased his GB% over 50% His ERA was over 5, his FIP was 3.3, his xERA was 3.17. I do think you could get him for less, but if he pitches to his true numbers last year you end up with an affordable contract you hold for next 4 years.
  10. bmags

    Weird Trade Ideas

    Poor Zack. Second fiddle in his own mock trade
  11. bmags

    Weird Trade Ideas

    Hell yes!
  12. bmags

    Weird Trade Ideas

    Now we’re talking
  13. bmags

    Offseason Targets

    closing this, as we are well into the offseason, and have specific target threads.
  14. bmags

    Weird Trade Ideas

    I don't think they like Gleybars D but madrigal would give them salary relief at 2b and improved defense (lol no idea), which can get them to spend on pitching OR Realmuto.
  15. bmags

    Weird Trade Ideas

    If Harold responds putting Yadi on the sox I will kill him.