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  1. bmags

    7/18 Games

    out of curiosity what is the rational for the sox always holding off playing J2 signings until the next year?
  2. bmags

    Make A Deal: Joakim Soria

    Just going off player type, much prefer the tiquan forbes trades to the Cordell/Gillaspie trades. Raw, 18/19, plus tool, haven't put it together. That's my profile.
  3. bmags

    7/18 Games

    Their pitching is k'ing way more guys than last year at least. But yeah. Garbage. Jose Rodriguez does not strike, so that's something. Similar to how Mieses/Comas were last year.
  4. bmags

    Machado deal structure "in place"

    Yeah I would never want to be in a position where I'm dealing with orioles. The good news is I doubt anyone will for quite a few years once britton/machado are gone.
  5. bmags

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    He had a press conference today. I'm sure trib/sun times should have some of it. Or look for KC johnson's twitter feed.
  6. bmags

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    I say good for Toronto. They've been good for a while, but this is a swing for the fences that's worth it. It may only be marginal addition, but I think on the trajectory they were on, it's worth trying to go bold for the next step. Just not a trade you typically see.
  7. bmags

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    This happens in mlb all the time, mlb just has a system that sees NTCs easier to attain.
  8. bmags

    7/17 Games

    Madrigal doing his best seth beer impression.
  9. bmags

    Machado deal structure "in place"

    that phillies deal sounds fake.
  10. bmags

    7/14 Games

    There was a good podcast with Kiley talking about this with Carson Cistulli. Teams would have tryouts (other scouts could come), the handlers would bring a bunch of age appropriate guys but also try and bring some of the older guys to see. At them, sometimes the hosting team would have their trackman up (others did not have access to), and just immediately remove them from mound so others couldn't sign them.
  11. bmags

    7/14 Games

    Gonna guess dude showed up at a tryout, had interesting trackman data, signs for 10k. These 19 year olds sign randomly and out of nowhere, are typically late bloomers, but some do make bigs and sometimes quickly. We'll see if he moves to find out if he's actually good.
  12. bmags

    Machado deal structure "in place"

    If you are a white sox fan holding out hope, not sure you could pick a better destination than the dodgers where he is most likely a mercinary.
  13. bmags

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    But I'm worried about the awkward fit not just being bad in this scenario, but creating tension and creating a circus (which has happened under Fred a bit too much). If the defense is so exploitable, Fred may push one of Lavine or Parker to the 2nd unit, which could create some issues (see milwaukee last year). OR Lavine continues with tunnel vision play on a lineup that now has playmakers. OR Bobby portis is just pissed in general.
  14. The board was excited when we got a scout from the houston astros but I don't remember much info on him either. WIth their shedding of scouts last year I expected they were "traditional" scouts. That he has instead been hired for helping analyze and distribute the trackman data makes me feel excited. And this is just building on the additional reporting from Fegan on how the birmingham pitchers have started to include trackman insights (Adams especially, now in AAA)
  15. This is an awesome tidbit: This was my favorite futuresox article I think I've read, great gets on everything Rob