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  1. bmags

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    If someone offered me ten million plus if I could wait two more months to move I would.
  2. https://theathletic.com/1393498/2019/11/19/rosenthal-mlbs-sign-stealing-investigation-should-not-stop-at-the-astros/ Ugh, never mind.
  3. Baseball punishments have been very strict, and this is a thing that could piss off other owners who give Manfred his support
  4. bmags

    A Realistic Offseason

    Yes let’s help another team get elite talent please
  5. I don't think this is a very good review of the astros point of view here. They started out assuming the more players you got the better your chances of landing a diamond in the rough (they went from 8 teams to 9 teams in 2014). Then they realized their process through analytics and scouting was good enough that they had a pretty good idea who was worthwhile and who wasn't which is when they started to consolidate teams (to 7 teams). The two leagues they consolidated in were rookie leagues (DSL/AZL), where players would be their most raw. None of their traditional levels were contracted, and notice even know they are talking about mostly low-A levels. I can't imagine the delta in playing time for prospects will be significant. They'll just have less prospects in the organization.
  6. bmags

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    The last cash considerations was good. A lot of how bad boylen has been is unforced error, pax got smitten with someone who is just a salesman for the FO. But it’s hard to believe a Lavine/Lauri led group is going anywhere. They severely lack playmakers, Porter is probably their best and he’s out. They need to make a splash move which means it will just be this for a while.
  7. I’ve always assumed Basabe/Diaz were part of a list Red Sox provided because it just seems like such a weirdly steep drop.
  8. bmags

    Yoshi-tomo Tsutsugo?

    Was skeptical but bat flip convinced me.
  9. bmags

    Will Madrigal be ready for 2020 opening day?

    Robert obviously needs to prove himself more! Madrigal though is ready.
  10. Correct: likelihood sox do this and sign a great player - very low Odds that if they do trade for betts it signals they are going to be aggressive to re-sign: much higher than if they go into next FA period having not had him.
  11. If our payroll is truly capped at 120 million you guys can do that already.
  12. That sucks. Now let's all dream of our division winning juggernauts with Kole Calhoun in RF and salary space galore to sign up to 3 corey dickersons.
  13. Well he's also going to be 29, not 26 or 27 like when the recent top deals signed. But sure. 10 years 375, 10 years 380... I'd go up and get him signed and then the white sox will have a 4 year window with a very competitive offense and good potential to field a decent pitching staff. And if it fails, well, we trade him along with everyone and RH starts ole rebuild number 3 (which he will say is number 2).
  14. The sox rebuild has a lot of good players, but they still need to be pretty aggressive to put them in that consistent contention range. Prioritizing betts and signing a top pitcher puts them in that window where you can play around the margins of finding 1-year deal churn for DH/C/backend rotation, while having some ammunition for July splash moves for needs. I think all I want people to acknowledge is that there are a lot of risks, and while Betts FA poses a tangible one. But losing time is a risk too. Signing a bunch of B-level players to 3 year deals and losing opportunity for Betts is a risk. Banking on all of our more advanced 5-10 prospects to have value as high as it is now is a risk. This is aggressive, but this is a fantastic player that does not become available often. But I get it, we do have Micker Adolfo.
  15. Are "we"? Yes. You could land in the sweet spot of exceeding harpers total value and beating Trouts AAV. 10 years/360