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  1. bmags

    White Sox - Interested in Robbie Ray

    Except Corbin was awesome in 2019, won a WS game and 2020 was fine in a shortened year.
  2. bmags

    White Sox - Interested in Robbie Ray

    No I’m sorry my opinions aren’t teenage AIM away messages
  3. bmags

    Adam Frazier traded to Mariners

    What is this quote?
  4. bmags

    White Sox - Interested in Robbie Ray

    Gonna go on a limb and say Washington does not regret signing Corbin.
  5. bmags

    Adam Frazier traded to Mariners

    I don’t really know because I am not the white Sox. But I would say there is a different market here for a gap hitting second baseman whose overall body of work is disappointing and relief pitcher, when there are 5 per team. Frazier just happens to complement some of the Sox very specific areas to address. It doesn’t make them imbeciles, it’s not clear he’ll be particularly better than Cesar Hernandez next year overall.
  6. bmags

    White Sox - Interested in Robbie Ray

    Trying to figure out this annual sniping that a top pitching free agent is just a pop up flavor of the month with the fact that those pitchers continue to be good acquisitions 🤷‍♂️
  7. bmags

    Adam Frazier traded to Mariners

    Is it because other teams aren’t trying to balance a ground all heavy, RH heavy lineup in the same way the Sox are and different teams have different needs?
  8. bmags

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Dabearsblog had a thing about Harbaugh and Ireland coming as a tag team. I was shocked when Harbaugh was out in San Fran, but his lukewarm tenure in college made me fade. Well, guess he’s back. Jeff Ireland though. Man I know he has an eye as a scout, but his baggage from Miami seems like a terrible idea to bring here. He definitely did work in NO bringing in talent thru the draft.
  9. bmags

    Adam Frazier traded to Mariners

    Just a different set of lenses, some see a cheap price and use it as reason sox should have stayed away (people think he sucks), others it validates why he was a good candidate (cheap fill in that hits above average vs RHP, good GB%)
  10. bmags

    Adam Frazier traded to Mariners

    This is why some of us thought he’d be a good target!
  11. bmags

    Adam Frazier traded to Mariners

    Tough for your SD beat that you didn’t think Frazier would be available
  12. bmags

    Adam Frazier traded to Mariners

    Not sad here, but reasonable cost options that fit are drying up. Cesar, Leury become more likely, unless there is a big bag from Santa.
  13. bmags

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    I think personally that even as a pro -Segura-is-a-solid-player person that he would be more of a target to include from the Phil’s side. I don’t know why, but I think they will go after Baez. So if I am Hahn, I think that’s a scenario where Id push to shed more, and that would be Keuchel. But a Kimbrel/Keuchel for Segura/Marchon package frees up $19M from Sox and seems unlikely. A big win from my side is if we send out Kimbrel to LA for some mid level, ML near guys. Getting Jacob Amaya or James Outman adds some much needed position player depth that plays across the field, and opens up 40-man spots for dodgers, where Sox have a good amount. Kimbrel for Outman, Amaya would add a much needed defensive SS (unless you think Sanchez is that) and upgrades Luis Gonzalez, both with guys who if they refund their bat (Amaya) or bat is real (outman) add some real talent. And it seems Sox could get a better player if Eat some cost.