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  1. bmags

    2019 MLB Catch All thread

    The As putting together back to back 90 win seasons is incredible.
  2. Maybe I'm wrong but at least division-wise feels like saints are in better shape than Steelers with how bucs/panthers looked.
  3. The difference is deshaun Watson has as many bad games as Trubisky has great games. If Trubisky was excellent week one then we say “well it was just one bad game”.
  4. I'm really glad they grinded this game out. Seasons are long, and you want to bank every game you can even if it wasn't your best. That said - this team needs answers. It looks figured out, it looks basic. It has a wounded puppy at QB, it's oline looks weak, and it's defense and kicker are the only bright spots. One thing - the personnel has to be whittled down within a game. Maybe there will be a riley ridley game. A cordarelle patterson game. But to just expect one or two plays for each player to be executed perfectly isn't working.
  5. Sure, I mostly just mean talent wise it’s a waste. A 4th rounder? Go ahead. That’s where your cousins/daks were.
  6. Trubisky was terrible. That was nothing a backup QB couldn’t do. Man, when he first came on and was making those roll out passes and throwing on a dime to crossing receivers I was so pumped. Turns out he’s terrible passing on the run. I hope he gets his confidence back and gets back to normal average to below avg Mitch, but he was absolutely awful to start this year.
  7. Well, definitely need one of our playmakers again.
  8. Have they thrown it over 12 yards all day? We is that zone so soft?
  9. I mean. Our running game has been terrible too