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  1. bmags

    9/16 Games

    Colson was 2-4 with a 2B and no Ks last night. Again, game power didn’t translate but his approach is much more advanced than I expected
  2. bmags

    9/16 Games

    ugh, guy should have been in bham all year. Here's hoping he is legit.
  3. bmags

    9/16 Games

    Thats 6 Home runs for Quezada in DSL. That's real power in that league. .265 .362 .504 .867 That is really, really good. He is tied for fourth in the league with 11 other guys, but just hunting and pecking I think at 17 he's the only sub 18 guy who did it. And a Norge Vera update: 4 IP 6 ks 1 BB no runs
  4. bmags

    We are the 🏆

    I'm pretty sure I've spent enough money at the team shop this year for the sox to afford seager.
  5. bmags

    9/16 Games

    I took @BamaDoc back to the future (you had it as 8/16)
  6. bmags

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    I think something that really, really, really annoys me was brought up on hoge and jahns today. You have to believe it's Nagy that chooses Jimmy Graham and that caused one of leno or fuller to need to be discarded. One had to go, but if you got rid of grahams 10 mill or so you could have made it work. TE is so important to his offense right? Graham got 13 snaps on Sunday. You had to cut a full time left tackle and quality starting CB for a role player? It's a huge deal, and it seems like he has been unable to fit his offense to his pieces, and instead demanded dollar store clones of his 2017 offense at the price of real strengths on the team.
  7. bmags

    9/15 Games

    Luises 2/5
  8. bmags

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    I am not shocked there. Very disappointed. I wanted him gone after last year, but still thought it's possible as a ceo type coach he could succeed. For as much as we talk about hte quick hooks on coaches sometimes, nagy has not seemed to improve his decision making in year 4. It feels like it has gone the other way. The roster isn't that talented, and honestly he'll probably get what that roster should get. But he does seem to make a lot of really bizarre decisions. I do get calling your own plays even if you aren't good at it. You never know if you'll get a HC gig again, wouldn't you want to do it while you can? The other stuff though, absolute dreck.
  9. bmags

    9/14 Games

    Like he’s struck out 48% of the time and if he’s selling out for power that’s netted him like a .130 slugging
  10. bmags

    9/14 Games

    I try not to care about bad performances but man Elijah Tatis year… there’s “replacement level” production then there is “guy off the street” production… Hard to believe even a random high school baseball player couldn’t recreate his numbers.
  11. bmags

    9/14 Games

    Another Quezada homer, and a strong finish for Ramos.
  12. The White Sox are a team. But they are also individuals.
  13. bmags

    9/14 Games

    Home stretch
  14. bmags

    9/13 Games

    Interesting Cameron Butler is playing second base tonight. Kath, Colson 1-2
  15. Ha I was going to just put "sox got yonder alonso" but thought it would be too confusing.