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  1. bmags

    Abreu- does he stay or go?

    Jose certainly keeps coming up a lot nationally recently.
  2. bmags

    Eloy/Kopech could join Sox in mid July

    My head agrees with DA, but on the other hand who know what 7 years from now looks like let’s #callhimup
  3. bmags

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    The front page of trib sports has a profile of Wilson Contreras with a big “TWTW” at top and headline of The Will To Win, and even though I hate that Hawkism it really pisses me off they just co opt it for the cubs.
  4. bmags

    5/19 Games - some kid named Rodon

    With Soto called up, Albies and Acuna called up, I’m not really buying the “rush” train of thought with Jimenez. More like “challenge”
  5. bmags


    Yeah fry is something right now.
  6. bmags


    That was like the most normal, actual thorough win we've had in quite some time.
  7. Mark Jackson is sooo boring.
  8. bmags

    5/19 Games - some kid named Rodon

    Hey this rondon guy I think is ready for W-S after this one good game
  9. bmags

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    To me the ability of a front office to sell a vision to their ownership is a part of being successful, but also they were failing at executing the ownerships own plan. Despite them being in a mindset that had limited chance to succeed, they were also just executing it poorly.
  10. bmags


    Especially getting a hit with moncada on base. So much fun to watch him run.
  11. bmags

    2018 MLB Draft

    Love this post. Totally agree. I hate using the cubs as an example since they are the only example ever used, but Happ at any point could be as much of a piece to acquire pitching as if they had drafted a pitcher (and lots of good pitchers were drafted behind him.) Also the third fold is Madrigal will improve our defense.
  12. bmags

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I was not a fan of our FO for a while because they kept making shortsighted and bad decisions, but then that same group started making more productive and good decisions that I agreed with, and so I'm more supportive. I still wish they were more aggressive at pushing the boundaries of player acquisition like with LatAm, I'm not sure they'll ever be out in front of anything, but I think our development has improved, our scouting has improved. We'll see.
  13. bmags

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I think Yolmer could play catcher better than ours.
  14. bmags

    2018 MLB Draft

    Another mock with Alek Thomas to Cleveland at 29.