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  1. This is the story the white Sox themselves prefer.
  2. so, I'm very positive that we will sign machado and think it's going to be franchise altering. But allow me to be negative for a second... I don't understand why sox are so frugal in fighting the margins of the Machado deal but at the same time so willing to pay for replacement level production elsewhere. Our payroll is somehow 80 million for a frankly garbage roster. The As are at 67 million, and you look at it and you see the lack of 7.5 for colomes, 9 for novas, 8.5 for herreras, etc etc and it stands out. Those may be normal market value for those players, but I would bet we barely scrape by in those players paying for their own production. I really hope when our young players arrive we can stop overpaying for depth and using leftover cash to buy impactful pieces only. Anyway again, I'm very excited. I think Hahn is still pretty bad at FA though.
  3. prepare to be shocked. He may go back to astros for 1 year for all we know, stay with what's working.
  4. I don't think it would be toward sox, I think it would be toward manny, trying to show they aren't gonna just wait for him. That said, I don't see any clear winners here. I think people in philly may have convinced the owner whose available, the plan, and now people are excited and just blabbing.
  5. Not machado related but if I was phillies I would not be thrilled with paying late career arrietta and keuchel. Keuchel at this point could be getting a 1 year deal for all we know though.
  6. I could see boras plants. He likes to deal with owners and stoke with their emotional desire to make big splashes. This plays with fan expectation. OR It's a real leak from excited owner or whatever to that group.
  7. Depends on their pitching staying healthy, I could see it being close. I could see a bunch of braves falling slightly back from last year. Tough division though.
  8. Philly really should sign Kimbrel though if they are up on this stupid money thing.
  9. Heyman knows not tweeting even nonsense about these two is leaving retweets on the table.
  10. bmags

    Sox Announce the Player Development Staff

    I was pleased with Lisle addition, but overall after last year I would have liked/expected some outside additions from proven player development staffs. There isn't anyone I'd single out, and maybe this internal development works, but I'd like some more proven voices.
  11. 324 with 17 posts now that I have that info.
  12. Aw man, did that freakin pump me up.
  13. OTOH, maybe JR being involved and seeing the actual issues will communicate more effectively to him what's needed to sign.
  14. I think this is really on the nose. JR meets at initial meeting, lets team bang it out, keeping close but never overcommitting, when market has cleared taking over.