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  1. bmags

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    the game is very fast. Great announcing too. I've watched that youtube 2-3 times for odd points. The crowd shots are soo good.
  2. bmags

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    lol teams needed to steal signs to hit steve trouts 45 mph fastballs
  3. bmags

    MLB cheating scandal

    Hi, you are on a baseball message board.
  4. bmags

    MLB cheating scandal

    Hasn’t even thought of that. That is really bizarre
  5. bmags

    MLB cheating scandal

    Probably a factor, but others have similar pressure (luhnow to get accepted into a position again, hinch as manager, cora etc.)
  6. bmags

    MLB cheating scandal

    Kudos to Beltran for an actual apology.
  7. bmags

    MLB cheating scandal

    Aren't we all murderers, when you think about it?
  8. bmags

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    there should be a rule that if you land at #7 four years in a row your front office has to be fired.
  9. bmags

    MLB cheating scandal

    we never learn from much worse examples like the boston bomber crap.
  10. bmags

    MLB cheating scandal

    having hilarious dreams of mlb regulating the crap out of technology and throwing out trackman and advanced tech, devastating all organizations... ...except the white sox who own the next decade because they never got started.
  11. bmags

    MLB cheating scandal

    I agree. I hate when this happens too because it tends to help the astros. More and more unbelievable stories come out, you find out they aren't true, and it makes it "not so bad" when all they did was bang a trash can. If Passan/Rosenthal/mlb start looking into the accusations, i'll believe it.
  12. bmags

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    BA our with a top 50. Not a mock draft but here it had Detmers at 11: 1. Reid Detmers, LHP, Louisville Areas To Improve: Changeup improvement Detmers is one of the most polished arms in the class, with solid stuff and good control of his entire repertoire, but at the next level it will be even more important for Detmers to have a solid offering to attack righthanded hitters. His breaking ball is perhaps the best in the ACC, but as he faces more advanced hitters who are better equipped to handle that break, going to a solid third pitch to keep batters off-balance could be the difference-maker.
  13. bmags

    MLB cheating scandal

    @Dick Allen I forgot to ask, did this punishment match with the info the mlbburneraccount guy said a few weeks ago?
  14. bmags

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    4. But also did you read the article? It’s logic was juvenile. The same could be said for any comic book movie.
  15. bmags

    White Sox sign Andrew Romine

    And even he'll still hit like .950 in charlotte.