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    in response to kid gleason i think it was... albums to get: 1)the aforementioned paid in full - Eric B. and Rakim 2)Madvillain - Madvillainy 3)Gza - Liquid Swords 4) Nas - Illmatic 5) Aesop Rock - Labor Days 6) Wutang Clan - 36 Chambers 7) A tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory 8) Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein 9) Saul Williams- Selftitled (a bit more spoken word with jazz beats but i love it) 10) Clipse - We got it 4 cheap mixtape FOr the record the order is not really an order i just did that out of habit
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    Pot calling Kettle Black

    i think they have every right to demand an apology and he has no right to demand those things...those weren't terrorists getting stampeded, those were innocent people.
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    Soxtalk = BANNED

    QUOTE(Flash Tizzle @ Jan 31, 2006 -> 06:40 AM) How certain people can envision Samuel Jackson's line's in 'Snakes on a Plane' I can picture Keenan's. I've seen my fair share of "Keenan and Kel" episodes on Nickelodeon in the day. In that scene featured within your signature, he'd probably be whining and complaining in his usual manner. Such as, "Ohhhhhh mannnn. These snakes are ALLLLLLLL OVVEERRRRR..." [trailing off into non-audible pouting and eye squinting] LOL...i've never seen a snakes on a plane screen shot where i haven't laughed...because even if its just a picture of people sitting on a plane with no snakes...you know when they find out there's snakes on the plane they are gonna be f***ed...haha this movie is awesome... and perhaps some of this thread should be in green
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    Soxtalk = BANNED

    can you still search for snakes on a plane pics?
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    CSN Goes Back to the Diamond

    dyes HR was a line friggen drive too
  6. bmags

    CSN Goes Back to the Diamond

  7. bmags

    A Million Little Pieces Controversy

    QUOTE(Middle Buffalo @ Jan 28, 2006 -> 06:38 PM) There are errors in every auto-biography and biography that gets published. This is done either on purpose, or as an accidental error of ommision. I think that it's most likely done puposefully with the intent of making the subject look good. I don't really get the uproar here. I know the guy presented the story as non-fiction and he embellished and flat out lied about some things, but that happens all the time. There are historical myths that have been perpetuated by scholars and teachers for years and years. The history that we learned in school is, in many ways, propaganda. So this guy changed some "facts" and flat out lied at times. He was trying to make some money. Big deal. Judge the book for the story, not for the truth. ^^^does anyone think these are the first memoirs to be embellished???
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    QUOTE(Soxy @ Jan 28, 2006 -> 09:55 PM) Went and saw Match Point last night. A smidge on the over-long side but really a good movie. Jonathan Rhys-Myers was amazing--the script was flat occassionally, but it was really an engrossing film. I usually hate Woody Allen (I think this is the first one of his movie's I've been able to sit all the way through) but it's a smart and thought provoking movie. Worth the price of admission. i wanna see it but i can't cause its not in missouri...i'll rent it ...or d/l it...
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    Indie Thoughts

    QUOTE(sox4lifeinPA @ Jan 13, 2006 -> 12:48 AM) indie rocks! I like spoon and sufjan stevens... CYHSY wasn't that bad of a record, it was just incredibly samey... LIARS is the best thing in indie right now
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    Reliving High School

    i'm amasingly smrt
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    garland a fluke or not?

    QUOTE(Felix @ Jan 27, 2006 -> 02:11 AM) I'm going with the unpopular answer, and saying that Garland's season was a fluke. If you look at his numbers as a starter, its not like they were getting better and then suddenly they come out as a top pitchers in the league. His numbers were consistantly poor, but then became damned good. I think he can be a solid #3 or 4 guy, but I do not think his numbers will match those he had last year on a consistant basis. i'd like to think this is due to improved defense up the middle being he's a ground ball pitcher
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    2 Tons of Pot Found in Border Tunnel

    if the OC has taught me anything its that smoking pot will make you not want to go to college...and i agree srsly i'm in college and NOBODy smokes pot OMG
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    QUOTE(Milkman delivers @ Jan 26, 2006 -> 06:38 PM) Holy Hell. I thought it was some kind of joke. The site says it's a Horror/Thriller/Action. I figured it had to be a comedy if it were even real at all. Wow... that's why its such a joke
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    QUOTE(Chisoxfn @ Jan 25, 2006 -> 11:08 PM) What the hell is this snakes thing you are talking about? Is it a movie or something? you mean you don't know, :rolly check imdb for "snakes on a plane"
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    I dont like Jim dregousntsi, but i like Greg Kott sometimes. I think his articles on scenes and stuff are interesting though i was absolutely shocked that he liked the billy corgan solo album...and i think he discards some bands a little too quickly. Plus their coverage of intonation was pretty subpar...seemingly unaware of every band. i liked his oberst article...i have to admit. And i like the flaming lips...The Soft BUlletin and transmissions from the satellite heart were great albums. i find both dregousntosdifsd and Kott's hip hop coverage somewhat laughable at times. It seems the only good hip hop is coming from chicago...diverse, kanye, twista, common...and ignoring MF DOOM...edan, atmosphere, aesop rock, cannibal ox and such and such
  16. bmags

    Top 10 Classic Rock Must Have Albums

    QUOTE(Texsox @ Jan 25, 2006 -> 04:10 PM) Getting back to the topic, I was thinking if I was to lecture on what "Classic Rock" was and try to explain why hundreds of millions of albums were sold of that genre, these would be, with maybe one or two changes, the albums I would play for people that never heard "classic rock". Mainstream, popular, selections. If you were trying to lecture on the best works, of the pinnacle of artistry, there are better examples. that's an interesting point, but while i'd agree with the artists to show someone "classic rock", but i'm not sure if i'd agree on the particular albums of each artist... i think if i were to do what you are saying, i'd do Led Zeppelin - PHysical Graffiti The BEatles - Rubber Soul, thou actaully revolver is cool The Who - Who's Next The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced? Cream - Free Cream Dylan - Blood on the Tracks and i guess i'll take the rest if i had to...jefferson airplanes a bit iffy thou, if its "classic rock" i'd rather put some southern rock in there...maybe some allman brothers or lynard skynard
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    my sig rules now
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    Top 10 Classic Rock Must Have Albums

    QUOTE(LosMediasBlancas @ Jan 25, 2006 -> 03:18 AM) Sonic Who?? :headshake kim gordon is sexy and you know it.
  19. bmags

    Top 10 Classic Rock Must Have Albums

    its funny cause i think i have a large collection being that i have every sonic youth album/ep...and that's like 1/8 of the zappa catalogue
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    C'mere.. lemme feel that.

    QUOTE(Steve9347 @ Jan 24, 2006 -> 10:37 PM) her chest is about twice as large as it was a year ago. no its not
  21. bmags

    White House Visit

    they should where flip flops in support of the NW womens lacrosse team
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    Top 10 Classic Rock Must Have Albums

    QUOTE(YASNY @ Jan 24, 2006 -> 05:45 PM) I agree it's a great album, but I wouldn't call it classic 'rock'. well i wouldn't consider pet sounds classic "rock" either
  23. bmags

    Top 10 Classic Rock Must Have Albums

    it is true what they say about zappa fans...
  24. bmags

    Top 10 Classic Rock Must Have Albums

    does anybody know somebody with the entire zappa collection? I have a friend with everything the fall ever released and thats not even comparable to zappas output...well, to be fair theyve had about 10 less years
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    QUOTE(q\/\/3r+y @ Jan 23, 2006 -> 11:02 PM) aye, the anticipation is getting too high, now me and my friends can't stop talking aobut it...we went through a two month lull of it and now its comin out full force