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  1. bmags

    4/21 Games

    I haven’t found them to be particularly aggressive under Getz.
  2. bmags

    At what point does Hahn "blow it up"?

    Are you guys factoring in "human analytics" thou?
  3. bmags

    How Concerned Should We Be?

    Has anyone brought up the double header nightmare vs. the cardinals in 2020 before they won a bunch of games?
  4. bmags

    White Sox Intl Review

    This got a lot of shit, but was spot on
  5. bmags

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Parallels between Bulls and Sky right now ❤️
  6. bmags

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    As years go by I feel like bulls would have been so much better off keeping Gordon in 09 and not signing boozer. We had taj/Noah/asik as frontcourt already and boozer operated in the mid range where rose liked. Meanwhile Gordon > Bogans. The whole Gordon would have prevented Rose stuff was so much nonsense.
  7. bmags

    4/20 game thread Sox at CLE

    looks at phone...oh
  8. bmags

    4/20 game thread Sox at CLE

    They have a day game tomorrow. 3 games in 24 hours is a lot.
  9. bmags

    4/19 Games

    I love that stadium.
  10. bmags

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    I found it so annoying in that that they didn't actually link to JT Williams swing lol
  11. bmags

    Giolito could return in 5 days

    His duel vs. King Felix was epic. Also saw a ton of Scott Carroll.
  12. bmags

    Sox could get back Pollock Friday

    I feel like it's supposed to be really nice this weekend. 80 on saturday. If it's not, I'm going to riot.
  13. bmags

    Giolito could return in 5 days

    Dang I have tickets next friday. Seems like one of those seasons where I'll see like an unbelievable amount of VV starts. I think in 2015 or 16 I saw like 80% of Dylan Axelrods starts.
  14. bmags

    4/19 Games

    On Twitter someone at the game said he throws 87 so may have tough time beyond A ball
  15. bmags

    4/19 Games

    3 BBs
  16. bmags

    4/19 Games

    That is an ideal James Beard game. On base 3 times and 2 SBs.
  17. bmags

    Ball Talk 2022

    From Joe Sheehan's newsletter: ""Pitchers miss bats better than they ever have. When they don’t, the new baseball keeps them safe from harm. The lost home runs are just becoming flyball outs. In 2021, batters hit .225 on flyballs and slugged .914. Those numbers are .194 and .562 this year. No, I don’t think that’s just April or small sample size or a shortened spring. Statcast is reading the same things. It projects an expected slugging of .969 on flyballs this season. The actual number is .721. It projects a wOBA of .504. The actual figure is 100 points lower. "It’s the baseballs."" On the score this morning they discussed how Sunday had 12 baseball games playing (I'm guessing there were some rainouts) and only 15 HRs hit, the fewest in any april day since 1992. There are so many embarrassing things about Manfred's reign but this is so ridiculous. Be way more transparent about this, commit to 5 year runs of a ball, and give teams a year with the new ball before it goes into live.
  18. bmags

    Ball Talk 2022

    Football accuracy declines in cold weather (when the ball deflates), because it is negated by it being more difficult to throw with numb fingers. And you are thinking of this in terms of pitchers, when the person that is affected is hitters, who are say hitting a ball 112 mph with a 9 degree launch angle and flying out to the warning track like Aaron Judge on Sunday.
  19. bmags

    Ball Talk 2022

    The thing is this isn't the first April.
  20. bmags

    Ball Talk 2022

    I hope so, but again I just can't stand that this is a "surprise". The teams should have all the info on the ball from the league months before the season, not from an astrophysicist in season again.
  21. bmags

    4/19 Games

    Can't wait until DSL starts and we can get some morning games goin.
  22. bmags

    Ball Talk 2022

    Well, the thing is the NFL balls weren't altered and also is nowhere near the effect that the baseball has since we are talking about it traveling 400 feet + outdoors and dealing with more wind resistance. And in basketball, the NBA doesn't give players a ball that is different, have players play worse and say it feels like the ball is different, and claim the ball is actually the same. If baseball is going to struggle this much with the ball, it's wild to me that Manfred has sided with the version that makes offense so much harder.
  23. bmags

    Roki Sasaki

    Dude threw a 19 K perfect game in the NPB last night and is only 20
  24. I'm pro low-strikeouts, personally.
  25. bmags

    4/18 Game

    I think white sox intl review by badler should be sometime this week, maybe tomorrow.