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    White Sox vs. A's, 4/09/07 (W)

  2. bmags

    White Sox vs. A's, 4/09/07 (W)

    who is doing the broadcast with dj?
  3. bmags

    Postgame Thread 4/8

    QUOTE(elrockinMT @ Apr 9, 2007 -> 08:50 PM) I remember a couple years back with Pedro Martinez when he was with the Bosox and someone had written that we were doomed in that game. I posted then that I thought the secret is not to worry about Martinez/Santana/ or some other stud our hitters have trouble with, but just to play them tough and close until you can get to their bullpen. We had a our chance and it's too bad Danks gave up the three run homer. It's a long season though and no reason to get real down about the loss. Danks looked real good. i went to a pedro v. sox game, he was tough all game, we were down 4-2 bases loaded, pedro v. frank thomas. It was like a 17 pitch at bat and it was epic, pedro finally k's him with a wicked breaking pitch. But frank knocked pedro out of the game, and Joe Crede hit a 3 run homer the next inning, we won 5-4 i think. It was a great game, one of my favorites in attendence.
  4. bmags

    Hipster Bingo!

    QUOTE(DrunkBomber @ Apr 9, 2007 -> 07:09 PM) Natty Lite was my college beer for sure. I even named my dog that I got in Carbondale Natty. I have trouble finding Natty lite around where I live now. Natty Ice is staring to pop up at places though. i heard bud was phasing out natty light...
  5. bmags

    Postgame Thread 4/8

    could masset start eventually you think.? That would be great if we got a 2 and a 4 outta that trade. or whatever masset could be.
  6. bmags

    Hipster Bingo!

    i get heat for this, but i love michelob golden light for cheap beer. We don't have it in columbia so I drink natty light, tis the cheapest.
  7. bmags

    Hipster Bingo!

    i hope people start wearing plain cherokeeā„¢ tshirts that are 5 for $10 at walmart to shows and a zip up hoodie...then I'LL be the scene one. It'd be like that doug episode.
  8. bmags

    Hipster Bingo!

    unfortunately. the obsession with pbr has always confused me.
  9. bmags


    today made me feel so good about our pitching. Vazquez was so great, and then everyone that came in from the bullpen was filthy. Come onnnnnn Danks. If buerhle can come around and garland can be dec. And count is decent, i think we could be in okay shape. We made morneau look awful today...we, i am a part of the team.
  10. bmags


    i heard the first half of deathproof sucked but had one of the greatest car chases he's ever seen since ronin or something.
  11. bmags

    Music Thread

    holland, 1945 actually. i'm just glad jeff mangum is still alive.
  12. bmags


    man...give our bullpen a medal. A medal that lets them rest for 3 days.
  13. bmags

    White Sox vs. Indians, 4/5/07 (W)

    jason f***ing michaels. Good god. yes hawk, cleveland has done this on luck. thornton what the f!
  14. bmags

    White Sox vs. Indians, 4/5/07 (W)

    single em? way to go pods.
  15. bmags

    White Sox vs. Indians, 4/5/07 (W)

    is there a chat right now?
  16. bmags

    Gosh darn you Ryan Garko thread

    he can miss a start in april w/o it f***ing the rotation so much right?
  17. i honestly haven't seen a cubs bias in the tribune in a longwhile...i mean morrissey, downey, and rogers all give the sox more than their fair share of coverag.e
  18. well its a good thing the world series is decided by power rankings eh guys.
  19. bmags

    Ozzie: "If we don't win, fire me"

    QUOTE(rowandrules83 @ Apr 4, 2007 -> 12:12 AM) So would that mean that there's no chance of Moises Alou getting a job with the Sox? boy, he'd have no one at his booth at soxfest to shake his hand thats for sure
  20. bmags

    Music Thread

    went to neko case last night. She was splendid.
  21. bmags

    Bad Opening Day starts

    you gotta make your name somehow.
  22. bmags

    80k fans say Sox best franchise in Chicago.

    QUOTE(jackie hayes @ Apr 1, 2007 -> 08:07 PM) I think the Bears pretty much locked it up for the next 5 years with that whole Paris Hilton thing. was this a std joke
  23. bmags

    Apple Fans

    nice, i like that 4 desktops in one feature.
  24. bmags

    Sox make 7 roster moves

    do you think he meant invisible or invincible?
  25. bmags

    Sox v Mariners, at TEP, 3:05pm, 3/22/07

    just don't be raining in south padre next week!!