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    Steve Jobs received stock options w/o approval

    The point of the article was that even if you have all the transactions of the company, they are so loaded with company language and jargon that it reaches millions of pages, so we can't keep looking at it like a puzzle, but rather a mystery, so if we see something odd in a companies reports, we follow because even with all the information, it's getting to hard to decode. It was basically a suggestion on how to avoid.
  2. bmags

    USA Today

    article made me feel pretty good.
  3. bmags

    Steve Jobs received stock options w/o approval

    what the new yorker said, was that enron didn't hide anything, obviously i'm only a sophomore in college so feel free to correct me if any of this looks wrong to any of you, but that all of revenue for enron was coming on deals that they'd get paid for when the contract starts, 2016 and the like. And also was their heavy reliance on SPE's. Which i'm basically paraphrasing as i'm reading : for a high money loan and to bypass high interest, they set up a partnership called the SPE, the bank lends money to the partnership, and it gives it to the business. It does not show up on balance sheets and many companies do this. Enron got in trouble by not getting SPE loans with deals it was sure to recoup on, it was using them on less reliable deals, which is where it got in trouble. now here was the point of the article, all of this info was reported and available, unfortunately all of this was hundreds of thousands of pages, literally, and would take an expert to figure it out over weeks. As the writer goes on to say, the judge accused enron of not releasing the info in a way we could understand, yet there were summaries of summaries of summaries and it was still 200 pages that was just as complicated to understand. Now, i should clarify at this point, that he is not saying enron didn't do anything wrong, what Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote the article, is saying is that business deals are getting so complicated that we need to change the way we look at companies to prevent such a failure. As he pointed out, if we were to look at their tax returns we saw that they weren't paying any income tax, because they weren't making any money. it was really fascinating, i encourage you all to try and find it.
  4. bmags

    Will Ferrell + Ice Skating = funny

    baxter was the star of anchorman
  5. bmags

    Will Ferrell + Ice Skating = funny

    interesting reaction. I thought it looked awful. his movies seem to be nose diving in terms of quality, or at least just wearing me down.
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    Steve Jobs received stock options w/o approval

    anyone read that huge story on enron in the new yorker? it was pretty interesting.
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    Evil Bastard Husband of 2007 Contest Over

    as a punishment for year round warm weather. this is awful.
  8. bmags

    Greatest Hits / Live Albums

    wilco's kicking television is probably my favorite live album because i got to hear nels cline really shine. as for best of, considering blur's pension for inconsistency on albums, i found their best of pretty good.
  9. QUOTE(Chisoxfn @ Jan 16, 2007 -> 09:10 PM) But were you at the game, dressed in Sox gear with a half dozen of your best buddies (all of whom happen to be Angel fans). oh that's awful. No i was safely at home going mad.
  10. bmags

    Dumbest moments in Sox history.

    the paniagua episode is so funny because its so theoretical. If he had never come in, would the twins not have had momentum coming in the next two. I don't think that much of it, i chalk it up more to just disappearing.
  11. bmags

    Hussiens half-brother hanged....

    in fact i would like some outside the box thinking on capital punishment if there is going to be capital punishment. I think we should look towards the governator's own 'running man' for possible ideas.
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    Hussiens half-brother hanged....

    it could be written in arabic about an american captive? Yes. well, actually what i said doesn't entirely work because it says hussein's half brother hanged, but it would work if i also added [insert american captives name] hanged.. ......and there's a bonus! Really covered my bases there.
  13. bmags

    What kind of town is Chicago?

    i stopped reading after the first page and this has nothing to do with the argument over whether this is a football town, because it is. BUt i do find it amazing how people have forgotten how popular the hawks were in the early to mid nineties. I used to be able to list the entire 94 hawks team, and yet i can barely remember most of the 94 bears season. The UC used to be packed even after it was decided it was a remarkably disappointing experience coming from Chicago stadium to the UC. What Wirts has done to that franchise is so saddening. I don't watch the hawks, and i don't know s*** about the hawks anymore. And that is his fault, entirely. btw, does anyone remember that paper "the blue line". Oh man i used to love that.
  14. bmags

    Official College Basketball Thread

    ahh damn we were so close. Stefhon hannah with the ball in his hands in clutch situations looks a lot like batman running with the bomb over his head in the first batman movie.
  15. bmags


    Recent DVD purchases: Kicking and Screaming (baumbach, criterion co.) Being There (wanted to see this forever, loved the book, amazed at how well Sellers brought it to life on screen!) Masculin Feminin (Godard, Criterion Co. - still haven't seen)
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    Hussiens half-brother hanged....

    maybe Iraq should switch to the gas chamber, shooting range, etc. This hanging thing just ain't working out. also, tex is throwin some burn sauce in this thread.
  17. bmags

    Cancelled Gems

    Dinosaurs. ...
  18. bmags

    Windbag Murphy Dumping on the Sox

    lets keep talking aboot the bulls.
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    Cancelled Gems

    QUOTE(Rex Kicka** @ Jan 14, 2007 -> 06:35 AM) Didn't they just do or are getting ready to bring back a second season of Stella? ??? !!!!
  20. bmags

    Cancelled Gems

    QUOTE(DrunkBomber @ Jan 14, 2007 -> 06:07 AM) Ill have to third and fourth Freaks and Geeks. I never saw it until a recent ex had the whole set on DVD and it was real good. I dont think I even heard of it when it was on tv. What channel was it on. ennnnn beeee seeeee
  21. bmags

    Soxtalk Community Prediction: Alex Cintron

    17 game winning home runs, renamed "lil' papi"
  22. bmags

    Cancelled Gems

  23. bmags

    How did you get into the Sox?

    dad was an orioles fan, took us to sox games, frank thomas is the reason.
  24. bmags

    Cancelled Gems

    undeclared. freaks and geeks.
  25. bmags

    Best Song Covers

    i absolutely loathe claptons version of i shot the sheriff.