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    Sutcliffe and Repsin just gushed about the Sox

    It was cool driving to mizzou for orientation we had the cardinals game on and when they were reading the scores of the day, the mentioned the sox and then went on to talk for about 5 minutes about how impressive they were...so while we aren't getting national press...don't think we aren't noticed.. btw...st. louis' radio announcers were great, i enjoyed listening to them.
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    London Bombings

    tis the difference between a country thats been around for 230 years and a country thats been around for 1000 years.... amazing how resiliant london is, truly inspiring.
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    Insider Info Please

    ryan sweeney has no power?
  4. bmags

    Activist Justices?

    pssh, how could you not know it started in 1790?? :headshake
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    Bobby Jenks

    i had the stomach flu and while you were cheering and celebrating the game...i was throwing up...give me a break i just learned of jenks appearance in the ninth through this
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    Bobby Jenks

    i was just thinking how funny it would be to have back to back innings...the first with shingo and the second with jenks...try to catch up with that fast ball after seeing a 67 mph frizbee
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    Summer Concerts

    QUOTE(LosMediasBlancas @ Jul 5, 2005 -> 04:07 PM) That's exactly the problem, I'm gonna have to sit through bands I have no interest in. I got a pre-sale price of $35.00 total for both days. It's up to like $115.00 I think. Intonation baby...2 days for 22.00
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    Summer Concerts

    QUOTE(Cerbaho-WG @ Jul 4, 2005 -> 08:42 PM) Looks like Sigur Ros tickets for Chicago will go onsale two weeks from now, most likely 7/16 sometime. New album due out in September. i was reading that the album will basically be all new songs from the studio, the new live songs they were playing weren't thought to make the cut on the album
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    Sufjan Stephens-Illinois i'll give this a 9 out of 10
  10. bmags

    Yay -- my first published article

    i'm going to major in newspaper journalism at missouri, this is awesome to see you do well
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    QUOTE(kyyle23 @ Jun 29, 2005 -> 03:26 PM) Im not a big Modest Mouse fan, but I am glad to hear that the venue is cool. 311 is playing there next month, I am thinking about trying to score some tickets even though it is sold out. walking up the scalpers were offering tickets that were less then i paid for....(no service charge) and considering it is gen ad i was kind of pissed... 311 is so awesome live, have fun there...try to go to the south end of the stage because then the band is playing with the city as its backdrop...its so breathtaking... Modest mouse was amazing too...let me plug that...that was the best show i've been to in a long long time and i've been to some good ones recently... best show since radiohead at grant park where they broke out true love waits
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    QUOTE(bmags @ Jun 28, 2005 -> 07:13 PM) i like this thread... I'm going to modest mouse tonight at the Lakefront pavillion, i'll tell you all whether its a good venue when i get back that was the best show i've ever been to. Great place to see a show and if you can find a band you like take advantage of it. The skyline behind the stage is awesome. Isaac and co. were on top of things tonight...pretty good setlist but a few songs i absolutely was thrilled to here (ex. broke, 3rd planet, tiny cities made of ashes)
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    Jeff Bajenaru

    after seeing how gary majewski is doing for the nationals... i def. think baj can succeed for us.
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    i like this thread... I'm going to modest mouse tonight at the Lakefront pavillion, i'll tell you all whether its a good venue when i get back
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    Ten Commandments NOT allowed in Courtrooms

    yes, it truly is open season on christians i can't believe people would be so upset that a government courtroom which has to deal with human laws removes a doctrine reminding all that pass in there that they are to only worship one God... kind of a slap in the face to Hindus isn't it? You can have the ten commandments all over your yard, and nobody could do anything about it, so if you want to see them, go do that, but don't try to act like taking the ten commandments out of a supposedly secular government run courtroom is infringing on your freedom of religion rights, because in all honesty it is infringing on others.
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    School Colors

    HS: green and gold college in the fall: black and gold (mizzou)
  18. bmags

    Ex-Klansman convicted

    i remember watching that movie...bad a tv movie as it was it was very tough to watch...
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    QUOTE(Kid Gleason @ Jun 21, 2005 -> 04:04 PM) The guy is such a f***ing putz. He really seems to think he is more to the music landscape than he really is. Like we really give a f*** about him thta much? Man, I can't stand the guy, and he is nothing more than a local star. The rest of the country really doesn't care all that much about him, and the rest of the world REALLY doesn't. The thing is, Chicago puts out so few Top 10 acts (popular stuff here) of this sort, that when we do, we seem to think the bands are more important than they really are. To match the fact that the guy is a raging Cub fan, he is also an arrogant prick and a mediocre songwriter and a lowsy guitarist. What a shmuck. The Smashing Pumpkins are held in the highest regard in europe and much of the US...Siamese Dream and Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness are considered some of the best albums of the 90s, and some consider them some of the best albums of all time.
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    QUOTE(LosMediasBlancas @ Jun 21, 2005 -> 01:57 PM) Would anyone recommend any of the following: Schoolyard Heroes Shout out Louds the Go! Team I don't know what music you like but i would highly recommend the Go! team... too bad it will be hard for them to get a US release
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    QUOTE(winodj @ Jun 20, 2005 -> 12:23 PM) I did. The same with Amnesiac and Hail to the Thief. I was a huge Radiohead fan through the 90s. You wanna talk about a band that lost the hook in beauty - look at Sigur Ros, look at Massive Attack, look at about 100 different bands that too many navel gazing indie kids aren't because they're supposed to like Radiohead. Radiohead fans don't like Sigur Ros? Thats news to me and a whole bunch of radiohead fans... at the ateaseweb message boards (a radiohead site) 2 sigur ros albums were rated in the top 100 albums of all time... so what are you talking about?
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    just weird and not good :rolly whose actually listened to Kid A the whole way through and just said its weird. Theres so much beauty in a lot of music thats lost because people just want a catchy hook. music would never progress if everyband was like coldplay, and we'd get bored incredibly quick
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    Why is Hillary Clinton doing well in New York?

    QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Jun 19, 2005 -> 11:18 PM) You can leave out the "conservative" part. How many talkshow hosts are worth a damn? Greg Kot and Jim duoisdfoiuweoifs for sound opinions...best damn show ever. tuesdays at 9 on XRT...
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    Summer Concerts

    QUOTE(winodj @ Jun 19, 2005 -> 11:09 PM) Saw them in 1998. Awesome show... his bootleg stuff that he sells at shows are pretty damn good, but again he's an artist who's past his peak. i saw him in 2002 at NIU... i liked philadelphonic but nothing since...
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    bollocks... Pablo honey's guitar riffs were greatly influenced by the smiths...or should i have just said johnny marr from the beginning... coldplay has absolutely stolen from radiohead...its just been shaved down to be less offensive, but the guitar riffs in shiver, yellow, spies...all sound like radiohead...and all of coldplays later stuff still sounds like parachutes... therefore...coldplay are a bunch of wimps who refuse to take any chances in their music and have only gotten to where they are by making radiohead-lite music.