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  1. bmags

    Scouts rate 'available' pitchers

    sweet. I hope GM's read this stuff
  2. bmags

    Sox show interest in Toronto's Wells

    well we should be showing interest.
  3. bmags

    Sox sign Po-Yu Lin

    I hear New Zealand is soon to be the next Taiwan!
  4. bmags

    Spray on condoms coming soon

    don't worry EM, tommy lee doesn't wear condoms.
  5. bmags

    White Sox still "enamored with A-Rod"

    QUOTE(Chisoxfn @ Dec 4, 2006 -> 07:14 PM) Technically thats not that awful of a trade. I'd like to get them to give us an additional arm but I really am a big McPherson fan. So if we really think Joe's gone its not that bad of a deal. I also like Dallas a lot more than I like Fields. i just don't understand that trade, at all really.
  6. bmags

    Sox sign Po-Yu Lin

    is that sarcasm? my head just exploded
  7. bmags

    Spray on condoms coming soon

    i'd like to see the infomercial of the exhasperated consumer struggling put on his condom with the toaster going off and flour everywhere. Now its just the touch of a button!
  8. bmags

    Anyone else saddened by the decline of Britney Spears

    yes the subtlety of dancing simulating sex has really taken a back seat to me just rubbing my weiner all over a chick on beat. DUN DUN DUN DUN
  9. bmags

    White Sox still "enamored with A-Rod"

    figgens and mcpherson are they just throwin s*** out there now?
  10. bmags

    Sox sign Po-Yu Lin

    QUOTE(Balta1701 @ Dec 4, 2006 -> 05:22 PM) I like the Thumbs up. He would fit well as a new Taiwanese Friend.
  11. bmags

    Book Thread Part 2

    i like andrew sullivan, i don't agree with him on a lot but he can debate and debate well. Furthermore, i'm still reading infinte jest haha
  12. bmags

    Kirkjian column

    kirkjian isn't a very good writer. "Josh Fields, who can really hit!" Nice use of complex diction.
  13. bmags

    Ahmadinejad's letter to Americans

    QUOTE(Rex Kicka** @ Dec 1, 2006 -> 03:49 AM) Y'all are misunderstanding me. Any diplomatic overture from Iran towards the United States - however insincere it may be, is a tremendous opportunity for the United States' efforts within the middle east. By reacting to this with honest responses to what Ahmadinejad says in this letter, we can increase our standing within the international community. What Iran says or does after this moment, is irrelevant to this opportunity - because it gives the US the opportunity to grab the moral high ground in the eyes of many in the international community who feel that this is ground that we've lost. Is this a breakthrough? Hell, no. Is it a start to creating the dialogue and international cooperation we would need to successfully take care of an Iranian threat on a military level? Hell, yes. And whether or not this is an inevitability is definitely open to question - but the idea of not making a start to finding friends for this potential theater is definitely something that the US, in its current position, should be considering. I agree with this very much. I think dialogue is extremely important.
  14. bmags

    The Office

    QUOTE(Dan @ Dec 1, 2006 -> 11:16 PM) The Office scrubs jokes miss way way way way way more than they hit
  15. bmags

    Chicago's first winter storm loom

    i had an absolutely great day...so much fun
  16. bmags

    Chicago's first winter storm loom

    Uni of MIzzou is celebratin its first snowday in like 30 years!!!!
  17. bmags

    The Office

    a gutbustingly funny episode. "you can't let a baby play with paperclips, she might swallow them" "that's okay i have plenty" hahahhaha
  18. bmags

    Chicago's first winter storm loom

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Nov 30, 2006 -> 08:37 PM) I went to school in southern ohio. When it snowed, much like Memphis, the whole city, all the roads leading into the city and all surrounding towns shut down. They litterally had no snow plows that could handle 3 inches of snow. The funny thing is that the city of Oxford has heated sidewalks, so we could walk whereever we wanted, but not drive. It reminded me of around 1998 when we got dumped with 2 feet of snow out here in Chi. All through the night, just dumping feet of snow onto the streets. My town was so adapt at snow removal that by the time school came in the morning, all the major streets had been plowed and salted. it was amazing work. i'm anxious to see how mizzou handles it, we didn't have a big snowfall last year, but they've also only had 2 snow days here ever.
  19. bmags

    Mariners interested in Freddy

    they still got olivo there?
  20. that's a bit of a relief, the impression i was getting here earlier was that fields was almost a butcher at third
  21. bmags

    Phil Rogers article

    well, i'd love to have a guy like haegar just for long relief. If one of our starters screws the pooch, we wouldn't be SOL the next couple of days with an exhausted bullpen.
  22. bmags

    Chicago's first winter storm loom

    i must be a cold weather person. We are s'poseda get 8-14 inches of snow and i am in a great mood. I love cold and snowy HATE 40 and rainy.
  23. bmags


    QUOTE(Rowand44 @ Nov 29, 2006 -> 11:52 PM) Out of everyone I know, I'm the only one who didn't like Stranger than Fiction. I know a couple o' people that didn't like ' ' fiction, they aren't big ferrel fans though. I'm anxious for the spoon soundtrack