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  1. I never thought we'd have a more unwatchable team than 2015...but this is it.
  2. bmags

    8/11 Games

    There has been some excellent pitching out of DSL lately, but hard to know if any of it means there is a guy there. Loidell's 2fer3
  3. bmags

    Tigers fire Avila

    Avila always was a weird hire. Like Dick Williams with the Reds, Avila was an old school guy trying to learn new concepts, but you really don't want a learning curve in a rebuild. Just get the real thing.
  4. bmags

    8/10 Games

    His bat speed is really noticeably crazy
  5. bmags

    8/10 Games

    Great Burke game
  6. bmags

    8/10 Games

    Was this simas?
  7. wouldn't it be better if pringle is in the slot and velus bumps down to 4? I still have low low expectations for EQ St Brown in terms of real production, but him and pringle are damn good run blockers (unless I'm misremembering and it was Harry that was better at RB). Still hoping our running offense is a big deal.
  8. yes, joe borchard failed 20 years ago and that's why you shouldn't bring up players from the minor leagues.
  9. Carlos isn't the type of prospect you worry about his development. Considering how much of his ability to stick will be on work with pitchers, I'd just bring him up if we decide Yas can't hack it.
  10. bmags

    MiLB 2022 Catch All thread

    It was pretty astonishing how bad he was his entire minor league career. There was like no point he was remotely productive.
  11. finally, sounds like a great day for offense.
  12. bmags

    BA's Updated Top 30 - White Sox

    holy smokes, didn't see that. Yeah, I'd still take wes kath 100 times out of 100 over jason friggen bilous.
  13. bmags

    8/9 Games

    Thompson's fastball seems good enough that he really should have at least a bullpen future, which is nice.
  14. bmags

    BA's Updated Top 30 - White Sox

    I’m a little surprised, this is the big update? Seems like the draftees just pushed in. BA updates monthly now, though, so I’m not that hung up on it. Also just pretty sure Sosa is legit, albeit needing some patience, so don’t care too much. We know a lot about the kid.
  15. Certainly what it’s felt like
  16. bmags

    8/9 Games

    Luis Mieses, double #600
  17. bmags

    8/9 Games

    Former FSU pitcher Jonah Scolaro was signed by Sox from an American Baseball league team, had a pretty sweet debut.
  18. bmags

    8/9 Games

    Romy back at Charlotte…homers
  19. bmags

    8/9 Games

    Another chapelli triple, and excellent pitching for DSL. 12 ks for 3 pitchers.
  20. Yeah, hopefully he’s up for Sept though (he won’t be, because it allows burger/Martin) but he has real power when he’s healthy.
  21. Bears have so much leverage with two franchise tags that would be about similar to his deal. I don’t see Roquans play working. but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he sits out.
  22. bmags

    Formula One

    I kinda thought haas is just trying to get Ferrari to pay more money to put Schumacher in the seat again (esp since he crashes so much)