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  1. bmags

    4/17 Games

    the good news is not even sox first baseman prospects end up as first baseman.
  2. bmags

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    You could squint and see some of the first half bulls. Not doing that "if lonzo was here" but the first half bulls esp of December were a bit of everyone inserting their own flavor. Caruso created a loose ball in like 4 straight possessions in the 4th yesterday and felt like the bulls only converted one of those breaks into points. What does that look like with Lonzo there? I hope there is still some bit of that team fight in there. But if nothing else hope I never see TT as a bull again.
  3. bmags

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    I actually thought the movement in game 1 was much better, they generated a ton of open 3s but just cannot hit them. Also man tristan thompson was the worst signing. Just absolutely miserable as soon as he sets foot on the court. I was just happy it was competitive and they had a shot to win. Really difficult time now for two years where suddenly the all star break hits and its this completely lethargic, terrible team that is a 180 from a fun team prior. And it's completely different players this year, not sure why these epic collapses have occurred like this.
  4. bmags

    Ballpark prices

    honestly nobody would care about this if they didn't disappear the goose or had they appropriately replaced it with a piping plover
  5. bmags

    Ballpark prices

    Probably because it's april. Family sundays in the summer are very popular, and it's very fun to bring my kids to games which is why I'd like to go more.
  6. bmags

    4/18 Game

    I think @Dick Allen mentioned he retired this offseason. I didn't see anything to confirm, but I'm glad he made his way back. He's just had brutal luck with injuries and hopefully that has affected his production. His debut was so dynamic, hope he finds some day light.
  7. immediately my first thought as well
  8. ACTUALLY I think our experiences with players like Daniel Palka make us rightfully weary of putting too much in an encouraging debut - especially when paired with players not very interesting to prospect writers. But there was some BA article referencing Burger and then I was just absolutely berating @Quin ruthlessly about how being a burger boy is better than an adolfo amigo and looked up the statcast numbers and this stuff is interesting 1. Burger hit the absolute crap out of the ball consistently in his (short) time up last year - His 60% hard hit rate (in this small sample) would be the best hard hit rate in baseball. Judge was at 57%. Hard hit rate is EVs over 95 mph and he did it in 14 of 23 batted balls. - His 115 mph max EV put him in the 90th percentile - Hitting the ball hard is good, imo 2. He's faster than I expected - His 65% percentile speed is better than I expected, as was his athleticism 3. He walked 10% of his ABs, and his prior history makes me believe his 33% k rate should come down with more reps (as would hard hit rate but ...) Basically I think it makes more sense to prioritize getting Burger at bats than Micker, and we should just bite the bullet on micker and hope he still ends up in Charlotte. Ratings Burger 😍 Adolfo 😏
  9. bmags

    Ballpark prices

    I was just going to say this. Especially with kids it has made it a lot more difficult, and the other side of that is I liked going as a kid and eating hot dogs and ice cream and not eating a warm ham sandwich and warm water.
  10. bmags

    Ballpark prices

    to address DAs post, I was pretty surprised. Obviously, feels like baseball orgs/vendors feel far more comfortable passing all costs onto fans to protect the same margins. I'm sure they saw uncertainty that all other restaurants faced in sourcing and labor,a nd were just like "just to be safe, let's increase prices 25%". I get the going to games on a budget concept, but to me the reason to go to the game is to sit and have a polish and a beer. Otherwise I enjoy the game just fine at home. Will I buy a ticket package again if I have to be a monk at the games because now I can only really enjoy 2-3? Zero chance.
  11. mock draft using dane brugler grades (hence the terrible grades on Jurgens)
  12. yeah nice catch. Robert is gonna be a 30/30 guy this year, but boy would 40/40 be cool.
  13. bmags

    4/16 Games

    2 hits for Kath
  14. bmags


    Absolutely huge. And very well played, intense games. Incredible pitching. Keep it going , uh, Vince Velazquez
  15. Greg Gabriel said league believes bears go big bodies early not skill
  16. bmags

    ROSTER CRUNCH: who goes and who stays

    Good thread. Burger/Mendick gone
  17. Jake at 204 wRC+
  18. I have had no luck selling them, obviously it's easter. Happy to transfer to a soxtalker and i have a parking pass too. Tix are in section 101
  19. bmags

    4/15 Games

    is it home and home? How bizarre. Also glad Birmingham to stop playing Chattanooga. Having two different CHA in the box scores was messing with me (also kannapolis was playing against a jose rodriguez)
  20. bmags

    Apple TV plus

    please internalize more.
  21. bmags

    Apple TV plus

    and add to that when I just had cable I didn't have to deal every six months with threats that the regional sports networks would fall off. 2 or so years ago it really did feel like this was all a consumer benefit, and now...it reallllly does not. (blah blah all the extra content etc)
  22. bmags

    MiLB 2022 Catch All thread

    He had a lat strain before the real st even started. Will be out a few months.
  23. hope so, but just a really good slot. Lockett was so good in college though, that offense was putrid, it was all just bill snyder defense and lockett and they still couldn't stop him.
  24. bmags

    4/14 Games

    Charlotte, W-S, Kanny look competitive so far. Birmingham has the best manager. Sox minors could see like a 100 win improvement lol.