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    Sox Reportedly Calling up Davis Martin

    He's been interesting guy to follow. In A-A+ he would put together these incredible games of like 10+ks and a few runs, and then the next outing 2 IP and 10 runs. So he clearly had potential to dominate, and slowly moved up, then this year he put it all together with command and this is a bit of a surprise but with pitchers is it ever that much of a surprise?
  2. Grayson Allen breaks Alex Caruso's wrist. Bulls respond by letting him destroy them in regular season and playoff games. Aaron Rodgers yells he own's the bears and embarrasses them at home, give up 4 TDs and give up 45 points next time played. Ryan Tepera claims astros can't cheat at GRF, astros destroy them in a listless game 4 beating sox 10-1 or whatever it was. Tim Anderson gets mad and makes noise at Josh Donaldson's hard tag, sox sleep in through a sunday finale. Basically chicago sports right now are getting punched in the face by bullies and responding by calling them our daddys and putting a leash around our neck.
  3. bmags

    MiLB 2022 Catch All thread

    https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/minor-league-offensive-data-standouts-for-april/ shoutout to Ramos as an april offensive standout (also pet crush I had jacob amaya whom I hoped to be a 40 man target soon from dodgers.
  4. bmags

    Cueto to Sox (Official)

    Never thought we’d see an offseason acquisition list as bad as 2016 but I think Hahn did it.
  5. bmags

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    that is absolutely brutal news. Every knee injury on the bulls ends up worst case scenario. Now worried about Lavine.
  6. bmags

    5/15 Games

    One common refrain that the last 20 years of more fan voice has given us is dismissal that internet gms just fire everyone and are idiots. But the thing is if you outsourced white sox minor league scouting to this forum I think it would be better. Even if we didn't get any more info than scouting websites + futuresox + box scores, I think we'd be better. And that's definitely not saying we'd be among the best scouting depts in the game, mainly just that the sox are bad.
  7. bmags

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    The thing about the hitting coach that always comes back is someone will say hitting coaches don't really matter, but if that's the case there's no real reason not to fire them either so you may as well give it a shot.
  8. bmags

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    This won't last, but the giants are a team with the best player development in baseball and the sox are not in the top ten (at the very least).
  9. bmags


    Same, was an excellent game to attend. Fun crowd, great weather.
  10. bmags

    5/13 Games

    Soft tossin lefty in college per BA Drafted in the 10th round (305th overall) by the Chicago White Sox in 2021 (signed for $20,000) Sommer is a proven college performer with Indiana and has a career 3.71 ERA over four seasons. He pitched mostly out of the bullpen before moving to a full-time starting role in 2020 and this spring posted a 4.60 ERA over 12 starts and 62.2 innings, while striking out 69 batters and walking 38. Sommer is a soft-tosser who throws his fastball in the upper 80s and occasionally touches 91, but he has good feel for an upper-70s/low-80s changeup that he threw around 30% of the time this spring. He also throws a curveball and a cutter and shows feel to pitch to both sides of the plate.
  11. bmags

    5/13 Games

    Uh 7 BBS for Bilous tonight
  12. bmags

    5/12 Games

    Lenyn Sosa was 2-5 and after yesterdays power surge he’s now over 1.000 in Birmingham. Also J Rodriguez 2-5
  13. bmags

    5/12 Games

    I’ve seen enough, Menas probably the only pitcher with a curve for strikes in low-A. Move him up.
  14. bmags

    5/12 Games

    Not sure about the historical accuracy of that helmet
  15. bmags

    5/12 Games

    Love how Rodriguez has been making more contact but sad his power hasn’t been much in Bham so far.
  16. bmags

    5/12 Games

    One of the few years Charlotte has been an interesting watch.
  17. bmags

    5/12 Games

    Oh hey Charlotte is playing OSU receiver Smith-Njigbas brother
  18. bmags

    5/12 Games

    Lol you still believe Norge Vera is real? I stopped believing in him when I was 12!
  19. bmags

    5/12 Games

    So same amount of runs scored as if they played?
  20. bmags

    5/12 Games

    Next time he pitches the next day remind me to bring out a killer “Hasta Mena-na” joke
  21. bmags

    Robinson Cano

    Preller is absolutely going to try my roid and roll plan
  22. bmags

    Eloy Supposedly Back in Two Weeks

    I could buy 2 weeks to rehab, but I don't buy 2 weeks to MLB team.
  23. bmags

    Market/Financial Thread

    I still love that company and its leadership but it's going to be real touch and go for all of the smaller players the next few years. I hope they raised enough capital to stay afloat because I think they've made a lot of smart bets and obviously they have a big plant in IL I'm rooting for as well.
  24. In general I hate when people specifically let everyone know they don't like care for something in the middle of everyone discussing it... yet... I really don't understand they hyperventilating every year trying to figure out the nfl schedule. We already know what teams they are playing! Who cares! It's May, at this point October is only a loose, sad concept to me.
  25. bmags

    5/11 Games

    Wow I did not know they had milb game feeds. Awesome