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  1. 6 hours ago, turnin' two said:

    I wish GIolito could have been that.  I mean, I know he would have thrown a perfecto had he started game 1, but...

    I wish Lynn could have been poised and in control.

    And Rodon.

    And everyone in the bullpen.  

    The pitching was so bad.  

    this is where I feel like I'm crazy compared to what I'm reading. I'd honestly feel so much better if we had found our Logan Webb or Max Fried and lost, but I probably would be focusing on the offense.

    But for second year in a row our pitching entered the playoffs and could not throw strikes and implode. Now Giolito was great last year, but now we'll have an entire pitching staff co into next years playoffs thinking "not again".

    But to watch that pitching where we gave up 5, 9, 6 and 10 runs and think "we need to trade Eloy"..man I don't know. In the playoffs there will be games pitching will shut you down but you really should also have games where you shut their hitters down.

    And yet pitching is such a pain to develop but hard to exit out of. Two years ago this is why I wanted to swap out some of these guys for more established players. Really hard to cut the cord on Cease when he found such excellent swing and miss stuff, he could very well put it all together this offseason and be the best pitcher on the staff.

    I don't see a reason to subtract to solve log jams. Just keep adding. If all we did was add Scherzer and trade kimbrel for some good looking 25 year old A ball pitcher would people really be mad? Add Add Add, don't trade players for "balance", you won't be as smart as you think.

  2. I really adding stuff like this just in training would help just as much as talent diversification. I know there isn't one cool trick to solve everything, but sox hitters have made adjustments before. But a lot of what they are asked is just approach and selection. I think we have some incredibly athletic hitters that could get much better vs. offspeed pitches


    I'm sure TLR will get right on this.

  3. 19 minutes ago, almagest said:

    The Rays had the same problem. McClanahan went 5 innings 0 runs in the first game (Rays won), then Baz went 2.1 innings (3 runs) in game 2, Rasmussen went 2 innings (3 runs) in game 3, and McHugh went 2 innings (0 runs) before McClanahan came in and gave the game up (0.2 innings, 5 runs).

    I really wish we could have signed Charlie Morton last offseason. I don't think it was possible due to his preferences. Also getting waino...woulda been nice.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Buehrle>Wood said:

    These anti Abreu posts are bizarre. A 3 WAR 1bman is the least of our problems. It's not a problem at all, in fact.

    Seriously, I walked away despondent because unlike, say, Atlanta we didn't find our Max Fried. I thought Giolito was it but he shit the bed. Giolito is great. But yeah, the red sox did it somehow but it's extremely difficult to win playoff games with 4 bad starters.

    I can easily see doing nothing on offense and ending up with a good offense. I can even see sacrificing some of it for some better defensive play.

    But we either need a known playoff star like Scherzer to join, or at least consider bringing in some MUCH different looks, a guy that can come in and throw a bunch of curves for strikes. I was hoping Rodon would throw 65+ sliders yesterday and just turn "Rodoning" into a verb. 

    I hate sinker slider combos, but maybe we go to alex wood or some left handed pitcher too. Need to break up something pitching wise. Also get me Joe Kelly.

  5. Just now, BrittBurnsFan said:

    Or you don't pick up the option and start with a clean slate.  I don't have strong feelings either way (other than the fact that he sucked this year)!  But to think we would get some big time contributor to a successful season next summer it seems would be wishful thinking.  Nobody will be giving up as much as we gave up (regardless of how one feel's about Madrigal) to acquire him. 

    You could, and I wouldn't blame them. But now you at least have the option of sending Kimbrel + $4 million for a better package, or Kimbrel for a weak package, or Kimbrel + $8 million for a much better package. There were a number of aspiring playoff teams in the bottom 10 of bullpen including phillies, reds, mariners, blue jays. 

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