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  1. 1 hour ago, Sox Fan In Husker Land said:

    If MLB wants to show they actually take this cheating as a team seriously, they should take away Houston’s 2020-2023 1st through 5th round picks in the MLB draft and the pool $ that comes with it. They should also ban them from International Signings for 4 years. 

    MLB needs to come down extremely hard on them, or you just encourage others to do the same. 


    There is also precedent for forcing the removal of front office employees remember. MLB has been pretty strict recently. STL got off a little light, but obviously Copollela did not.

  2. Just now, Dick Allen said:

    As they now say they are investigating withMLB, it's obvious they are guilty. So take a couple high picks and slot money away. Say next team that gets caught the punishment will be worse. I have no problem stealing signs if you get them the old fashioned way, usually a runner on 2b. In college we had a first base coach who could get them somehow,  although he was wrong once with me and I almost went right into gas face first so I told him I didn't want to "know" anymore. Joe Nossek figuring out 3B signs is fine but there isn't nearly the running a more so that lessens the impact.

    We never know, could be a tougher punishment. They dropped a pretty big hammer on the braves for stuff that “a lot of teams” were doing.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Eminor3rd said:

    Bumgarner is a Felix Hernandez 30.

    He debuted at 20, and has been a horse since 21. Lotta miles on the arm and the decline in stuff reflects it. 

    I already did this exercise. It’s not the predictor people think. And his spin rate increased along with velo this year. CC Sabathia had a very similar career, and while his 30s weren’t incredible they were productive.

  4. 17 minutes ago, Balta1701 said:

    Yeah but would you trust him for 4 years as opposed to Odo for 1-2 years?

    What makes you think odorizzi will be 1 year (esp if he turns down qualifying offer), and Bumgarner is only 30 compared to Odorizzi's 29, this isn't like Hamels vs. Odorizzi.

  5. 1 hour ago, chw42 said:

    His home/away splits are pretty telling. He pitches in the most pitcher friendly park in baseball. If you take him out of Oracle and put him in GRate for half his starts, he's gonna end up with a 4.5 ERA. 

    People say this all the time and it's never that dramatic. His xFIP puts him at 4.3 (jake odorizzi's...4.3)

    His fastball velo went up last year, allowing him to bring back his 4 seamer more. He increased his k rate and decreased his walk rate. His HR rate already consumed the juiced ball surge which may very well see a decline as the mlb tries to solve the lack of consistency. He'd also be playing a very power starved division, excluding the twins.

    His cutter and fb combo is still evolving. I think he's only going to get better at using it.

    But I'll trust him to find productivity over jake odorizzi putting it together for a year and everyone thinking he can just replicate that.

  6. 8 hours ago, SoxBlanco said:

    Merkin has gone out of his way several times to say that we shouldn’t expect guys like Cole or Rendon. And that NBCS article above includes quotes from last winter...it’s nothing new. 

    Nobody is talking big in terms of the big three free agents. They are talking big in terms of spending money to fill several holes. 

    Ha, yeah that has been funny. Open to interpretation on how excited we'll be with signing Odorizzi.

  7. 7 hours ago, ChiliIrishHammock24 said:

    Great, that doesn't change my point even one iota. 

    Now if I had said that Hahn would be the best GM in baseball if he had a larger payroll to deal with, then sure, what you said would be considered a counter-point. 

    You uh, said he would thrive. But I suppose that may mean just his personal health and not the results of the team. 

    Also I just pointed out that two teams that spent less than Hahn in a rebuilding year where he wasn't trying to compete made the playoffs. I could have brought up that both teams that won his division sported payrolls less than Hahn has had during his "competing" years.

    And I'm sure instead of hiring personnel from the teams that can operate well on smaller budgets, one of 29 other teams will approach hahn to hire him, recognizing that he is just one of those execs that can't operate on a smaller budget but will thrive on a bigger one, but still wouldn't be the best GM in baseball. It's a pretty compelling case to hire him.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Jack Parkman said:

    As a lot of people have said, in a vacuum Bumgarner makes sense, but what happens in the dugout the first time Anderson, Moncada or Eloy pimp a HR? 

    He doesn’t care unless it happens to him. What do you think he’s going to charge the field and tackle them?

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  9. While ideally you can fit the perfect puzzle pieces into place, the Sox need offense and a lot of it.

    $220 million would maybe be spent better if Yelich or Judge were available, but they are not. 

    You sign a castellanos or ozuna you are gonna want to upgrade on them. You don’t have an inkling if that with Rendon.

    That said, I’d put many pitching targets above him before I’d seriously prioritize this.

  10. Just now, Jose Abreu said:


    If we sign Rendon and move Moncada to 2B I'd obviously be happy since Rendon is elite, and I agree that Moncada is at least good enough to be a regular 2B.


    But I would rather see Moncada at 3B, Madrigal at 2B, Rendon at 1B, Abreu (eventually Vaughn) at DH, and still go after a Castellanos/Pederson type for RF. Of course, I highly doubt we even are serious about Rendon. 

    Yeah that's interesting. Would be an actually good defensive infield.

  11. 1 minute ago, mqr said:

    It would be pretty typical to see Moncada moved to second and coincidentally see a drop in offensive production and everyone attributes it to the position change forever. 

    Ha, this would be hilarious "you took a silver slugger third baseman and moved him to second? He doesn't know where the balls gonna go...discombobulated...guy can't play. Hahn sucks!"

  12. Just now, steveno89 said:

    Assume fantasyland and we sign Rendon, move Moncada back to 2B, where the heck does Madrigal play? Or would he just become trade bait in this situation? 


    I think the good thing about madrigal is he's absolutely a player you could play all over (though sub-optimal production) and just be deep, but also, yes I think trading him is fine.

  13. Just now, steveno89 said:

    Love Rendon as a player, but he's not signing anywhere where he is not the unquestioned starting 3B day one. 

    Also, he has already been offered 7/210-215 to remain with the Nationals. It would take far more to get him on the south side. Can't see us ponying up. 

    I get this reaction, but I just don't like the idea that we judge moves as 'bad' just because the sox are unlikely to pursue them. The offseason has a long ways to go, I'll wait until january for realism.