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  1. 26 minutes ago, soxfan49 said:

    He just got a HC interview for Denver & Rodgers loves him. I'm not optimistic any Bears move will work out after all of the shit they've put us through for the last decade but Getsy seems like a great hire on paper

    Yeah I mean Zac Taylor became a HC with playcaling duties with the exact same resume.

    But Scarangelo went to DEN with Fangio and bombed.

    We just don’t know. But Mcvays acolytes have had more success elsewhere than Shannys.

    Shanahan may be the new belicheck honestly. He just lacks a brady

  2. 3 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    Yeah - I'm not worried about defense - but in particular - you get a bunch of smart people and one who hasn't led a full offense - and do you end up with chaos, egos and other stuff.  I don't know - just something to watch for.  

    I don't know but I think that's a good part of Pep at this point, I don't think he's looking to play power plays. He's probably content to just be a young QB partner.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    The one thing I will say is - it seems odd to have green / first time OC's coming in when you have a defensive based HC. I would have expected an OC who had been there.  Don't get me wrong - seems like bright individuals - but they are just so green and if you get too many smart minds and a green chief (as OC) - will you end up with the cohesion needed.  

    Who knows. Pep is a long enough coach he can help a lot. He's been a playcaller before. And if you get Bisaccio and Marinelli you'd have 2 former head coaches on staff


  4. It is interesting, but again a wild card. Was hoping for a hail mary of getting O'Connel or McDaniel.

    I'm not even sure what his key beliefs are based on resume, assuming he is on the McVay tree now. We need some blocking receivers.

    When he was OC at MSU (not a playcaller), they had a really rough year passing but had no QB, but ran the hell out of the ball. Maybe he will bring cool run concepts and Pep will handle the pass concepts.

  5. 2 hours ago, Chisoxfn said:

    Reports that Poles has targeted Ian Cunningham, director of player personnel from the Eagles for a high ranking front office job in Chicago. I don't know much about Cunningham, other than despite some dysfunction between GM & HC - they have largely done a pretty good job on the talent front (IMO).  I will also note that Cunningham has been with Eagles prior 5 years and before that was a scout in the Ravens org. 

    Without knowing whether Cunningham is good or bad - I like the fact that while Poles/Cunningham evidently are close - his hire wasn't purely someone from his own org and Cunningham has worked in two orgs that are known for finding some talent. I am curious whether this will be an add or is it a replacement. I am hoping to see a bit of an expansion of the front office (from what it was).  I am also curious to see what happens with Poles/Champ Kelly.  

    Cunningham was also an olineman. Thumbs up from me. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

    If they sign Castellanos that would make it very easy to trade Vaughn for a 2B. 

    Trying to square the idea that Sox are too one dimensional corner guys outlook with the Sox should sign a one dimensional corner guy for buku bucks and trade the cheap one for the less expensive position to buy.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    Re: Eberflus - I didn't realize this (and maybe this isn't true and I misread this) - but I believe beyond just being the defensive coach, he was actually passing game coordinator in Dallas in '16 and '17.  So I would think both being very good at defensive scheming + his time serving as a coordinator (whatever that means) - at least positions him to have good viewpoints on what he wants for that offensive role.  

    I assume it is either one of the coaches still coaching (Rams OC / Niners OC) who would view this as an upgrade, or a former HC who was a HC (Caldwell or something like that). But beyond OC - they got to get a full strong team that can maximize the playbook for Justin and do all the little things to put him in best position to excel.  

    He was a defensive passing game coordinator in DAL not offensive.

    He did recruit the second best QB in Missouri history though in Brad Smith. So 😍

  8. 21 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    He isn't the name I would have hired - but - with that said - I think we all pretend like there is some script and these are the guys that succeed.  When you really think around the league - I think the best coaches, with a limited exception - all of them are more of the set the tone, instill the vision, rules around discipline, put their stamp on game plans, etc, but very few are necessarily successful because they are the self proclaimed guru at their craft.  

    McDermott - CEO type; Very good DC too - but very big picture in his head coach role

    Tomlin - CEO Type; Obviously defense is his background but if you looked at him - he had a lot of very strong DC's underneath him (so it wasn't like he had a bunch of raw, DC in name only coaches)

    Belicheck - CEO type - unique; No one can operate like Bill and get away from it (at least not early in their career); He can do so much more because of his rings (to his own credit); But he leans pretty heavy on his DC and OC - but where he spends his time is really the architecture - what vision he has for the teams and gameplanning; in particular - I think he dials in his involvement in gameplanning during post-season but regular season more hands off; Additionally - I think more of the visioning is applied during the off-season - setting tone for make-up and strategy of best use for players -but than letting day to day get ran by its people.

    McVay - Genius type - but he has had good offensive minds and seems to be one of the few that toys the line.  

    Andy Reid - Genius type, but as a CEO - but he also relies on his coordinators and is very comfortable in his own skin. 

    Carroll - CEO type; He's a good defensive guy - and e will put his stamp on things, but is a less intense mini belicheck in how he handles things.  Or more like McDermott.  

    Rivera - CEO type - same way (not sure Rivera belongs on this list).  

    Arians - Genius - very unique / own style


    Pretty sure Belicheck is heavily involved in defensive game planning, and you did not include Shanahan who is definitley one of the best coaches in the league given his qb play.

  9. 12 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    I can't complain - want to see what he does from a staffing perspective; He is a seasoned coach and seems to be a good teacher and I suspect will be very comfortable in his own skin. His defenses have  been good and he seems to preach discipline, etc.  I do think for Justin Fields sake - it will be important to find him a nucleus of coaches that can excite him in his development.  

    He does have a good rep as a teacher, may be part of a player development side Poles wanted vs just focusing on leadership or Xs and Os.

  10. Last thoughts - for once I wanted more certainty and give up a bag to get a top coach.

    BUT, we've talked a lot about how the bears go from one extreme to the other. Sleepy angelo to fiery, "new school" Emery. Gave Emery keys to castle and he wiles out with Trestman, hire new GM and force an experience defensive coach at multiple stops. Then go to offensive guru. 

    They didn't let Poles age or "one org" background stop them on Poles, and Poles didn't care about what the bears have done, apparenlty, in Eberflus.

    But yeah, we have no idea. But he was a really good coach at Mizzou. Pinkel made his hay drafting 3 stars and putting muscle and coaching in them. He made Sean Weatherspoon, and we had a good big 12 defense, that 2007 defense was actually good. It just wasn't good enough to beat teams with 5 star offensive lineman up and down like Oklahoma/Alabama etc.

    Not a lot of Mizzou offensive guys to dig into. But Dave Yost was OC and went on to success at Utah State, but was fired from Texas Tech recently and signed on at FIU. 

    I wouldn't recommend him for fields lol.

  11. The good about eberflus is while he has a marinelli background, he made a lot of changes consistently to his Defense. 

    Again - would love to see if he can nab Patrick Graham for defense.

    For offense, boy. 

    Offensively, funny stuff, he was on Eric Mangini's cleveland browns that had Daboll as OC.

    In Dallas, I don't see any coaches I'd like. Seriously, please no Derek Dooley as OC. Kill me. (he was with eberflus in Dallas and became OC at Mizzou)

    Indy? Well they just lost Sirianni.

    So I don't know who he's bringing. Please be good.

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  12. I'm very surprised. I was good with Quinn, but was trying to face the issues he had as HC that suck like horrible game management. But I knew he'd bring a great staff in.

    But Eberflus? Loved what the Indy writers said about him, and I think what we WILL get is a disciplined team with him. That's big but I'd still wish we'd have looked into Demeco ryans, love how he's made a team that can't play Man work out so well, that's great coaching.

    Eberflus is 51, he's been on 3 NFL staffs. So he should have a good network. 

    But this will all come down to staff. This coaching cycle sucked. We obviously hope this is a mcdermott, but we keep missing out on the can't miss coaches. I really wish we had guys offensively from the Shanahan tree, but they are so picked over now. We are looking at copies of copies.

    May as well see if we can find a guy to start something new. Super, super high variance. 

    I wonder if there are any college coordinators that would work here.

  13. So Ben R officially retired. Sean Payton going to TV. Tom Brady up in the air. Who knows if that will lead to Arians to retire again.

    Quite a passing of the baton moment. With McVay vs. Shanahan, the Allen vs. Mahomes matches, and Burrow-Chase it seems like it won't skip a beat (vs if this happened all at once with them all joining Manning out the door)

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  14. 25 minutes ago, Kyyle23 said:

    Baalke was part of the reason Harbaugh and SF fell apart, right

    Yeah. Im totally with Leftwich here, why would you sign on long term with the guy who blamed everything on Harbaugh and then signed Jim Tomasulo and Chip Kellys 1 year tenures, 

    but it’s amazing to me he is doing this as a relatively new HC candidate. 

    (it makes me like him more tbh)