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  1. 5 hours ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

    My guy Gladney has been hitting the holy hell out of the ball and he's not getting nearly enough love.  Looking at you DS.  

    0-4 3ks. Total jinx 

  2. Tough this KD stuff. Obviously chicago can't put together the best talent package for him, OKC could. So it would need KD to say I want chicago, and he hasn't said anything so etc etc.

    I still think Gobert is a good move. It doesn't solve vs. all teams but certainly helps vs a team like philly/bucks. Should also help vs. Miami. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    What if something like this - Vuc and filler/picks - Lakers get Kryie/Durant - Bulls get AD - Nets get Vuc, Brook and Picks (presumably they buyout Russ). Just making up something that doesn't have Bulls getting Durant but still has them in on the shenanigans.  

    it is very risky but does seem like one of those things where a player like AD could be injury prone until he isn't (like embiid now being largely ok). But also he could be completely toast like Dwight Howard.

  4. 1 minute ago, michelangelosmonkey said:

    Honestly man...this is creating a hate cloud.   Hahn tried for three years to win with the Sale/Quintana/Abreu core and it wasn't enough so he blew it up beautifully.  We had to go through the rebuild which again seems like it was great.  All the whining on here that the Sox never ever have gone to the playoffs two years in a row and then when we do..."big f'ing deal"????   As for the 30th ranked farm team bs...I argued about that in the off season and was shouted down.   There are some REALLY good players on this 30th ranked farm system they are just really young.  Colas, Montgomery, Vera, Sosa, Kath, Ramos...its easy to say "sox suck look at their farm ranking" without even bothering to look at the potentials.  They could have 2 or 3 in top hundred by end of the year.   

    Ah, sorry. Extra credit to Hahn for trying.

    The sox farm is very bad. It's bad because there is a complete dearth of pitching depth and depth in general. It is nice they have players you named, but other teams also have players. And you rank 30th by comparing the teams to other teams, not just being impressed that they have players. The sox eventually need to beat other top teams, not just previous versions of themselves.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Chisoxfn said:

    I don't know that this is sad - they are losing out to the defending champs.  Reality is they are stretched thin so they were never going to big players in free agency and will have to make more noise in the trade front. Sad will be if they really don't intend to go to the luxury tax (but I will point out - at this point - for the Bulls they need to get another true superstar by next year or they should rethink a few things).  That includes potential ability to land one in-season (i.e., Zion or when Lamelo Ball eventually tries to force his way into a major market, etc). 

    I still think they should be in on Ayton or very aggressive on Vuc replacements....unless they think Vucwill take a step forward. Reality is Vuc and Demar are on wrong side of 30 so those are the type of guys they should be looking to flip to get better version of older players or to extend window/flexibility, etc.  

    Wow this is some bill simmons stuff here!

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  6. 1 hour ago, michelangelosmonkey said:

    Why?   Hahn's built a roster that has won the equivalent of 90 games two years in a row with a restrictive payroll.  Hahn's adds of Graveman and Cueto have been very good while Pollock was a guy almost everyone on Soxtalk liked as an add.   I know it's Soxtalk position that everyone in the organization from top to bottom are idiots but still... top three talent roster wise with no bad contracts (Well, Leury, but only bad because...why?).   In the off season if we had signed Conforto and Marcus Semien, giving up compensatory picks and $300 million in salary, Soxtalk would have been over the moon...and now we would be in a much worse position.  It's HARD to build a championship roster (Phillies? Angels? Dodgers?) but we have built a competitive team and we just need to remember that as we float through the doldrums.  

    You don't get credit for winning the equivelant of 90 games in a sixty game season, especially when they were gassed at the end (fired their manager because of it!) and got bounced in the first round to a team they should have beat.

    It may be impressive to say the sox have made playoffs two years in a row, but 2 playoff years in a 9 year span isn't even impressive to Rockies fans.

    He has not had a restrictive payroll, the Guardians have a restrictive payroll. They have made the playoffs 5 times in that span and never finished lower than 3rd.

    The Twins have a restrictive payroll, they have also made the playoffs more than Hahn and look likely/possible to make playoffs this year (on pace for 88 wins).

    The white sox purposely traded away all assets, lost purposely for 3 years straight and were rewarded with two playoff births. They have a maxed out payroll now. They have the 30th ranked farm. Their core players are underperforming.

    Yeah I think Hahn is perfect for this, definitely showed to be shrewder than maybe 1 other GM in baseball.

  7. 17 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    Couldn’t they just use part of their tpe on Drummond and than still have the full MLE. That is if JR was willing to pay luxury tax. 

    well the real shame is they should have been able to use their bi-annual exception on Tristan Thompson, when that could have easily been used here. TT was cool though because he added nothing and was garbage.

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  8. 2 hours ago, hogan873 said:

    Remember when we were talking about this season, and we were saying that we'd need key players to be good (not necessarily great) and a few other players to step up in order for the Sox to be what we hoped, which was an easy favorite for the division?  And we also said a lot of things would have to go wrong for them to not be contenders?  Well, just about everything that could have gone bad has.  Injuries and key players performing poorly are big factors, but piss poor managing by the local drunkard has been a huge factor.

    yeah, I guess my thing is that sometimes bad seasons happen even to good teams. The problem is hahn doesn't get benefit of the doubt that he can right the ship.

  9. To me Drummond is a guy you get on vet min. As seen by: last 2 years. That doesn’t mean he’s unproductive, just that you don’t want him being immovable.

    Using MLE should get you a legit add to the team, not incentives to get vet min guys you couldn’t recruit.

    Did not expect this team to be maxed out after last year, but they really are tapped 

  10. 10 minutes ago, shipps said:

    I am probably off base on that but I didn't think he would have anticipated the actual audio being played over and over again on the Score for an entire day. Especially if he intentionally avoids the Score at all costs any other time. Maybe he just likes Shane THAT much.  

    I would be surprised if he didn't, his doing interviews is news in general and it plays as a clip every time he does his media availability. This definitely more newsworthy in that it brought back older stories and the TLR thing i guess.

  11. 9 minutes ago, shipps said:

    The first thing I thought with this interview is I bet Hahn never does another one for Shane again. 

    I dont think Hahn would have appreciated, had he known, that this interview would basically be played non stop on every show for the benefit of the Score station. Doesnt Hahn refuse to go on the Score because he hates them so much? Maybe he just doesnt go on often or what but that was my understanding. 

    Hahn didn't realize when he did an interview with a Score producer that the score would talk about it?

    Hahn is trying his hahnwashing tour, where he gets to try and separate himself and act like his hands were tied from doing what the fans want. 

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  12. 18 minutes ago, Marqhead said:

    For someone who doesn’t understand NBA assets and contracts, is there any conceivable way the Bulls could put together a package good enough to get him?

    The answer to this is if Kevin Durant wants to go to Chicago it will happen, because the brooklyn nets will want a super star in the future and they will not want to be the first team that prevents him. 

    But yeah. Salary wise it works. The Bulls then are severely limited in draft picks, and essentially would be able to trade the portland pick (not very valuable) and then would need to send off picks in 2027, 2029, etc.