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  1. FA starts today, the draft happened. I will try not be a downer, but my NBA fandom took a ginormous hit and I'm trying to recover because sports should be fun.
  2. bmags

    Momentum or Big Tease?

    I'm going to the thursday day game with my boys. Made those plans a long time ago. I think by then we'll know whether we need to care about the rest of the season or not.
  3. bmags

    8/15 Games

    sheesh MLB has the sox record wrong!
  4. Free agency starts in one month.
  5. bmags

    8/14 Games

    I wonder if it’s just a nice way to give 2 days off since they so rarely play mondays
  6. I don’t think there is a chance in hell they get to above average. If they are top 20 this year in football outsider rankings that’ll be a win
  7. bmags

    8/13 Games

    Maybe one of the most fascinating years I can remember a prospect having (Jrod)
  8. bmags

    8/13 Games

    Victor Quezada with what i prefer to call an “Elijah tatis” and that’s going 0-4 with 4 Ks in ACL
  9. bmags

    8/13 Games

    It’s a beautiful day, my tball team crushed. And Tim Elko just hit 2 home runs
  10. bmags

    8/12 Games

    I’ve asked about this guy a lot. Glad to see.
  11. bmags

    Fire Herm Schneider

    How dare you
  12. bmags

    Fire Herm Schneider

    My greensox-sequel “hero worship” tagline is the only premium operation Hahn inherited was our training staff, and he has made that a bottom barrel operation like everything else. Need a tagline though. “Bottom barrel!”
  13. bmags

    8/12 Games

    What a turnaround. Our board son.
  14. bmags

    PED suspension for Tatis Jr.

    Wow somebody doesn’t believe in the children
  15. bmags

    PED suspension for Tatis Jr.

    Wish our guys would roid tbh. Show they care
  16. bmags

    8/12 Games

    Was missing last year too. Glad for that, too hard to actually follow the games on mlb
  17. bmags

    2023 MLB Draft thread

    I like our chances
  18. bmags

    8/11 Games

    I think Eloy would have been average in a different org.
  19. bmags


    We're competitive so JR is happy. Fighting for a playoff spot. Super rad.
  20. bmags

    8/11 Games

    what we usually say here is he made a nifty play in the futures game 😁
  21. Reports of two good days of practice for the passing offense, and that it may be a good thing Fields had to play with 3rd and 4th receivers where he had to rely on the plays timing and not forcing things to Kmet/Mooney.
  22. bmags

    Boycott time (respectfully)

    The 2019 offseason is such a defining moment of the end of the JR/KW/Hahn era. After finally clearing the decks, playing bare minimum salaries for a few years, they got to play in a market for 2 young, marquee free agents that rarely become available during a time when they Red Sox, Yankees and dodgers largely tapped out due to their years in the tax. And most of all, it would finally answer years long holes in 3b/2b and RF that we had tried to plug with c level free agents. Three years later, our RF is being filled with powerless DHs. Hahn wasted $16 million to try and fill it with an aging, oft injured vet. 2B is occupied by a 35 year old bargain bin free agent. We’ve dfa’d tens of millions and gotten 0 production in our quest to show the other owners that it’s UNWISE to break the bank on one player. It’s better to waste your money over several players as a retirement gift to them.
  23. bmags

    2023 MLB Draft thread

    So how does this lottery work. We got a shot at 1 here?