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    Harper + Machado?

    I really don’t think either will hit the 40/year threshold.
  2. You aren’t going to win the argument that it will be difficult to limit a DH only (for us) player to 500 ABs. He signed the contract. He knows what’s up.
  3. We got him for next to nothing because we took in his full contract. Yankees wouldn’t want to add unnecessary salary.
  4. Right I think it’s basically they like manny a lot short term but, not long term, so it may very well work out if those priorities align. But The obnoxious thing about dodgers and Yankees for these players is the parties want them to be involved, but they can pretty much hang back and see where things move and then if they decide to match they can win any bid. They do not need to be aggressive and that’s infuriating with their resources.
  5. My sense on Yankees and Manny is it’s very much like the Stanton acquisition. “Well if he’s interested we should do our due diligence and try to make it work but if not, no big deal.” I don’t sense a drive that they must sign him.
  6. Um, the Sox continuing to bring in bad players instead of good ones is it a good sign that they will bring in good ones in the future, and pointing that out is not “freaking out” and nobody claimed posting on a message board is going to improve the rebuild.
  7. That’s cool it’s not a concern of yours but if you take away the Machado angle this looks exactly like a move the Sox would make from 2010-2016 where they acquire a middling vet hoping for a bounce back and call it progress. If this was uncoordinated and Machado doesn’t sign, then what it doesn’t do is show me an example of how the Sox will be better at structuring a roster after a decade of this same org trying and failing to structure rosters. Even for small deals, I just have higher standards than “who cares we didn’t give up much and it doesn’t hurt” because during a rebuild every move that doesn’t add to long term winning is taking time, money, or prospects that could be used toward that front. If it doesn’t matter, than don’t do it. Put $9 mill toward player development instead.
  8. They did not need to fill out what Alonso fills. I think it’s cool that they made this move regarding Machado, I do. I don’t think I need to trick myself into thinking acquiring bad roster fits in McCann and Alonso is actually great news after watching Hahn do that for 6 years now. So yes, if this was not coordinated with the agent or machado and was just a failed bail Mary, that would be a bad sign for how disciplined and good Hahn will do at building this club back up after being allowed to tear it down.
  9. bmags

    Alex Call vs. Steele Walker

    This is really unfair to walker, that said, Hostetlers preference for using high second round picks on college bats over high school position players has been a big miss. Some of the Hs this board targeted last year had really nice first runs in pro ball and have had good write ups since. The Sox selected an injured college bat that Basically lost his first year.
  10. Yeah so if Alonso had no relationship to Machado you guys are telling me you’d be happy with this trade? It has no positive value outside of Machado. At best it’s neutral. He just isn’t very good.
  11. Oh wait it’s kikuchi
  12. It would have been Corbin honestly
  13. Yeah this is a good point. You are selling me. I had a really hard time believing that this was actually a powerful tool to sign him. But the Hahn quote and agent thing, that would be pretty brutal to mislead on when you have other clients and this team happens to be one of the few with money and desire to spend soon.
  14. George off man is going to have incredible scoops about clarifying if it was a PowerPoint or video
  15. Gonna need to get some work done Sunday night now for sure.
  16. Thank you caulfield for copy pasting an entire article for some reason.
  17. Dam dude look at you. Great find.
  18. Caulfield do you really think someone needs to be a historian to answer that? That could have only happened in line the last 5 years.
  19. The only bad part about signing Machado will be having to read nightengale’s “disappointed gym teacher” tweets about his effort.
  20. This is a good point.
  21. Y’all are way too excited to move Madrigal.
  22. Top 40? For sure. But he was also my first answer for “who would you give up that has some value” for x player. Those players get you mid season relief pitchers and expensive starters. It’s not nothing.