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    Badler 2020 J2 Preview

    If sox were truly making a quantity play that would be interesting. But from what I can gather easily that hasn't been the case. This isn't the total picture, but just using signings trackers (heavily tilted toward day 1 signings) - 2019 they were 26 out of 30 teams in total signings. - In 2018 they were bottom 5 (yes, they were under penalty) - In 2017 they were bottom 4 (yes they were under penalty) - In 2016 they were bottom 10 (above several teams in total penalty) - In 2015 they signed 4 players, but there are no team by team lists. I'd imagine that's not top 10. 2015 was the year they had at least a few end-of-the-bottom 30 players and at the time Paddy said that's more his style. Since then we have gotten the big ticket item in Robert, and whatever you'd consider Sanchez. Despite the penalty, others were still able to get players in top 30 for 300k and under.
  2. bmags

    Badler 2020 J2 Preview

    https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2020-mlb-international-prospects-preview/ Control+F for white sox: 0 results Control+F for twins: 1 result Control+F for tigers: 1 result
  3. there was so much hate on Watson, all about accuracy. And it did show, a lot on crossing routes in games. But he also was so good at finding the open man and that mattered a lot more. That translated for both him and Mahomes, against way more talented defenses they were able to handle broken down plans and find the open guy. Trubisky had nothing like that experience. But I'm sure there's some QBs that also didn't and still succeeded. But that Lamar could go into an offseason and just say "i'm going to improve my deep ball". For him that really is just about technique, for Mitch it was also about processing when to go deep. And he just can't do both.
  4. I gotta say - seeing baker struggle makes me more confused than ever what makes a good qb. I liked that baker was so good at improvising when a play broke down last year. I figured that + play at an elite level against good competition is a must, regardless of things like height. And in retrospect, it seems crazy that it wasn't obvious that mahomes wasn't the best after his like 800 yard performance against oklahoma. And his background, and his creativity. I don't think, as I said, that i'd ever draft a QB high with as little experience as Trubisky. That said - kyler murray looks exciting still. But it's clear to me Trubisky can't handle what's required to be an NFL QB. Many haven't, it's hard. But - gotta move to plan B in the org. I don't know what can be done this year, but they cannot go into next year with that kid at QB.
  5. Yeah, as bad as a job coaching as I think Nagy is doing (he should be going to the game limiting mitches role, not relying on it), this is a lot of Mitch. He hasn't been able to add anything to his plate that he didn't run in college. Teams have solved his RPOs, but he is comfortable in the RPOs, so nagy calls them, but anything beyond those he can't execute. He can't throw the ball deep, he clearly predetermines everything and even when it's open, he misses it badly. He is looking like a bust so bad they can't find backup jobs. This offense is actually quite friendly to him, they threw everything to supporting him, and he can't do it. They needed him to just be average while they took advantage of a cheap QB. Well it didn't work out. Gotta move on.
  6. But we had games with him prior to his injury and he also was not running. It was not a new phenomenon.
  7. I don’t think it’s just that, teams are leaving a spy on him And he hasn’t taken advantage of the fewer men on coverage. Just terrible QB play.
  8. This scares me a bit. Feels like one version ends up as MLB blackmail to push struggling towns into debt to build an expensive stadium.
  9. Totally agree, and an offseason reminder that players can ask for whatever they want. Doesn’t mean they’ll find a match.
  10. League-wide, the RPOs have certainly been sniffed out, especially with teams (seemingly) rolling back the QB running as an actual option. And when the RPOs are Trubisky's favorite play, it causes issues. Tell you what, I wish more people here could watch Baltimore play offense right now. It seemingly makes a lot more sense for Chicago's personnel. It's power run mixed with deep passes. It's one of the more fun examples of football this year. Longtime CEO coach John Harbaugh finding a player he loves, getting an experienced but seemingly outdated OC in Greg Roman and creating something new in a league that seemed to be homogenizing. But for me the NFL this year has largely been awful, certainly aided by Bears. Not fun at all, can't wait for what should be one of the best NBA seasons in a long while.
  11. bmags

    A Realistic Offseason

    This is a terrible post.
  12. Yeah it's big list of rebuilding teams. If he has no serious teams as his suitors that's not good for him getting the amount he wants.
  13. He didn't trade up to get Daniels.
  14. He's clearly good, but for him the margin between good and bad is very thin. His offense isn't elite, it's good. His defense is bad. If his offense regresses, he's bad. He's a guy I just don't feel I would think "well RF is now solved for years", and so it's hard to want to give him that 4 year deal.
  15. Dalton is a much better qb than trubisky but at the very least has a much higher floor. His offensive talent now is terrible.
  16. Gonna go out on a limb and say blue jays aren't going to sign him.
  17. Even seeing Trevor Lawrence struggle in his second year (a bit), you just can't evaluate a QB with just one year starting in college.Defenses took away all of Trubisky's comfort plays, and he just cannot adjust. It sucks, there is no easy path forward for bears. Andy Dalton has to be the move. He has a very reasonable deal.
  18. It’s kind of amazing, this many years, many different decision makers, none got lucky.
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    A Realistic Offseason

    Got some news about JBJ
  20. bmags

    A Realistic Offseason

    Having lived through Adam Eatons 2016, I find your claims specious.
  21. bmags

    A Realistic Offseason

    The cardinals just made playoffs on backs of a huge defensive improvement. There’s also no guarantee that a player going into his age 33 season like Calhoun maintains his modestly above average offense.
  22. Meant to say that it won’t be as bad if they pair it with wage hikes. Keeping interest in baseball, full stop, should be the business MLb is in.
  23. bmags

    A Realistic Offseason

    Yeah I think people are way too presumptuous they will decline. If they are making a run at Cole maybe they shed cost prior and just plan on Addel?
  24. I think this is a bad idea for the game, but if they pare this with paying the players that are left real wages I think it's not bad. I do feel like it goes a long way in forming bonds to baseball in towns that are not near mlb teams. North carolina is just an awesome place to be, like 20 minutes from 10 teams.
  25. bmags

    Yankees AND Dodgers both going strong into FA

    Isn't Betances available this offseason? We are pretty good at healing torn achilles, maybe give him a 2 year deal and make a 2021 play.