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  1. HE GONE

    Konerko mentioned as next Yankee 1B

    yeah i just read that. the predictions for their season finishes are great
  2. worst move of the offseason by far
  3. HE GONE

    Sox targeting 2B

    i hope this deal gets done soon. he seems like he can bring some energy to the team and a good fielding presence.
  4. HE GONE

    Long time lurker...

    probably because the moves the sox are making this offseason. the team seems to be heading in a different direction so fans are excited
  5. HE GONE

    Long time lurker...

    thanks guys :sosasucks
  6. HE GONE

    Long time lurker...

    What's goin on everybody? I've been reading this board for about a year now and never bothered to register a username. I figure now is as good as a time as ever. I'm a long time sox fan and a KW supporter