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  1. Tannerfan

    Abreu hospitalized

    Very scary. Infections that require hospitalization can be life threatening or lead to amputation. I’m not suggesting that’s where this one is but infections are not casual things.
  2. Tannerfan

    Sawx @ Sox, 7:10, 9/1- Rodriguez vs Rodon

    So I guess the white pinstripes are now the alternate jersey.
  3. Tannerfan

    Sawx @ Sox, 7:10, 8/31- Kopech Night III

    In about 2 minutes.
  4. Tannerfan

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    Wow. Even Minaya looks good. Almost like a real pitcher!
  5. Tannerfan

    8/27 GT - Rodon vs Tanaka

    Okay, are we starting to be a little good? ...maybe???
  6. Tannerfan

    Kopech called up

    In this place? Maybe three innings!
  7. Tannerfan

    The White Sox Aesthetic

    I’d love to see them move the fences back. I was really impressed with the dimensions at Camelback Ranch. I think a major league park should have power alleys around 380 feet not in the low to mid 370’s. I think a bigger outfield would help the type of team we are building and you’d still see a lot of home runs.
  8. Tannerfan


    I would imagine he has a place next year. Hard to say going into 2020. I do enjoy his at bats!
  9. Tannerfan

    The White Sox Aesthetic

    So I’m mostly a reader, not much of a poster. I’ve been reading the debates about Moncada and Rick Hahn. I check in on the game threads almost every game, and I read a lot about the prospects in the minors. But tonight I’d like to post a topic that I think should be discussed even though for many fans I think it’s probably a trivial matter. And that is the look of the team, especially as we enter into hopefully a new faze of being one of the better teams in baseball by 2020. My first puzzlement is why does a team named the White Sox wear black socks? While most players wear their pants down to their shoes and sock color doesn’t matter, a number do go with the more traditional old school look of pants at the knees with high socks, and ours are the wrong color. Check out the Red Sox, they wear red ones! I think we should go with white so our next contending team has a look that supports our name. I love the look of the home pinstripe whites, and the traditional road grades and find it frustrating that the team chooses to wear the black so called alternative jersey for so many games. Obviously I’m a traditionalist and I look at the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Dodgers and love the classic look they wear. I’d love to see the White Sox go down that path and have an aesthetic that respects the long tradition of the game of baseball. I’m probably in the minority. Most here are younger and probably love the black jerseys. But I grew up with the late 60’s team looking traditional and classy and then had to live through all of the uniform nightmares of the 70’s and 80’s that includes some pretty awful teams. So in conclusion it’s an off day, no game to watch and I thought I’d weigh in on my uniform obsession and see what other Sox Talkers think. Oh, I’d also love to see some changes to the park but I’ll save that for another day.
  10. Tannerfan

    White Sox vs. Yankees Game Thread 8.7.18

    He’s Gordon Beckham version 2.0
  11. Tannerfan

    White Sox vs. Yankees Game Thread 8.7.18

    Moncada is now officially awful.
  12. Tannerfan

    Lopez’s Perfect Game(thread)

    The crew chief felt they were underperforming even with an underperforming roster so he told them to go home.
  13. Tannerfan

    Lopez’s Perfect Game(thread)

    And this ball game is ova!
  14. Tannerfan

    Cardinals @ Sox 7/10/18, Mikolas/Covey

    And maybe 12 really good players.
  15. Tannerfan

    5/3/18 Game Thread - Twins @ Sox 7:10 PM

    You should sit in the upper deck. That way you can eye test the whole field through the whole game.