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  1. Every time I read a discussion regarding sports team ownership, I think of the Green Bay Packers and think/wish that all pro sports teams should be set up the same way. It's such a unique and really cool way for a team to function.
  2. Tannerfan

    GT 8/20: SOX @ TB, 6:10 ESPN3/NBCSN

    Could someone please tell Gordon Beckham to shut the hell up?
  3. Tannerfan

    And That’s 2 White Sox Winners!

    He’s the new Timo Perez.
  4. Tannerfan

    And That’s 2 White Sox Winners!

    Am I allowed to say I think La Russa is doing a good job or will that get me banned?
  5. Tannerfan

    Merry Christmas Soxtalk!

    Along with Merry Christmas, I want to say thank you to all of you, whoever you are, for making and keeping this site vital and engaging. As an out of town member who doesn’t post very often but reads here constantly, this site has been so important to me since joining in the off season before the glorious year of 2005. Everyone stay safe, be smart and let’s win the Series next year, because I truly think we can.
  6. Tannerfan

    Sox vs Tigers. 9/12 - 6:10

    This made me laugh but my wife thinks you're a terrible human being.
  7. Tannerfan

    8-21 GT: Sox @ Cubs (7:15pm)

    It’s really fun watching ESPN because they don’t know how to react to the White Sox being so good
  8. This is what they get for not wearing the white pinstripes on opening day
  9. Tannerfan

    8/24 Rangers at White Sox

    Just turned the game on. The Rangers are dressed like house painters.
  10. Might want to try the other jerseys boys. Those black ones are losers!
  11. Tannerfan

    7/21- Sox at Rays, 12:10, NBCSC

    I’m no expert but I think Cease works to slowly. Be like Buehrle!
  12. Dear Lord baby Jesus, thank you for makin’ our boys put on the pinstripes!
  13. Tannerfan

    Yonder DFA'd

    Kind of reminds me of the scene in Money Ball where Phillip Seymour Hoffman refuses to make the lineup change Brad Pitt wants, so Pitt trades the guy to force the change.
  14. Tannerfan

    Sox @ Boston, 6:10

    Eleventh game in a row wearing the “alternate” black jerseys. As far as I’m concerned, one other thing I can blame on Ricky along with poor lineup construction and bunting. Bring back the pinstripes and grays!