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  1. Tannerfan

    Cardinals @ Sox 7/10/18, Mikolas/Covey

    And maybe 12 really good players.
  2. Tannerfan

    5/3/18 Game Thread - Twins @ Sox 7:10 PM

    You should sit in the upper deck. That way you can eye test the whole field through the whole game.
  3. Tannerfan

    Sox vs Cards @ Busch, 7:15pm

    Well if you’re still thinking about a top draft pick next year, you really can’t do better than Soria as your 9th inning “opener.”
  4. Tannerfan

    Sox @ Royals 4/27/18

    I love the Royals (now). They make the rebuild look like it’s over (it’s not).
  5. Tannerfan

    Site BackOnline

    Wow! I’m blown away. A whole new look. I’ll get use to it, but damn!
  6. Tannerfan

    Eloy to AA tomorrow (4/19)

    You’re all children! I’ll be 60 next week.
  7. Tannerfan


    QUOTE (reiks12 @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 04:16 PM) He destroyed AAA , what more can he develop there? How to beat up on AAA pitchers? Work on his approach at the plate. Work with “teachers” which is what good teams have as coaches in the minors. Regain his confidence. And worse case scenario we find out if he’s a AAAA player and move on.
  8. Tannerfan


    QUOTE (Blackout Friday @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 03:47 PM) Both can be true. Agreed. I just fear the White Sox history of not developing players and rushing guys to the bigs.
  9. Tannerfan


    QUOTE (Blackout Friday @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 03:41 PM) The lesson I learned from Gordon Beckham is to not judge a player based on their first 400-450 at bats. Moncada hasn’t even reached that mark yet. The lesson I learned was don’t rush a player to the majors who isn’t ready.
  10. Tannerfan

    Juan, 2B

    I’d weight in but I think I’ll wait for NukeCleveland and then respond.
  11. Tannerfan


    Having read the Sun-Times article, if he turns it around I will really be impressed with Renteria for having a meeting with Moncada after last nights game. If he doesn’t turn it around he should be sent to AAA to try and get right. The ghost of Gordon Beckham and everything he was supposed to be hangs over Moncada whether we like it or not. Hahn has said the next phase is player development. A twenty two year old who is having at bats as bad as Moncada’s should not be on the major league roster. We may ruin him like we ruined Beckham. Not to mention Avasil Garcia who also was forced onto the major league roster several years ago when it was plain he needed more minor league seasoning. I agree with the Moncada advocates who stress patience but that patience should be learning in Charlotte.
  12. Tannerfan

    4/3 Game Thread: Sox @ Blue Jays

    Fourth game of the year and every game the black “alternative” jerseys. Sigh. It’s tough being a traditionalist.
  13. Tannerfan

    How the Sox are trying to perfect tanking

    I just logged in so I could post this article myself. Every White Sox fan in the universe should read it.
  14. Tannerfan

    SoxFest Updates Thread

    Is there a link to watch the opening ceremony online?
  15. Tannerfan

    WS: Dodgers v Astros

    Definitely rooting for the Dodgers as I've lived in Los Angeles since 1984. However we need the Dodgers to lose at least one game on their way to a Series win. Otherwise, if hey sweep they'll have gone 11 and 1 in the playoffs with the one lost coming in the LCS. Plus they won their division going wire to wire and we just can't have this, can we.