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  1. Chi Town Sox

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    They need to see what White can bring in his new role first. Imagine if he becomes the next Jamal Crawford for this team, his numbers and percentages are comparable in their time in Chicago. Coby was born in the year 2000, he’s still got some developing to do but he needs to make a jump this year.
  2. Chi Town Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    I'd be surprised if they would lie about fake vax cards with the legal issues. All this says is that the vaccine isn't going to completely stop you from getting Covid. 5-6 guys over a few week span with hundreds of people in the building and in close contact isn't that much of an outbreak.
  3. Chi Town Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Why exactly would this mean half the NFL is using Vax cards?
  4. Chi Town Sox


    He still showed a negative dWar this year in his time. I never thought anybody would be so angry about a guy on pace for 6 homers and 60 rbi's. Hahn needs to go out and find a proper replacement since Hernandez did not work out, that's it.
  5. Chi Town Sox


    Similar has been said directly from the mouth of a Brewers scout that I know. I remember outside of his 2 strike prowess, nothing but complaints about Madrigal about his defense, his range, his base running, his lack of power, etc. up and down this board. The trade didn't work out, it would be nice to move on. Kimbrel is one reason the Sox didn't win this series but it isn't the main reason. Nick Madrigal is on the Cubs now. Some on here post about him like He is Fernando Tatis. Move on.
  6. Chi Town Sox

    Offseason Thread

    We lost to what is possibly the deepest lineup in MLB history. The losses really sucked and they were outplayed up and down, but this is like any team in the 90s going up against the Bulls buzzsaw. Except it is much more difficult to win in the MLB. Just add pieces and improve any way possible for next year, anybody who thinks we messed up this rebuild is delusional. Every team makes some bad deals, even the best ones, but we have some real weapons that are elite talents and can beat anybody when they are on.
  7. Chi Town Sox

    Offseason Thread

    I understand the numbers are the numbers, but when you look at the details, they were 3-10 against the Yankees and Astros. This sentiment that they suck against playoff teams is flawed because they actually sucked against two teams and held their own against all others. But I get it They need to get better depth, 7-9 (experienced) hitters, add 1-2 SP, and pray the playoff experience this year hopefully helps them break through to the ALCS at least, next year. Having Houston lose Correa, Gurriel, Graveman and possibly others could only help.
  8. Chi Town Sox

    Tepera said out loud what everybody is thinking

    Exactly, who cares if WSD says stuff to John Cusack or not? Lots of people feel that way. They've been bantering on twitter about it before, this isn't new news, it's just on video now. Who cares is right.
  9. Chi Town Sox

    Tepera said out loud what everybody is thinking

    IMO, I do not think Dave got shut down that bad. This is the second time Cusack has brought up Mike Squires, once in a tweet a few years ago and then the other night, it seems like one of the few guys he knows (to his credit, WSD did not know his position) and it was before WSD was even born. Cusack was an all time actor 20 years ago and couldn't stop tweeting about a Chicago sports blogger, John knows he is getting wrecked and busted for his team hopping. Does Cusack know who was on the team 5 years ago? It even sounded like Cusack asked him at first if he knew who "Lamar Odom" was before saying Hoyt the second time. Doubtful he knows anybody during the shit years.
  10. Chi Town Sox

    White Sox Dave and John Cusack slap fight

    WSD went up to him but Cusack is the one that got in his face.
  11. Chi Town Sox

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    Exactly. Fill the holes and let’s try this again. Lots of bad today but when was the last time the Sox made the playoffs two years in a row? Hahn made a bad deal? Ok so do all GM’s. They have a ton of talent, let’s hope this is like the 80s and 90s Bulls that took time to break through.
  12. Chi Town Sox

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    Yet here they are tied in 7th inning versus a World Series favorite.
  13. Chi Town Sox

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    sick play by tepera. just throw damn strikes and we will live with the result, walks are killing them.
  14. Chi Town Sox

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    as nerve-wrecking as this is to watch. if before the game we knew it was going to be tied in the 5th we'd be ecstatic. so close to breaking one open LFGGG
  15. Chi Town Sox

    ALDS Game 2 - Chicago @ Houston - 1:07pm CDT

    Any good ideas on how or where to stream? U-verse giving me problems on app no mlb option.