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  1. Chi Town Sox

    Sox vs Indians - Tuesday, April 13th, 710pm

    I guess he could bench them for the other not good players.
  2. Chi Town Sox

    Sox vs Indians - Tuesday, April 13th, 710pm

    TLR hasn’t been great but honestly what is he supposed to do with players like Lamb and Williams around? They have no depth and no other options. Need Anderson back badly to get one of these schmoes out of the lineup.
  3. Chi Town Sox

    4/4 GT- 7:37 CT- Sox vs Halos

    The west coast has never been kind to the White Sox, a few mishaps/errors that even high school teams don’t make that changed two games that will not continue to happen, Good Angels offense. I was going to be super happy with a split in this series, it is tough to watch with all the excitement and hype this year but it is WAY too early to freak out.
  4. Chi Town Sox

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    I implore to watch some of his highlights on YouTube if you aren't familiar with his game. His offense is very impressive and even on some of the best defenders in the game, walking bucket. Can handle the ball, pass, shoot, great low post pivots and spin moves and aggressive taking it to the hole for a monster dunk when needed. He's actually what We hoped Lauri would become. It's going to be exciting seeing what him and Lavine, who both have not had another top offensive partner/option, can do together.
  5. Chi Town Sox

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    Anytime you get the best player in a deal, you have to take the chance. I think the East is potentially more wide open in the next few years than people know. The Sixers will likely blow it up at some point as they continue to NOT win a title, the Bucks are not going to keep their extremely bloated payroll also to NOT win a title. Other than the Nets, every other team is highly beatable in the East. Vuc isn't a KD or Lebron level player but he's a beast. This is the same management that drafted Jokic and there are plenty of similarities between the two. He's also signed cheaply so if it doesn't work out, he's a great trade chip.
  6. Chi Town Sox

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    Move Lauri for Ball or another solid PG and find a way to keep them together next 4-5 years and We got a potentially great squad. Lonzo (other)/Lavine/Williams/Vuc is no joke.
  7. Chi Town Sox

    White Sox vs A's 3:05 PM

    This sucks and hindsight is 20/20 but I don't think anybody expects to pop the shoulder out simply by extending their arm in a normal direction over a fence. People freaked about Tatis yesterday so let's just hope for some good news.
  8. Chi Town Sox

    Golf/PGA TOUR thread

    when the jaws come out that means you have a long road ahead of you at best, at worst...you know.
  9. Chi Town Sox

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    Personally, I am good if either get moved if it is making the team better but at the same time, I think it is way too early to write off Lavine and Coby not being able to work together. Steph Curry has always been a better shooter but he wasn't exactly a great PG when he got in the league, either. Coby does need to gain more efficiency but it's a new position and system for him still. Lavine is a perfect example, he has gotten better every year in the league except Coby has done it for 2, Zach has done it for 7.
  10. Chi Town Sox

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    If the Bulls keep playing at this level all year, they won’t be picking in the lottery at all. They’ve had one of the most difficult schedules in the NBA so far. They’ve won AT Dallas and Portland and almost snuck out both games in LA. In years past, we get blown out almost this entire road trip. 8 of their next 10 games are very winnable. This team has the talent to be in the playoffs and they are finally playing like it even if it’s not a perfect mesh. I do agree, there needs to be some movement to build the team they want and would be odd if they didn’t.
  11. Chi Town Sox

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    I think everyone in this thread is correct and the fact that nobody can figure out who's fault it is proves that everyone needs to go.
  12. Chi Town Sox

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    entertaining and many positives but the only thing that’ll stick out to me is that quick 3 from Lavine followed by WCJ not stepping up in the screen and allowing Hield the 4pt play. Wow, that was frustrating. That’s not coaching, that’s common sense and basketball IQ that they both should have at this level.
  13. Chi Town Sox

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    WCJ is insanely frustrating on defense now, he was and should be the catalyst on this D but there are a lot of boneheaded mistakes and laziness on standard plays that shouldn't happen consistently in rookie years, let alone now. I do agree, he can set a good screen now though and does get bullied by guys like Nurkic but not many Centers like that in the league. We need to have a banger on defense as a backup when facing teams with C's like that. I really like Lavine but IMO if we do not have a superstar, he is pointless to have here and they should be looking at trading him when he has a stretch of good games. This isn't a 2 way player like Jimmy Butler, he works hard but he just doesn't appear to want to pay defense consistently. So far, he looks lost nearly every other game and he needs to be the consistent one but he has the ball in his hands less with Coby handling so much now and . If we can somehow land a star, I think he has the potential to be a lethal #2. He's got nearly a 1:1 Assist to Turnover ratio right now, very bad. Lauri can't stay healthy and not worthy of an extension at this point unless he comes back and looks amazing, even then, hard to give a guy that cash that can't stay on the court consistently. There's going to be some tough decisions to make but At this point, I think Coby and Williams are the future. Coby does need to increase efficiency and improve defense over the rest of this year in his new role.
  14. Chi Town Sox

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    That was an unbelievable comeback, they looked like contenders, every single guy played great in the 2H. Beat Sac and I think the WC road trip is already considered a win.
  15. Chi Town Sox

    **2020 Fantasy Football Complaint Thread**

    Made the championship a Made the championship this week and was projected to win by 40 with my great team. Take a look at my team yesterday to see Cook, Kamara, Sanders and even my backup Damien Harris out. 4 backs! Never have I ever been so screwed repeatedly by a team in my life.