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  1. Chi Town Sox

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Just a reminder that “fire GarPax” chants picked up steam leading to its coming out party at the NBA ASG in Chicago. It worked and maybe it does here, too. I feel bad for the old guy but Sox fans are easy to please, we sat through some horrible years and here we are. To have the team (despite the injuries) at 5-6 games back is a great feat, but that’s not why there chants are coming up. It’s because the game has completely passed him by and he refuses to change and even the amateur fan can make better decisions at this point.
  2. I agree. But why did Yaz initiate over TA is my question.
  3. Why did Grandal start the commotion and not TA when he heard it? I know Yaz was sticking up for him but did it bother Tim they much if he didn’t do anything about it originally?
  4. Yikes, this could get crazy if it gets leaked with Donaldson said.
  5. Chi Town Sox

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    When they drafted him, it was known to be a project. He's 20 and with his injury, he's played a little over 1 full season of games so far. He's got a lot to work on, maybe Derozan's bootcamp will help him. He did seem a little lost with his role this year, how much of that had to do with his injuries (sprained ankle early and then wrist surgery), IDK. There was an article out recently that stated PW noticed Derozan's routine of shooting early and late into the night and how he treated his body every day and that PW started to mirror that. Those are the types of things most like to see, somebody following a star and actually wanting to get better.
  6. Chi Town Sox

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    A likely crappy ending for the Bulls season. Ultimately, they ended at the 6 seed where many thought they'd land in preseason but the last few months were super disappointing. Even though it's tough to spin the last half of the season, the management team did a really solid job in a quick turnaround to make most of this season exciting. They know the holes...now go fix them. I really wonder what will happen with Lavine, he was a killer until he got banged up the last few months, terrible timing in a contract year with the money he will get.
  7. Chi Town Sox

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Derozan looks like MJ
  8. Chi Town Sox

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    I remember somebody telling me we’d hate Demar come playoff time. Here we go.
  9. Chi Town Sox

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Monstars took away all of their talent on offense.
  10. Chi Town Sox

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Personally, I think Drummond is possibly the most important part of this trade for the Nets. Simmons on the court with the ball in his hands allows defenders to sag off to double Kyrie or KD, Simmons on court without the ball is basically a waste based on the last time we had seen them. Defensively, it is great. Drummond comes in and could easily double the amount of rebounds that KD (their 2nd highest rebounder after Harden) and do a lot of dirty work.
  11. Chi Town Sox

    Market/Financial Thread

    I started my long position on LICY today at $8.03 - I really appreciate you mentioning that ticker. Love the potential and I agree with everything, I was getting ready to start looking into that sector because I am currently looking at EV's to buy. Thanks!
  12. Chi Town Sox

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Lol I’m not sure. I just saw it on twitter when searching Zach.
  13. Chi Town Sox

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    Guy from PFF on twitter says 3 pinched nerves and on way to hospital.
  14. Chi Town Sox


    Honestly, I only have one right now. Cronos Chimp Club and it has a lot of promise. It’s Crypto.com’s first NFT on their Defi Wallet. According to their roadmap, they plan to get celebs involved and have some involvement with the metaverse. They came out about a month ago, the floor on Sunday morning was 3,000 CRO, that came down to about 2,000 CRO right now with CRO dipping. Many think crypto.com will end up being the biggest exchange in the world so these are expected to gain a lot of traction over the next year.
  15. Chi Town Sox

    2021-22 NBA Thread

    I see a lot of people talking about this, Sabonis is a beast but Him and Vuc would not work, is Vuc is going to go from a 1st option one year ago to a possible 4th? Wouldn't go well. Besides, when is the last time that a team traded a player of Sabonis' caliber to a division rival? I doubt that Indy wants to get dominated by Sabonis for years to come because they would undoubtedly find a way to keep him over Vuc in the future. The Bulls have their big 3, whoever they may pick up, will have a role but it won't be to be a top 3 scorer on the team. Probably more 3D or a backup big when Vuc is off the court that can score pretty decently.