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  1. Chi Town Sox

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    There are a lot of problems with the offense but I think it's very apparent the biggest one is Nagy. There are plenty of offenses in the league with bad offensive lines that can find ways to score because they are schemed based on the type of players they are working with. Dolphins, Bengals, Chargers, Seattle, Rams, Falcons, Cardinals were all considered to have bottom 10 offensive lines coming into the year. Bears and Jets are also in the bottom 10 and have had young QB's much like 3-4 teams listed above but both have offensive play callers that are very suspect.
  2. Chi Town Sox

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Mitch isn't coming in for 6-10 plays a game on 3rd down (a la Taysom Hill). Foles is a statue out there, why can't Mitch come out there WITH Foles and try to get cute with a dual threat instead of Patterson repeatedly getting the ball out of the backfield for a whopping 2.8YPC, insanely frustrating.
  3. Chi Town Sox

    Sox Press Conference - 11am 10/12 - RR out as Sox manager

    There's a lot of overpay in MLB, I think it's normal to feel bad for a good person who sucks at their job. I even felt bad for Boylen, he sucked but it's not because he wanted to be bad.
  4. Chi Town Sox

    Sox Press Conference - 11am 10/12 - RR out as Sox manager

    Absolutely the right move but I still feel bad for the guy. Any confidence he had is likely gone with Cubs and Sox both firing him right before the cusp of being great.
  5. Chi Town Sox

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    It is absolutely infuriating that we continue to put up clunkers for 3 quarters and then turn on the jets in the 4th (or in yesterday's case, the last drive) and it looks like an elite offense.
  6. Chi Town Sox

    Random Prediction Time

    Great point. For so long before and after our WS win, we've gotten the shitty to mid-level signings but after 2005 when Jerry knew we had the team to win, he spent abut $30m more in 2006 to try to run it back. Hope he has that mindset now.
  7. Chi Town Sox

    Will the Front Office Fire Renteria?

    I do not think they will but if I was Hahn, Ricky needs to be put on notice for many of the decisions made this season and he needs to be better. Then again, Hahn may have been the one pushing to keep Encarnacion and Mazara (glad he actually was in the lineup in playoffs, really good at bats)....
  8. Chi Town Sox

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Not getting timely hitting but keep the faith. Madrigal then TA, LFG! Keep negativity out of this thread!
  9. Chi Town Sox

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Our best contact hitter needs to be in the lineup to set the table and turn it over for Anderson and Co. He had a shitty game but we can't expect to win playoff games with no runs the first 7 innings.
  10. Whatever happens game 3, let’s not be negative during the game. This team can win tomorrow and beat anybody with this offense despite a subpar manager and some stupid mistakes. Nobody wants to hear that we can’t come back in a game, just look what almost happened vs. arguably the best closer in baseball. Unless the Sox get blown out, if you’re typing something negative...”stop it, get some help” let’s go Sox!
  11. Nothing is easy in baseball. Also, the Cubs were first in a division with four playoff teams. The A’s were first in a division where they were the only team over .500 so yeah, competition. Let’s all be positive, we have a sick offense that can put runs on the board.
  12. I highly doubt the Cubs were playing to lose. My point is the Sox didn’t give up. The negativity here gets old. We are a young team and had a year we didn’t expect, LFG.
  13. We just came back from 10-1 on the Cubs and almost shocked them. Relax and let’s get some runs.