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  1. Rowand44

    Trout about to sign 12/430 deal

    The $250 mill guaranteed the Sox were going to offer was a better deal to be honest.
  2. Rowand44

    New Banner

    If we don't roll with Manny my next choice is to go back to Cody Asche.
  3. Rowand44

    New Banner

    Good lord this is great. Please roll with this.
  4. Rowand44

    The Challenge: Vendettas Thread

    I haven't had a chance to catch this season but looks like I should. I'll just add that Paulie and Cara are apparently back together so there's that. Agreed on everyone's opinion on what Cara has become. Used to be a big fan of her but she just sucks now. And Paulie is the ultimate ass.
  5. Rowand44

    Dunning to Meet with Dr. Andrews

    Can Eloy pitch too?
  6. Fair enough. I stand corrected.
  7. Didn't the Steelers offer him more for an extension at one point?
  8. Rowand44

    **Arch Madness 2019**

    Well the league hasn't lost a first round game since 2012 so way to go out on a limb there . But yes, Bradley is probably going to be a 15 this year so the odds of them winning aren't good.
  9. Rowand44

    Sox Therapy Thread-Enter at your own risk

    Nah, this isn't an "to each their own" thing. People aren't allowed to hide behind god to try and mask their bigotry.
  10. Rowand44

    Sox Therapy Thread-Enter at your own risk

    Incredible that in 2019 there are people that think like you.
  11. Rowand44

    **Arch Madness 2019**

    If we were ever going to do it this would be the year. Still not happening.
  12. Rowand44

    Relationship Advice Thread

    Haha nah, I was just making a joke about the exact opposite. People have one night stands with people they don’t know/don’t like all the time, not sure why this would be a surprise to anyone. Unfortunately for poor Kyle he gets to hear far too many of my dumb stories so that’s why I was quoting him.
  13. Rowand44

    Relationship Advice Thread

    People do that?
  14. Rowand44

    2019 fan engagement poll

    They get no money from me this year. I'll of course be following but I wont watch much until Eloy/Cease come up either. This offseason stabbed me through the damn heart.
  15. Honestly, good. Every time anyone opens their mouth I just get more ticked off.