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  1. Rowand44

    The Blake Snell Thread

    I'm sure they did but that's just not realistic either. And Steve is just a pompous asshole on twitter. Yes, he's the organization's mouth piece a lot but he enjoys being a condescending jerk too. I highly doubt the Sox are going to trade for Snell but if they're serious enough they'd be able to get a trade done with out including Luis.
  2. Rowand44

    Garrett Crochet

    I’ll be in the minority here but if this team is trying to win a World Series next year he should be in the bullpen. Start stretching him out there but he’s one of your best weapons, he should should be on the major league team.
  3. Rowand44

    Offseason Targets

    You’re just being unrealistic. Half the players you mentioned in your original post haven’t even proven to be major league players. If you think we’re about to have some 10 year run of World Series and playoff appearances, you’re just wrong. That’s not how this works. The Cubs run isn’t our floor, that’s the ceiling.
  4. Rowand44

    Sox claim Emilio Vargas

  5. Rowand44

    Offseason Targets

    I'd kill for the Sox to have the run that the Cubs have had the last 6 years. 5 of 6 years in the playoffs, 3 straight NLCS's and a World Series? Woo buddy, sign me the fuck up! Look, everyone wants the Sox to be the Dodgers but that just isn't going to happen under current ownership. If you really wouldn't take what the Cubs have had the last 6 years then you really need to temper expectations.
  6. Rowand44

    Offseason Targets

    Until 3 of them get injured and 2 of them all the sudden become Kris Bryant. We did this at the trade deadline this season and lets not do it again this offseason. Nothing is guaranteed in baseball and this team is ready to compete for a championship in 2021, lets not keep trying to push this thing back a season.
  7. Rowand44

    2020 Election Thoughts

    One's a scumbag who hid Sexual abuse. The other is one of the biggest coward's to ever walk this earth. Good choices, Greg.
  8. Rowand44

    Offseason Targets

    When did Nick Madrigal become the most polarizing player in baseball?
  9. Rowand44

    Offseason Targets

    I mean, I think everyone on this site can agree that this is clearly a lie.
  10. Trades are fun. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Rowand44

    Offseason Targets

    Ya, was looking at his numbers before I made that post and had no clue he was a plus .800 ops guy 3 of the last 4 seasons. And I learned something today. Edit: Guess it's fair to mention that the most ab's he's had in any of those seasons is 321.
  12. Rowand44

    Offseason Targets

    I must be living under a rock cause I had no idea that Tommy La Stella was that good of a hitter.
  13. Rowand44

    Theo Epstein Resigns; Hoyer Stays

    All the owners in Chicago just seem like super swell people.