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  1. Rowand44


    I have 0 issues cutting Lamb but the fact they just reactivated him makes it odd timing to just get rid of him in 3 days. Could be wrong, but don’t think that’s what the plan is.
  2. Rowand44


    Ya, I couldn’t be happier with Sheets first impression but he’s the one that makes the most sense to be the move for Robert. Welcome back, Luis!
  3. Rowand44


    So great to see the offense have a break out game, needed that badly. Obviously Eloy is a lineup changer when he’s right and he looks about right. And how freakin good is Andrew Vaughn?! Just can’t say enough about that kid.
  4. Rowand44

    Sox at Cubs 8/8, 6:10 pm

    AV is absurd
  5. Rowand44

    Sox at Cubs 8/8, 6:10 pm

    Ya the production value has been real bad so far.
  6. Rowand44

    Sox at Cubs 8/8, 6:10 pm

  7. Rowand44

    Sox at Cubs 8/8, 6:10 pm

    Dude has been killing righties for almost 2 months now. Not sure if he kicked your dog or your mad he has a bigger shoe size than you but your bias against Vaughn is super strange.
  8. Rowand44

    White Sox Winner?

    By the way I’m not campaigning against bringing Los back. I’d LOVE to have him back, it’s just a very tricky situation given his past and what he is this season.
  9. Rowand44

    White Sox Winner?

    I have 0 idea where you even start in a contract negotiation with Rodon. So many variables there.
  10. Rowand44

    White Sox Winner?

    Crappy opponent or not it’s nice to see a semblance of what this team is supposed to be. Great start from Los, dominant bullpen and Jose and Yoan bringing the bats. Good stuff.
  11. Rowand44

    Sox at Cubs 8/7, 1:20

    Eloy’s got a double in his last 2 games. He’s certainly not all the way there yet but he’s starting to get his timing back. I’m not messing with him at all, throw him out there everyday and keep him batting cleanup, he’ll be all the way back in no time.
  12. Rowand44

    Sox at Cubs 8/7, 1:20

    In general I agree but I’m ok with sitting AV out this one. Goodwin has been mashing righties and is coming off the heroics yesterday. With Azolay and Goodwin’s splits, Brian should be out there. And I don’t think giving Eloy a random day off here is going to help him get his timing back while it’s not going to hurt AV right now. Leury in there instead of Engel I really don’t get though.
  13. Rowand44

    Sox at Cubs 8/7, 1:20

    I get Azolay sucks sucks against lefties but Leury sucks as a lefty. I understand load management and what not but it’s not like this would have been 20 games in a row for Engel, it’d be 3. Not the biggest deal in the world but at some point we have to move Engel passed 2 in a row is too many.
  14. Rowand44

    Sox at Cubs, 1:20

    We do and that’s the beauty of it being early August and not late September.
  15. Rowand44

    Sox at Cubs, 1:20

    Also, it’s still a stupid small sample size but Engel has been better against rhp in 2020 and 2021. I agree that I wouldn’t have moved Cesar down at the moment with the way he’s been hitting but I’m not shying away from it being Engel against a rhp either.