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  1. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    White Sox Manager Search Thread

    Not going to happen but I'd like Bobby V or even Brenly. I don't really want Tony LaR. I'd actually even prefer some young unknown to him. We should be rebuilding anyways. Getting LaRussa says the Sox are still in denial and not completely moving forward yet
  2. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    Ozzie Guillen Released from Contract

    QUOTE (South Side Fireworks Man @ Sep 26, 2011 -> 11:19 PM) So if it's already decided that Cooper is coming back, the Sox probably already know who their next manager is. Kenny basically hinted at this in his presser
  3. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    White Sox Acquire Alex Rios Off Waivers

    QUOTE (Capn12 @ Aug 10, 2009 -> 06:06 PM) Resign Pods (yes that hurts me to say) to play LF, Rios in CF, CQ in Right next year whilst not rushing Danks2 up. I like it. This gives the Sox options. Either Dye to DH or keep Thome next year. If Podsednik completely loses it (or either of those guys) in this last stretch run then we'll see what they're made of. We don't even know if a guy like Dye would be stubborn to be a DH even though we all wrote him in as one. Who knows, all I know is the Sox now have options
  4. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    White Sox Acquire Alex Rios Off Waivers

    Kenny on a roll. Hey it's not my money. Very ironic after the 'support' comments though, lol, we go on to pick up two huge contracts. These aren't your daddy's White Sox...
  5. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    Angels @ Sox, 7:11 PM

    Nix has had some nice moments at the plate but I would've had the Sox give Fields one more chance with Ramirez out. So Beckham moves back to SS for a week, he's good enough that it wouldn't bother him
  6. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    Angels @ Sox, 7:11 PM

    Hmm, just turned to MLB Network real quick and they are doing a live look in and said "Kendry Morales, the Cuban Missile, at the plate", did he have it first?
  7. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    We love you Gordon, oh yes we do

    Sounds like people just got it off his wiki. Got to love doing your research off wikipedia! For some reason I can't get the YouTube video from the OP to load past 20 seconds, but did she really ask him if the was 'the slayer' in that context? Awkward! She's cute, I wouldn't turn her away, but I think a pro athlete could do better btw. And that Birmingham news reporter that was brought up doesn't seem like anything special either from the 2 pics online...
  8. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    Angels @ Sox, 7:11 pm

    White Sox winner!
  9. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    Angels @ Sox, 7:11 pm

    This is terrible, send him back down Warning?? WTF
  10. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    Angels @ Sox, 7:11 pm

    "Take it away Stoney as I go pour cold water on this erection"
  11. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    Angels @ Sox, 7:11 pm

    Wow, Quentin owns Lackey
  12. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    Dumbest comments on facebook

  13. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    Official 2009-2010 NBA Thread

    Brutal start. Then the Circus trip ends and the Bulls come home to face Det for the first time and then go to Cle
  14. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    BillyC Frees Journalists in North Korea

  15. 3 BeWareTheNewSox 5

    Full body detox

    I used to be into this sort of stuff but I have to side with Y2 on this...I don't really see how this is that much better for you than eating something and forcing yourself to throw up right after. Just get on the good habits and your body will adjust