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    ***6/3/2006 Official Game Thread***

    Way to hit the f***in ball with RISP....PATHETIC!!!
  2. peanut33tillman

    ***6/3/2006 Official Game Thread***

    Hell, this team is so god damn irritating to watch right now
  3. peanut33tillman

    so what was DJ thinking...

    I think DJ's come a long way and not only to I see DJ as just tolerable but I think he and Hawk are becoming a pretty damn good duo and extremely enjoyable to listen to
  4. peanut33tillman

    5/23/06: White Sox vs. A's

    QUOTE(greasywheels121 @ May 23, 2006 -> 06:12 PM) Away. Bingo...you do not throw balls in on Big Frank, guys more than capable turning on pitches and hitting em a country mile..away,away,away
  5. peanut33tillman

    What are the Odds?

    I dont get this...why would the Twins an inner-division rival, trade one of their top players to a team in their own divison, and to the same team that perhaps poses the biggest threat to win the AL Central?? I just dont get threads like this....
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    QUOTE(DABearSoX @ May 9, 2006 -> 09:53 PM) i was begining to think it wasnt coming THOME DYE FREDDY CRUDDY Uribe as well...broke out of a 5-48 game skid going 3-5 tonight, need to get Juan goin andgettin hot
  7. peanut33tillman

    Official High School Baseball Thread

    Oh guys....HS baseball up north doesnt compare with a little Texas Hardball down here baby JK ...anyway got a sweet little write up in the paper about us, all Juniors in possibly the toughest conference in our class in the state and yet we're in the thick of the playoff race, so its all going pretty good...hitting .310 starting RF on V bat 9 hole but its all good hopefully I can field a little better, I get the worst jumps ever on balls
  8. peanut33tillman

    Sox Pride

    QUOTE(klaus kinski @ Feb 4, 2006 -> 06:17 PM) Excellent Hey dude just curious in your sig did you take that pic from the SRO section game 4 at Minute Maid? just wondering because I member MB, Cotts, Politte, JG all being together exactly like that picture in Left Center during BP which was where I was....
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    QUOTE(peanut33tillman @ Jan 18, 2006 -> 10:55 PM) More like... Pods-LF Uribe-SS Thome-DH Konerko-1B Dye-RF Iguchi-2B Pierznyski-C Crede-3B Anderson-CF Pierzynski *
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    More like... Pods-LF Uribe-SS Thome-DH Konerko-1B Dye-RF Iguchi-2B Pierznyski-C Crede-3B Anderson-CF
  11. peanut33tillman

    Crede and Garland to Texas?

    QUOTE(Buehrle>Wood @ Dec 14, 2005 -> 07:33 PM) In the outfield... Ditto...if you've ever seen Hank at the hot corner you'd know he's no "average defensive 3rd baseman"
  12. peanut33tillman

    Crede and Garland to Texas?

    QUOTE(Jordan4life_2005 @ Dec 14, 2005 -> 07:10 PM) I don't like this trade at all. We don't need to totally overhaul the team. Wilkerson sucks. Dude hit 32 hr's in 04 but only 11 last year. Blalock would be an upgrade offensively over Crede, but a downgrade defensively. A major prospect? Jesus! Why do we have to rape our farm system? Um i believe the prospect would be coming to us and Hank Blalock is a helluva defensive 3rd baseman and a downgrade from Joe? I dont know about that man...I live down here in Texas and have the oppurtunity to see the Rangers play quite a bit and Blalock has an excellent glove at the hot corner, Hank offensively>Joe offensively...Hanks D=Joes D both great fielders but it is by no mean a downgrade defensively Hank can really flash some leather my friend
  13. peanut33tillman

    Who here went to the game last night??

    Just curious and wondering if any soxtalk posters here went to the game last night?? and what a f***in experience..the happiness all us sox fans felt when that final out was recorded was unbelievable I saw some very emotional sox fans in tears of joy a truly amazing site...to the chants of Crede Crede, Ozzie Ozzie, Thank you White Sox, Paulie Paulie, Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye, cigars being lit, wandering in the air... My kids will never hear the end of this!!!World Series Champs f*** ya and for those of u there share some of ur experiences and like mine how many "f*** you's" u got?? LMAO GO SOX BABY!!!!!!!
  14. peanut33tillman


    QUOTE(LosMediasBlancas @ Oct 24, 2005 -> 09:28 AM) I didn't see that, that's too bad. It wasn't a bad outing at all, they hit a couple of good pitches, give them credit. But again, it's a hell of a lot easier to hit a 97 mph fastball when that's all you're looking for. Vizcaino put the bat on the ball, period. You cant help but feel for the guy, and at the same time I really admire those tears which really shows the heart and passion Bobby has for this ballclub which is very encouraging...on a physical note I aswell would like to see Bobby drop that big breaker, last night he was waaaay too predictable out there, hell it was fastball after fastball, but you gottta realize he's just a kid, he's stil young and he'll learn dont worry about him I got all the confidence in the world in Big Bad Bobby
  15. peanut33tillman

    Should Gooch be dropped in the lineup?

    If it aint broke dont fix it..Gooch will be fine, the lineup should stay the same as it has all postseason
  16. peanut33tillman

    Houston @ Sox - World Series Game 2

    QUOTE(SSH2005 @ Oct 23, 2005 -> 10:47 PM) It would have also been clutch to make a decent throw to Pierzynski to end the game in the 9th, or did you forget about that? Wow..you can't be serious..the man just possibly hit the biggest HR in this franchises history and you're b****ing?? is it Scott's fault he wasnt blessed with a Vlad type arm?? lighten up and enjoy this unbelievable victory
  17. peanut33tillman

    Whos goin to Minutemaid in Houston

    Any native Texan's here going to either 3 games at Minutemaid this upcoming WS?? just curious if so hope to see some of u posters there
  18. peanut33tillman

    this whole "friday night at 9:01pm" thing

    QUOTE(kapkomet @ Oct 19, 2005 -> 03:11 PM) And you won't. You're just going to have to hope lightning strikes. Hey kap see your from the Dallas area and am I and I was curious if you got tickets for WS in Houston( if the stros advance) man I've been dying to get some tickets and drive down there for a game..just curious u get tickets man?
  19. peanut33tillman


    QUOTE(Rowand44 @ Oct 18, 2005 -> 07:11 PM) You were probably looking at different teams cause I know the cards sell SRO. My bad you're right rowand I've been looking for tix in Houston cause I'm from Texas and Houston does offer SRO but I guess the sox dont?
  20. peanut33tillman


    QUOTE(Nokona @ Oct 18, 2005 -> 05:09 PM) Will there be any standing room only tix available? Anybody have any idea? I believe so but am not postive bue yes I could've sworn I saw tix selling for SRO(Standing Room Only)
  21. peanut33tillman

    South Side Stories Essay Contest

    QUOTE(GasHeGone @ Oct 18, 2005 -> 05:33 PM) Guys, Sadly, my last shot at World Series is winning the essay contest that MLB.com was running on the Sox official site. Anyone else enter? I think I put together some well-written stuff and I'm dying to know who won this damn thing. Anyone know/share similar frustrations? Go Sox. Yesir sure did and man I share your pain I check my email every 30 minutes LOL hoping I'm the lucky one and even though I felt I put some good work together at the same time I realize my chances arent pretty but one can hold out hope right??? good luck man...and go SOX
  22. peanut33tillman

    will Ozzie still retire?

    QUOTE(Greg Hibbard @ Oct 17, 2005 -> 02:00 PM) when he said that, I think all of us were thinking of retiring as Sox fans, we were so sick with disgust at what was happening to our team IMO Oz said he'd retire partially at the time because the baseball this team was playing at the time was pathetic and the frustration got to Ozzie a little bit and like usual he doesnt think before he speaks...IMO Oz goes nowhere even if a World Series winner is brought back to the southside.
  23. peanut33tillman

    To all you long time Sox fans

    QUOTE(Wanne @ Oct 17, 2005 -> 12:21 AM) I still can't friggin believe this!!! I gotta admit...I've gotten choked up a few times tonight!...alot for my dad who's been waiting for this along with all the other diehards Sox fans!!!!! This is to you guys baby!!! now lets bring home a world series championship to the southside!!!!!
  24. peanut33tillman

    Burnett deal nearly done?

    http://www.sportsline.com/mlb/story/MLB_SC-RUMOR dont blame the messenger...just reporting what im seeing
  25. peanut33tillman

    Burnett deal nearly done?

    QUOTE(whitesoxfan13 @ Jul 28, 2005 -> 06:56 PM) It's all right, we're just giving you a rough time. LOL its cool always have your hard heads on boards like these...what r u gonna do u deal with it