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    The wizzard of OZ?

    QUOTE(JDsDirtySox @ May 30, 2005 -> 06:50 PM) I think all of you need to take a step back and relax. I think Ozzie handled today fine. You guys never see the whole picture. EVERYONE of you is yelling about how Ozzie should have got Hermanson to face Quinlan, but NONE of you stop to think that the Angels would have then batted Erstad. I, like Ozzie, would rather take my chances on Quinlan, who up to that point had ZERO HITS with runners in scoring position. We are fans... It looks so much easier from the stands, or on television, but we don't know the whole situation. I get tired of all the bashing around here... especially the stuff today that is aimed at Ozzie. Just my two cents. great post im sure not all of us realized they had a very scary bat on the bench in erstad BUT..at the same time we have a man in the bullpen who has been the best reliever in baseball bar none with a 000 era in what 20 innings of work?? not 2 mention hes had more than enough rest so that wouldnt have been a factor..buehrle pitched his ass off once again and though i didnt feel it as 2 bad of a decision once ozzie let MB start the 9th but once he gave up the leadoff hit there was absolutely no reason that he shouldnt have let hermy close it..thats my 2 cents and BTW great clutch hitting 2day timo but i still despise u little buddy
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    SOX vs. Angels 5-30-05

    QUOTE(doUrememberwhen @ May 30, 2005 -> 05:39 PM) WINPREP URE AN ASS. ABSOLUTELY THE DUMBEST GUY HERE ILL 2nd that stfu !!!!!!!
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    SOX vs. Angels 5-30-05

    f*** THIS s*** f*** U OZZIE f*** U MARTE f*** THIS TEAM RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    SOX vs. Angels 5-30-05

  5. peanut33tillman

    SOX vs. Angels 5-30-05

    QUOTE(Flash Tizzle @ May 30, 2005 -> 05:30 PM) You just knew this inning wouldn't be easy. Ozzie removed Mark three batters too late. He NEVER should have started this inning. I don't trust Marte in this situation, either. Hermanson should be in this game NOW. Y THE f*** IS HERMANSON NOT IN????
  6. peanut33tillman

    SOX vs. Angels 5-30-05

    GOD DAMN im sick of the way ozzie f***in handles the pen MB should never have started this f***in inning!!!!!!!!!!u have a man in ur pen who has yet 2 give up a run u jackass!
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    SOX vs. Angels 5-30-05

  8. peanut33tillman

    SOX vs. Angels 5-30-05

    bad feelin were gonna blow this
  9. peanut33tillman

    SOX vs. Angels 5-30-05

  10. peanut33tillman

    Shingo Takatsu

    the thing u guys dont realize is that shingo is looking FAR from attractive thus far what do u honestly feel we will get for an aging struggling reliever??? there's no point maybe in a packaged deal sure but dont expect any stud prospects for shiggy and his near 7 era
  11. peanut33tillman

    just got back from the ballgame

    wow...where 2 start?? jon was near flawless for half the game then the o'l infamous judy garland came out and we saw the JG from last year..shingo was down right f***in pathetic i honestly dont see him getting any better every team has caught on 2 that frisbee pitch i mean hell he might as well set that damn thing on a tee UNREAL..the hitting was brutal i read a post stating we had 18 hits this weekend wonderful care 2 remind me how many crossed the plate compared 2 texas whopping 18 runs this series??..our starters cant carry the weight all year long and now that the pitching has cooled down we've found ourselves in a big o'l pile of horse s*** obviously it will be great having big frank back 2morro and the opputunity 2 get back in front of our fans but unless the bats dont pick up our recent struggles from the pitching we will continue 2 slide a bit...thoughts???
  12. peanut33tillman

    just got back from the ballgame

    back home this afternoon against the halos..we will b alright (crosses fingers)
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    just got back from the ballgame

    QUOTE(greg775 @ May 29, 2005 -> 10:53 PM) For some reason the judy references irritate me. He's a good pitcher. He's also human. sure hes human BUT did u see deja vu or flashbacks from last season..for JG its that 1 damn inning that comes and nabs him on the ass just like 2day in the 6th hell he was in cruise control then the old meltdown o well 8-2 out of JG?? who woulda thunk it
  14. peanut33tillman

    Sox @ Rangers -- 5/29/05

    QUOTE(kapkomet @ May 28, 2005 -> 06:15 PM) It's pretty bizarre that the game got rained out. We haven't gotten *ANY* rain since about mid-March except one time, and today it poured all day. Pretty crazy. Hopefully they get tomorrow in, as I'll be there watching. hey kap i think im headin 2 ameriquest tomorrow aswell..where are ur seats?? went up 2 the park 2day damn storm..supposedly storms here in texas all week hopefully we can get this one in 2morro
  15. peanut33tillman

    Uribe's "foul call"

    ridiuculous..paulie is 1 of the main leaders of this ball club but there was absolutely no reason PK need to call out uribe like this KEEP UR DAMN MOUTH SHUT AND LEARN 2 HIT THE f***IN BALL!! as a matter of of fact at baseball practice today we were talking about that very play and each player on my team applauded it and thought of it nothing more than smart baseball..i mean hell it saved us a run baseball isnt about being nice its about winning baseball games and if tellin the opposition a ball is foul when in reality it isnt so be it..lee should have should have been motoring
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    QUOTE(SoxFanForever @ May 12, 2005 -> 09:32 PM) Hell yeah!! Eat s*** birds all around a decent game defensively timely DP balls JG pitched another gem hermy came out and did what hes done all year long...heres 2 another sox winner!!
  17. peanut33tillman

    Game Thread 5-11-2005 Sox .vs. Suckfish

    QUOTE(AddisonStSox @ May 11, 2005 -> 05:10 PM) Woa...woa...woa...although I love your avatar, I'm not letting you get away that easy. Please, explain this one. Ill explain it on the side of ozuna hes been nothin but a very solid all around player for us has hit extremely well(hitting over .300) not 2 mention a couple clutch hits here and there i'd love 2 see him on the field a little more..but timo?? no thank u
  18. peanut33tillman

    Game thread 4-19 Sox .vs. Twinkees

    QUOTE(Rowand44 @ Apr 19, 2005 -> 06:55 PM) Iguchi's swinging the bat real well the past few days, I'd prefer not to take him out when he's hitting this well. ditto gooch 5-6 i believe...
  19. peanut33tillman

    4/18/05 Official Game Thread: Sox vs. Cakes

    QUOTE(RegionSox @ Apr 18, 2005 -> 09:59 PM) Am I alone in actually liking Chop Suey? even the good ones blow em IE: mariano rivera...does any1 remember shiggy converted what was it 19-20 last year?? hes gonna b alrite i admit im losin faith in shingo but i stil have a bit of confidence in him....but no doubt hermy has looked much better
  20. peanut33tillman

    Ozzie vs. Frank, round one?

    QUOTE(Steff @ Apr 18, 2005 -> 08:01 AM) You took the words right out of my mouth Mike.. Apparently Ozzie wasn't listening when I tore Kenny a new a-hole about this s***. It makes me so sad that Ozzie is so selfish that he needs to make headlines about himself.. my opinion.. HE is the problem and the team doesn't need this distraction and HE should be relieved of his duties. woah now steff lets not get ahead of ourselves here...first off ur a very solid poster and i usually agree with most of ur posts but not here however..i feel ur right ozzie needs 2 STFU and quit acting so self centered but 2 then turn the tables on him claiming u want his a$$ canned is another story in its self..the players love this guy and i can almost bet u anything ozzie is the type of manager who wants it more than any1 else out on that baseball field and ur willing to give him the boot?? hes got the kids playin hard right now and seems to have a clue unlike the managers in the last 10 years or so.....
  21. peanut33tillman

    Mariners @ Sox Game Thread (4/17, 2:05 p.m. CT)

    QUOTE(Sox Hustler @ Apr 17, 2005 -> 03:31 PM) Wether we win or lose, its always a good thing...Twins lost! which is exactly the reason we should want this game even more...we have to gain ground sure its early but lets a build a little lead here in the division cmon now!!!!
  22. peanut33tillman

    Mariners @ Sox Game Thread (4/17, 2:05 p.m. CT)

    QUOTE(robinventura23 @ Apr 17, 2005 -> 01:24 PM) Don't understand why Ozuna can't be starting in left. Or Harris in center for that matter. I've seen enough of Timo for awhile. :banghead it has to do with timo being a lefty facin the righty meche IMO..i feel that if we were facing moyer today ozuna would leadoff and play out in LF but im not the manager so who knows
  23. peanut33tillman

    Mariners @ Sox Game Thread (4/17, 2:05 p.m. CT)

    predictions: freddy goes 7 2 ER 5 H 2 BB pickin up the W against his old buddies PK goes deep again for long ball #7 crede keeps that hitting streak in tact most importantly a sox winner 4-3!!
  24. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    damn hernandez is strugglin today...cleveland fans really are jackasses
  25. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    QUOTE(AddisonStSox @ Apr 14, 2005 -> 07:39 PM) After four, the Sox lead the Tribe 5-4. I can't believe we are winning this game. i know its early but i really like this new look squad..seems to me unlike years past this team is MUCH more confident coming from behind lets get a W here 2nite boys