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  1. It’s hard not to ignore the athletic upside of Howard, local kid or not. 

    Detmers is enticing prob best CVB in draft. Can never have enough pitching but less a left hander. 

    Kelley is a flame thrower with big time front line starter potential but we’ve seen this orgs obvious preference for college players in rd1. 

    I think with who’s likely available Shirley may finally buck that trend and go either with Kelley or Howard. 

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  2. Looking at the Phillies schedule they have a ton of winnable series coming up the remainder of this month. Atl, NYM, SD, SF and Mia are their next 5 series. The Sox should be able to make up ground/find themselves in #1 pick position by end of August. In the #TumbleforTurang wagon over here.

  3. QUOTE (Quin @ Jul 23, 2017 -> 05:37 PM)
    At this point I'm just hoping they end up with Beer as either an underslot or he develops his defense to stick in the OF.


    Considering the best player in franchise history was a DH, if his bat plays, his bat plays.


    With Abreu getting older especially by the time the young kids make it up to the league, Beer could play 1B depending how Sheets develops. Still would love to see Turang with the Sox. Not giving up on TA as it's way too early in his career but I do have some doubts.

  4. QUOTE (Quin @ Jul 13, 2017 -> 12:01 AM)
    If the Rosenthal tweet is real - anyone think he might have taken it down because Rick Hahn did a last call (a la Sale to Nats) and someone like the Brewers stepped in?


    Have a hard time believing that tweet existed. People talking about it here and on twitter yet not one screen shot of the supposed tweet...

  5. QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Jul 12, 2017 -> 12:17 AM)
    As great as Swarzak has been this year, he's a 31 year old journeyman pitcher who has had one good half of pitching. If his inclusion nets you 4 solid 50+ prospects, you take it.


    The White Sox have top end talent in Moncada, Kopech, and Robert. Who is the #4 prospect in the system right now? Hansen? He's still in high-A and has struggled through 3 starts. The Sox need depth. That offer would provide EXACTLY that.


    And, according to the recent narrative that we'd be disappointed in a Quintana trade, that would be relatively disappointing, yet still gratifying. If they ended up with Brinson, I wouldn't be upset, and in fact would be quite happy, but the Sox outfield depth, though years away, is actually starting to show some players that may make it in the majors.


    Maybe the Sox include Melky, or maybe they get pieces other places, or maybe they deal Quintana to Milwaukee for Brinson and Diaz. Regardless, I don't think we're looking at Ray nor Gatewood, unless Gatewood is somehow a final piece.


    Ray as a headliner in a deal would make me vomit. Outside of big 3 I do think there's depth in farm (obviously primarily pitching). However whichever route they go team wise I hope they land that "star" prospect albeit Brinson, Acuna, Albeis, Frazier, Rogers etc.

  6. QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jul 12, 2017 -> 12:04 AM)
    FWIW, a couple Sox fans who I trust vouched for this guy and said that he's given correct intel in the past.


    If I had to guess I'd say


    Brewers- Brinson, Hader, Phillips

    Dodgers- Verdugo, Buehler

    Rockies- Rogers, Dahl


    Not really a clue however just tossing names around...

  7. QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jul 12, 2017 -> 12:01 AM)
    The mere fact that things are heating up, with many teams interested, is enough for me to know that the Sox have received an offer they'd be content with and are going around to see if anyone will top it. This assures me that we will get our "headliner", whether it's Brinson, Albies/Acuna, Frazier, etc.


    Exactly my thoughts, with presumably a hot market I think the Sox will see a really good return and a top headliner.

  8. QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Jul 11, 2017 -> 11:44 PM)
    His absolute peak value as an outright baseball player was this offseason. However, there was not a sufficient market for Jose Quintana this offseason, thus it diminished the market for his return, and teams were not willing to pay the price necessary. Since then, Jose Quintana's actual value as a baseball player has gone down; HOWEVER, there are now several new buyer's into the market, thus increasing the demand for Jose Quintana, and as such, we are probably at peak market as of this 96 hours lay-off.


    If Jose Quintana had been his normal 3.30 ERA/FIP self, we would be looking at a load of top prospects. However, due to his slight under-performance to date - let's not act like a guy on his way to a 3.5 fWAR season is suddenly chopped liver - it is understandable that the overall price that we have been accustomed to asking is not the price that will be met.


    My prediction is that the Sox end up with Woodruff, Erceg, Diaz, and Hader from Milwaukee while possibly having to include Swarzak.


    This would be underwhelming without Brinson as the headliner, especially if they had to throw in Swarzak. I think a deal with the Brewers will land them Brinson.

  9. QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Jun 12, 2017 -> 11:53 AM)
    1st round: Beck, Kendall, or JB Bakaukas (spelling?)


    2nd round: Seise or Vilade


    I'd be happy with any of those picks


    I taught Vilade in school along with his sister in Texas. One of the best kids I've ever been around. Really really hope he ends up in a white sox uniform.