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  1. Spod=Ratings

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    Yes! Love this deal.
  2. Spod=Ratings

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Should we start casting for the eventual Lifetime movie? Who plays Dan Clark?
  3. Spod=Ratings

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Or better yet, “MACHADO!”
  4. Spod=Ratings

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    And what a great trade that was. Freddy Garcia is a White Sox legend.
  5. Spod=Ratings

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Or he’s going to the Cardinals to hang with his buddy Carlos Martinez...Mystery team confirmed!!
  6. Spod=Ratings

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Exciting time to be a White Sox fan!
  7. Spod=Ratings

    NBA Thread 2013-2014

    Noah is an absolute beast. Triple Double by half????
  8. Spod=Ratings

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    It wouldn't surprise me if Batista was guaranteed Rumble win when he signed new contract.
  9. Spod=Ratings

    2013-2014 NFL Thread

    It's sad Bears fans only postseason excitement is rooting against packers. Seems like a very Cub thing to do...
  10. QUOTE (2nd_city_saint787 @ Sep 28, 2012 -> 10:18 PM) OVA!!! Feels good still believing, some of you should try it I don't stop.....believing.
  11. Spod=Ratings

    9/26/12 GT Indians @ Sox 7:10pm WCIU

    The extreme b****ing on this board really needs to stop
  12. Spod=Ratings

    2012-2013 NFL Thread

    People saying Packers handled it bad are completely clueless.
  13. Spod=Ratings

    9/17 Tigers at White Sox

    Props to Ventura on that game. Haters gonna hate.
  14. Spod=Ratings

    8/20 Yankees at White Sox

    QUOTE (Caesar @ Aug 20, 2012 -> 10:24 PM) See what happens when you take pitches. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This team collapses in a weird way.
  15. Spod=Ratings

    8/20 Yankees at White Sox

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Aug 20, 2012 -> 10:05 PM) Nice post. You guys are crazy second guessing all this managerial stuff. At some point you blame the s***ty pitchers for not getting the job done. At least I do ... why blame the fricking manager? He's not throwing meat up there and walking TONS of hitters.
  16. Spod=Ratings

    Konerko #2 MLB most underrated player

    Only Paulie could be underrated on an underrated list.
  17. Spod=Ratings

    It's Never too Early..............

    Eric Chavez
  18. Spod=Ratings

    Can't believe no one posted...

    QUOTE(rangercal @ Mar 4, 2008 -> 10:32 AM) If Favre Can Have his own Thread, So could Briggs. No, one is a shoe in for the Hall-a-Fame the other is someone who runs from the scene of accidents, threatens to hold out, says he will never play for a team again, and then signs a multi year deal with that same team.
  19. Spod=Ratings

    Report: Brett Favre to retire

    Favrs is the best ever.
  20. Spod=Ratings

    Favre Sportsman of the Year

    QUOTE(WhiteSoxfan1986 @ Dec 7, 2007 -> 05:23 PM) f*** favre Ouch, you got me, you repeated what he said............
  21. Spod=Ratings

    Favre Sportsman of the Year

    QUOTE(Felix @ Dec 6, 2007 -> 10:51 AM) f*** Favre. Hahahahah.....you're pretty dumb.
  22. Remember this Great Manager
  23. QUOTE(T R U @ Feb 13, 2007 -> 01:56 PM) Well he still is Hunter Hearst Helmsley, but I liked that music I know, but im talking where he had sable with him and he did the curtsy
  24. QUOTE(T R U @ Feb 13, 2007 -> 02:25 AM) Im havin some trouble finding this, but does anyone know the name of the song that was Triple H's entrance theme in 1996? It was a classical piece, not the soft one but the faster upbeat one.. How cool would it be if HHH came back as Hunter Hearst Hemsley lol i always loved that gimmick
  25. Spod=Ratings

    Favre Returns in 07

    QUOTE(Y2HH @ Feb 2, 2007 -> 01:58 PM) Announced all over... Marino's records are as good as gone as a huge packers fan this is great news, maybe we'll compete with the bears next year, or atleast a wild card