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  1. Sox V2

    Mags out for 3 months

    Hate that the guy is injured, but is so hella glad we didn't go ahead and pay him the jack, and pay him the money we spent elsewhere.
  2. Sox V2

    Give it up for Reggie Miller

    Was never a big Reggie Miller fan...then again, wasn't allowed to be as a Bulls fan, but now that he's retiring, I have mad respect for all he did for not only Indiana, but provided us with a great rivalry, and was a great player to watch...one of a few who you'll see defined under clutch...all of that said, he came up short ringwise...but has nothing to be ashamed about...
  3. Sox V2

    Favorite SPORTS Logo

    The White Sox logo and the Bulls logo. I've always liked the current Sox logo since I was a kid in school, and a classmate told me her brother got in trouble, because his parents thought it said Sex, and not Sox.
  4. I still call it the Ballpark. SkyDome, RogersCentre, who cares?
  5. Sox V2

    Google to Branch Into Television

    They've already started using it on Yahoo, which is powered by google. I've tried it a couple of times, but so far nothing special.
  6. Sox V2

    Dull offseason or is it moi?

    After last year....this is the greatest offseason I can remember in a long time. We'll never be a big spending team, I've come to grips with that, but at least we did something.
  7. Sox V2

    Bulls vs Pistons

    Today is the day. .500!!!
  8. Sox V2

    Which newcomer will have the biggest impact?

    Podsednik...steals steals steals...
  9. Sox V2

    Pods or Rowand in CF?

    Glad to be here...heard about this site from another board I'm on...and figured it would be a good place to be throughout the season. Go Sox!!
  10. Sox V2

    Pods or Rowand in CF?

    QUOTE(TLAK @ Jan 17, 2005 -> 08:59 AM) I know Oz has mentioned Rowand as the CF but we'll have to watch in spring training, things have a habit of changing. Based on last year's numbers, as nice as Aaron played, I have to give Pods the edge. Great problem to have...this is probably the most excited I've ever been for the beginning of baseball...and after last year's offseason...it's a good change.