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  1. rangercal

    2015-2016 NBA Thread

    Nice post Steve. Can't wait until Jo and Rose are off the books so the bulls can get Jimmy a sidekick.
  2. All Decade Team Here we come! C - Joe Mauer [AVG: 318; HR: 170; RBI: 920] 1B - Prince Fielder [AVG: 277; HR: 359; RBI: 697] 2B - Gordon Beckham [AVG: 274; HR: 186; RBI: 927] SS - Hanley Ramirez [AVG: 322; HR: 279; RBI: 860] 3B - Evan Longoria [AVG: 280; HR: 330; RBI: 1,100] LF - Ryan Braun [AVG: 303; HR: 387; SLG: 580] CF - Justin Upton [AVG: 287; HR: 177; SB: 167] RF - Jason Heyward [AVG: 300; HR: 350; RBI: 1,018] RHP - Felix Hernandez [W-L: 180-100; ERA: 3.40; K: 1,650] LHP - Jon Lester [W-L: 168-63; ERA: 3.50; K: 1,750] Good stuff at 1:38 in this Video http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/7417714/v7169...9-best-of-2000s "We are talking about Hall of Fame!" Harold Reynolds paid analysis on Gordon Beckham
  3. rangercal

    2014-2015 NFL Football thread

    My only thoughts on the bears May be NSFW (Language) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iHW4kYn0kY
  4. rangercal

    NBA Thread 2013-2014

    QUOTE (Jake @ Jan 21, 2014 -> 03:12 PM) What would you give up for Eric Gordon? Anything? Derrick Rose (sadly I am only half joking)
  5. rangercal

    NBA Thread 2013-2014

    I just want to say Teague IS as bad as Steve says. Brian Scalabrini, during 11-2012, was 66 times better the player than Teague in 2013-14. A HUMAN VICTORY CIGAR was 66 TIMES BETTER! I doubt Teague would score anything during the Scal Challenge. EDIT FOR MATH. 69 TIMES BETTER DOUBLE EDIT for Relevant Pic.
  6. rangercal

    NBA Thread 2013-2014

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jan 10, 2014 -> 03:08 PM) maybe he had the quicker recovery surgery that Rose opted against, the meniscus shaving. I don't know. It did say repair. also , here is my favorite part "he's not going to rush back -- especially since this is the second right meniscus repair he's had in the last two years."
  7. rangercal

    NBA Thread 2013-2014

    Maybe someone can shed light on why Eric Bledsoe and the suns are not counting the season out despite him having the SAME injury, 2 months after rose. http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/nba/222...-all-star-break
  8. rangercal

    Frank Thomas Is a Hall of Famer

    QUOTE (zenryan @ Jan 9, 2014 -> 12:10 AM) I'm no longer a White Sox fan but Frank Thomas was my favorite player since day 1 of him being in the majors. Happy day.
  9. rangercal

    Frank Thomas Is a Hall of Famer

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 8, 2014 -> 07:40 PM) Better question. Maddux in the HOF as a Brave or Cub... Go. You might have a better argument of picking the Padres over the Cubs than the Cubs over the Braves. Kidding. But it's really not close. The cubs blew it and let him walk.
  10. rangercal

    Frank Thomas Is a Hall of Famer

    who could forget these lol
  11. rangercal

    Frank Thomas Is a Hall of Famer

    Frank Thomas Scouting report from 1989
  12. rangercal

    Frank Thomas Is a Hall of Famer

    First Ballot Inductees In Chronological Order http://www.baseball-almanac.com/hof/hofstat.shtml Name Year Inducted Ty Cobb 1936 Walter Johnson 1936 Christy Mathewson 1936 Babe Ruth 1936 Honus Wagner 1936 Bob Feller 1962 Jackie Robinson 1962 Ted Williams 1966 Stan Musial 1969 Sandy Koufax 1972 Warren Spahn 1973 Mickey Mantle 1974 Ernie Banks 1977 Willie Mays 1979 Al Kaline 1980 Bob Gibson 1981 Hank Aaron (bio) 1982 Frank Robinson 1982 Brooks Robinson 1983 Lou Brock 1985 Willie McCovey 1986 Willie Stargell 1988 Johnny Bench 1989 Carl Yastrzemski 1989 Joe Morgan 1990 Jim Palmer 1990 Rod Carew 1991 Tom Seaver 1992 Reggie Jackson 1993 Steve Carlton 1994 Mike Schmidt 1995 George Brett 1999 Nolan Ryan 1999 Robin Yount 1999 Kirby Puckett 2001 Dave Winfield 2001 Ozzie Smith 2002 Eddie Murray 2003 Dennis Eckersley 2004 Paul Molitor 2004 Wade Boggs 2005 Tony Gwynn 2007 Cal Ripken, Jr. 2007 Rickey Henderson 2009
  13. rangercal

    Frank Thomas Is a Hall of Famer

    QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Jan 8, 2014 -> 04:15 PM) Thrilled that Frank got in on the first ballot, my alltime favorite player. But very disappointed in the lack of support for Estaban Loaiza
  14. rangercal

    Frank Thomas Is a Hall of Famer

    ugh bluejay helmet on frank for the deadspin ballot? yucky
  15. rangercal

    Frank Thomas Is a Hall of Famer

    Jacque Jones got a vote. Jacque Jones. Wow.