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  1. SleepyWhiteSox

    Blake Snell and Yu Darvish traded to San Diego

    Yea but it's taking forever
  2. SleepyWhiteSox

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    Decades of history maybe
  3. SleepyWhiteSox

    Day 12 of no new Sox News

    Without a doubt ss2k is annoying af, but all these new meatheads are making this board beyond insufferable cot damn
  4. SleepyWhiteSox

    Hahn was on Phillies interview list

    If only he showed the fanbase the same kind of loyalty.
  5. SleepyWhiteSox

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    I've never actually seen him read anything either. Pretty sure that means he can't read.
  6. SleepyWhiteSox

    Len Kasper is new White Sox radio play by play announcer

    Hot takes galore
  7. SleepyWhiteSox

    Official: McCann is a Met, $40/4 years

    Ah, hindsight.
  8. SleepyWhiteSox

    Arozarena released without charges...

    Not vulture?
  9. Nothin a few hundreds of thousands can't fix
  10. SleepyWhiteSox

    2020 NBA Offseason Thread

    Yup all this but the exact opposite
  11. One step forward, ten steps back
  12. SleepyWhiteSox

    Jose Abreu wins 2020 AL MVP and Hank Aaron Award

    😪😫Not even gonna lie this got me a little teary-eyed
  13. Serious contender for white trash hall of fame