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  1. RockRaines

    Bryce Harper Updates

    He’s also very good.
  2. He actually has an office in the building and a super cushy salary that is about to be public. If he goes anywhere it has to be 8 figures. Let’s put it that way
  3. Haskins won’t win but statistically speaking he owns the big ten records. What a player and I’ll miss him.
  4. RockRaines

    2018 catch-all

    I’ll do that for you for the politicos on here. I represented a republican in Illinois that lost. But I earned a ton of experience. At heart I’m a fiscal conservative and he was socially liberal so I liked him again the status quo in Illinois. So next year we are planning on running me for office. I’ll obviously let you guys know if it comes to fruition. Some guys on here already know me, but my entire platform is for the people. We need more of a voice and damn receipts for that voice. Miss you nerds.
  5. RockRaines

    2018 catch-all

    Hey guys. Appreciate the concern. I have been out working on a key political campaign and decided to stay off of the internet while it was going on. I think I’ve mentioned before that i have ambitions to run for office some day so this was a huge opportunity. Really bummed I missed so much but it looks like nothing has changed.
  6. RockRaines

    Immigration thread

    Her husband literally said she wore it on purpose to make a statement.
  7. RockRaines

    2018 catch-all

    Two close friends in two years. I just hate this disease with all of my heart.
  8. RockRaines

    2018 catch-all

    Just found out my good friend who has been battling cancer for a few years passed away this morning. Cancer is just the worst.
  9. RockRaines

    Immigration thread

    SHould it really be surprising that shes also a POS? look who she married
  10. RockRaines

    Immigration thread

    Coastal elites especially.
  11. RockRaines

    Immigration thread

    They've been proven correct. Much of the public is very stupid
  12. RockRaines

    Immigration thread

    The EO against his policy that his admin put in place that never existed.
  13. RockRaines

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    There is no policy. There is a law that only congress can change, we are only following the law. The bible wants us to follow the law A policy does exist. I changed the policy
  14. RockRaines

    Immigration thread

    Rush is way down the list of legitimate news sources dude. He's been like that for decades.