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  1. RockRaines

    2019 Catch-All

    Hey all, good to see this place has continued to be busy since ive been gone. Been a long year, got hit by a drunk driver on my bike that probably should have been the end of me, but the rehab has been long but productive and here I am checking in on you idiots. Sox take the central next year and Ill be there to watch it. Hope everyone is good. Word of advice to anyone who gets seriously injured, take the rehab seriously with tunnel vision. Just this morning I ran 3 miles sub 9 min on a leg that was shattered earlier this year. Attack that shit
  2. RockRaines

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Nope. Ive known since he was in HS that he wasnt made for primetime. They need to look for a QB stat. Dude just cannot process in the NFL quickly enough
  3. RockRaines

    NCAA football thread 2019-2020

    Wow, did the college interest die?
  4. RockRaines

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Houston’s defense made bad calls all first half. It wasn’t all the line. Fangio won’t make the same mistake. He’s not gonna sit in cover two, in fact nobody ever should.
  5. RockRaines

    Technology catch-all thread

    It was so much worse before. Consolidating many systems to one was a lot of work.
  6. RockRaines

    Technology catch-all thread

    Your old company made the switch last year. Microsoft includes our stuff in Azure for a reason. Their security tech is fucking terrible. Almost all of those hosted platforms are spending their time fending off attacks. Instead of going after thousands of orgs they only have one or two targets now. It’s so easy.
  7. RockRaines

    Technology catch-all thread

    My favorite thing about my job is effecting consumers on a daily basis. My favorite up to today is the Starbucks app, but the new Walgreens one is about to take over.
  8. Yeah, these days you have to pay assistants a shitload. Thats what every elite program does. He still has a bunch of his guys on his staff so at least they arent looking around yet. I'm a huge fan of hiring anyone from the Mount Union program. That place is mecca
  9. If ISU pays him what he would get, he can build that place into a powerhouse. I think hes great
  10. RockRaines

    2018 Films thread

    I went with my wife and I had no idea it was a sad movie. Jesus christ. I dont know how you cant tear up a little after that one. Lady Gaga is incredible. I believe she deserves the Oscar We went to bohemian rhapsody last weekend and it was awesome, but the best part was ASIB let out at the same time and watching everyone cry walking out was hilarious. Large grown men bawling.
  11. Insiders tagged Campbell for the job for a few months before that. Everyone has their eye on him. The only thing was they knew he'd bring his entire staff, and that couldnt happen
  12. Send a thank you note to Ryan Day
  13. RockRaines

    2018 catch-all

    We are hoping that our technical expertise draws the people in. Having total visibility and being able to vote on what your rep votes on should be appealing. I can build all that stuff myself. The big budget folks in chicago are always going to be there, but we can fight them
  14. RockRaines

    2018 catch-all

    You know if I was that rich I would do it in a heartbeat. I just want the actual people in a district to have a voice instead of someone just determining what they do based on money. Thats not what elected officials are for. My platform is transparency. Every vote will be on the internet, ill stream meetings. My constituents need to know whats going on at all times. It's very early though, most likely someone will tell me I have no chance.