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  1. someone ( I think Rick Sutcliffe?) called one of those bullpens circa 2007ish the best he had ever seen ....and it was horrible . Like Andy Sisco, mike macdougal , boone logan etc
  2. Semien must love hitting in front of vlad
  3. I still am confident in hendricks and Kimbrel (though I may be in minority on Kimbrel). But the next arms out of pen should be tepera and crochet instead of kopech and bummer. That said Kopech upside is still big, lets not forget hes basically still a rookie
  4. This is hard to believe. I mean - if only this had just happened recently so we could have learned from it
  5. daa84

    GT 8/20: SOX @ TB, 6:10 ESPN3/NBCSN

    Wait. Why are we acting like Craig kimbrel has been Jon raunch and Aaron bummer has been peak damaso marte
  6. daa84

    GT 8/20: SOX @ TB, 6:10 ESPN3/NBCSN

    This game doesn’t matter much. But you get kimbrel for this. This is overthinking and bad managing and will cost us in october
  7. daa84

    GT 8/20: SOX @ TB, 6:10 ESPN3/NBCSN

    Wow. Just wow
  8. daa84

    GT 8/20: SOX @ TB, 6:10 ESPN3/NBCSN

    Walk winning run into scoring position ? Wow I’d like to see the numbers behind rhat
  9. daa84

    GT 8/20: SOX @ TB, 6:10 ESPN3/NBCSN

    All of this because we didn’t trust Kimbrel against Brandon Lowe ????
  10. daa84

    GT 8/20: SOX @ TB, 6:10 ESPN3/NBCSN

    What an awful decision to go to bummer
  11. daa84

    7/30 CWS v CLE 7:10 PM CDT

    If only we had a righty or two or three in the pen who can get a K here ….
  12. So who leaves the 26 man? Mendick back to AAA I presume
  13. Couple win player the last few years. Minor upgrade. Hopefully we didn’t give up much. I think won GG last year right?
  14. daa84

    GT 5/31 G2: SOX @ INDIANS

    Boy that’s hard to believe
  15. daa84

    5/18 White Sox @ Twins 6:40 PM

    You can’t let bummer pitch to Cruz