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  1. Tadahito Iguchi

    81 Points For Kobe

  2. Tadahito Iguchi

    81 Points For Kobe

    I know theres an NBA discussion thread but screw that 81 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is Kobe better than Michael Jordan? I think he might be hes won 3 championships already...................And I wouldnt be surpried if he finishes with 5 more............
  3. Tadahito Iguchi


    wharris1 why does your signiture say r.i.p. willie.
  4. Tadahito Iguchi

    What was the cover of ESPN the Mag?

    Never got a chance to pick one up. Was there ever one to pick up/
  5. Tadahito Iguchi

    Kenny's Next Move Contest

  6. Tadahito Iguchi

    Kenny's Next Move Contest

    After the Vasquez deal what will Williams do now and who will the White Sox recieve?
  7. Tadahito Iguchi

    Sox Acquire Javier Vazquez

    I know this may be Xbox, but how great would a Garland and Crede for Tejada deal be, we would move Uribe to 3rd, or trade those two guys for a 3rd or SS because Boras is Credes agent so we all know what that means................
  8. Tadahito Iguchi

    Sox Acquire Javier Vazquez

    ok, I wasn'y completely sure if my info matched the other threads but I guess it does, Thanks, So what do you guys make of this deal? I'm not liking it to much I think Chris Young is going to be a hell of a player..........And I think Vasquez will get lit up at the cell..............BTW does he have any playoff experience?
  9. Tadahito Iguchi

    Sox Acquire Javier Vazquez

    The White Sox are close to acquiring Javier Vazquez from the Diamondbacks for Chris Young, Orlando Hernandez and a second pitcher, according to CBS SportsLine. Getting Young alone for Vazquez would make this an excellent deal for the Diamondbacks. In El Duque, they'd get a pitcher who wouldn't be much less effective than Vazquez was last season, although he's far from a good bet to throw 200 innings. Hopefully, White Sox GM Ken Williams is at least getting the Diamondbacks to cover a portion of Vazquez's salary. Dec. 14 - 12:40 am et Source: CBS.SportsLine.com --------------------------------------------Rotoworld.com--------------------------------- Did this outside the other thread for the lazy people.........
  10. Tadahito Iguchi

    AAP: Gio Gonzalez

    He looked great to me hopefully Thome will put some BIG #'s up.
  11. Tadahito Iguchi

    An idea for homefield.

    I think what ish means is that it would be black when the sox were fielding and white when they were batting, so that the Astros would have a hard time seeing.
  12. Tadahito Iguchi

    And your WS gift is....

    Does it come with service and everything, and how long will the radio work?
  13. Tadahito Iguchi

    Official Warmup Jacket

    Would any one know where to find this?
  14. Tadahito Iguchi

    Jermaine Dye to 1B

    I highly doubt that they will let Konerko go. Well, that is, unless theyre planning on Manny..............
  15. Tadahito Iguchi

    ALCS Game 2 question