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  1. kwill

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Their is no way of knowing what/ how much what factors goes into a player signing a contract unless the player publicly states it. So we are left with this speculation argument which can go around in a circle. You can't correlate Moncada's decision with Grandel or Robert. All three are different people who could have different motives. One thing is clear Abreu has brought a strong Cuban influence in the clubhouse and does actively recruit for the White Sox. Additionally, It is my opinion that it is a good look to take care of your own players and show loyalty even if it cost you a few million dollars. I think 3/33 would have been a fair market deal. So we paid an extra 12 million dollars over 3 years to a player who has strong club house presence, actively recruits other players( whether this plays into their decision), and has been the face of the franchise during some tough times. To me this seems like small potatoes to gripe about.
  2. kwill

    Sox In on Lindor? Crackpot Rumor?

    I am totally against trading Tim Anderson. I know Lindor is a fantastic talent but I want to win with my guys. Tim Anderson - Signed a Long Term Extension With the Club - Leader During A Tough Rebuild - Exciting Player - Fairly Good Shortstop Can we just sign good players instead of trade our team leader for upgrades.
  3. kwill

    White Sox sign Gio Gonzalez

    I don't mind the signing with considering the hope is either Kopech or Rodon are the 2nd half 5th Man in the Rotation starter. If Gio can give us 100 good innings I would be happy.
  4. Pretty sure Sale's Extension starts next year for the full 5/150.
  5. kwill

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    I know this would never happen because real life does not work this way but just for fun. What would you say we do this: Sign Rendon 6-240 ( 40 Per Season) 3 Team Trade ( Dodgers, White Sox, Ray) White Sox in the process are adding about 57 million from this. Dodgers Receive: Yoan Moncada Rays Receive: Dustin May Nick Madrigal White Sox Receive: Gavin Lux Blake Snell Joc Pederson I think all three teams would benefit. The rays actually could make out the best in the deal. White Sox: LF-Jimenez CF: Robert RF: Pederson C Grandal 1B Abreu 2B Lux SS Anderson 3B Rendon Rotation: Giolito Snell Cease Lopez FA/Kopech/Rodon Again, Don't hate me, just being creative.
  6. kwill

    Strasburg back to WASH

    Because those starters and relievers are probably not going to bring back the same value as Rendon but will cost more per season combined.
  7. kwill

    Strasburg back to WASH

    I would like to see the White Sox make a large play for Rendon. Consider just signing a Porcello type with the hopes of a bounce back and sitting out the pitching market until midseason. Just try to mash your ways to wins and then evaluate your young pitching before the trade deadline. If need during the trade deadline use Madrigal as a trade piece. I just have faith that Kopech and Cease are going to come through next season.
  8. I totally understand this but we already got one good player in a position of need. One middle of the rotation pitcher does not make an off-season. I would be upset if Grandel is the only signing but I suspect that will not be the case. I think its encouraging that they had the best offer. I personally think they could use the 23 million per year over the next 5 in a better way.
  9. I think we should withdraw from conclusions until the whole offseason is complete. Most people on this board thought Wheeler would be more than 100 Million. He got 118. It is a clear overpay and sometimes you have to do that in free agency but lets not act like the ship has sailed on the White Sox competing. If Phils went out and spent this cash right away for Wheeler and the next day we signed Grandal most fans would be praising the White Sox.
  10. kwill

    Joc Pederson - Is it goin down?

    I would think the Dodgers would be looking for a middle relief pitcher for Pederson. I wondering if they would be interested in a guy like Hamilton or Johnson?
  11. Can anybody clarify. Are we at 38 or 39 on the 40 Man Roster. It should be 38 with Burr and Yolmer gone, correct? If so, Why open up two spots for 1 signing?
  12. I just guess two things are happening right now. 1. Trade is closed to happening and need to inform all of the parties. I would have thought something would have leaked. 2. Waiting on physical results.
  13. kwill

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    For some reason I believe Colome ends up with the Braves. There is a clear need for a closer down there and they have the prospects to give up without getting a top tier guy. I think Allard and Contreras are super interesting not that we would be able to get them both.
  14. kwill

    Reynaldo Lopez

    I just wanted to throw this here as I find it will be interesting to see what his pitch mix will be going into the next start. It seems like they went with a different approach last outing. https://www.fangraphs.com/statsd.aspx?playerid=16400&position=P&gds=&gde=&season=&type=6